C.H.I.P.S. Alphabetical Title List
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Architect's Essentials of Starting, Assessing, and Transitioning a Design Firm (Piven) 63.95
Architect's Guide to the U.S. National CAD Standard (Hall) 74.00
Architect's Handbook of Construction Detailing, 2nd edition (Ballast) 89.00
Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice, 14th edition (AIA) 249.00
Architect's Studio Companion, 4th edition (Allen) 85.00
Architectural Acoustics: Principles and Practice (Cavanaugh) 119.95
Architectural Conservation (Orbasli) 48.95
Architectural Design: Education and Culture 89.95
Architectural Detailing: Function, Constructibiity, Aesthetics, 2nd edition (Allen) 69.00
Architectural Graphic Standards, 11th edition (Ramsey) 249.00
Architectural Graphic Standards CD-ROM • Version 4.0 (Ramsey/Sleeper/AIA) 374.00
Architectural Graphic Standards for Residential Construction (Rumbarger) 164.00
Architectural Lighting Design 3rd edition (Steffy) 84.00
Architectural Security Codes and Guidelines (Wilbe) 78.95
Architectural Working Drawings 4th edition (Liebing) 109.00
Architecture and Technology: The Best of Environmental Design (Cottom-Winslow) 37.50
Architecture: Celebrating the Past, Designing the Future (Solomon) 94.00
Architecture for Sport (Stürzebecher and Ulrich) 144.00
Architecture of Medical Imaging: Designing Health Care Facilities for Advanced Radiological Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques (Rostenberg) 119.00
Aromatase Inhibitors (Furr) 89.00
Aromatherapy Science: A Guide for healthcare Professionals (Lis-Balchin) 84.00
Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics (Visser) 139.00
Arrhythmogenic RV Cardiomyopathy/Dysplasia (Marcus) 188.00
Art Deco New York (Lowe) 40.00
Arte de la Cocina, El - Cuatro Volumenes 49.95
Arte de la Repostería, El - Cuatro Volumenes 49.95
Artemisia (Wright) 128.95
Art Éphémère: Ice Sculpture of Gabriel Paillasson - English/French Edition 119.95
Arthritis Research: Methods and Protocols, Volume 1 (Cope) 158.00
Arthritis Research: Methods and Protocols, Volume 2 (Cope) 158.00
Artificial Cells, Cell Engineering and Therapy (Prakash) 248.95
Artificial Enzymes (Breslow) 109.00
Artificial Receptors for Chemical Sensors (Mirsky) 189.00
Artisan Breads (Kastel) 34.95
Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professional's Guide to Butchering and Merchandising (Underly) 49.00
Art of Charcuterie (Kowalski) 64.00
Art of Color: The Subjective Experience and Objective Rationale of Color (Itten) 124.00
Art of Landscape Detail (Kirkwood) 89.00
Art of Landscaping: Design DVD 85.00
Art of Landscaping: Design Video 85.00
Art of Landscaping DVD 78.00
Art of Nutritional Cooking, 3rd edition (Baskette) 112.95
Art of Process Chemistry (Yasuda) 204.00
Art of Reading Smoke DVD (Dodson) 79.00
Art of Reading Smoke: Practice Sessions DVD (Dodson) 78.00
The Art of the Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces (Ewald Notter) 65.00
The Art of the Confectioner: Sugarwork and Pastillage (Ewald Notter) 65.00
The Art of the Event: Complete Guide to Designing and Decorating Special Events (Monroe and Goldblatt) 69.00
The Art of the Table - L'Art de la Table (Gauthier) 79.95
Art of Viennoiserie and Festival of Tarts L'Art de la Viennoiserie et Festival de Tartes French and English Text (Bellouet) 149.95
The Art, Science, and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 3rd edition (Allen) 77.00
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Aseptic Processing and Packaging of Food (David) 209.00
Aseptic Processing of Foods Containing Solid Particulates (Sastry and Cornelius) 194.00
Ashgate Handbook of Anti-Infective Agents: An International Guide to 1600 Drugs in Current Use (Milne) 219.00
Ashgate Handbook of Antineoplastic Agents: An International Guide to 432 Cancer Agents (Milne) 147.50
Ashgate Handbook of Autonomic Nervous System Agents: An International Guide to 2000 Drugs in Current Use (Milne) 289.00
Ashgate Handbook of Cardiovascular Agents: An International Guide to 1900 Drugs in Current Use (Milne) 284.00
Ashgate Handbook of Endocrine Agents: An International Guide to 818 Drugs in Current Use (Milne) 204.00
Asia-Euro Plate Desserts • English/German/Italian Edition (Raiffort and Tatté) 129.95
Asian Foods: Science and Technology (Ang) 183.95
Asian Functional Foods (Shi, Shahidi, Ho) 172.95
Asian Noodles: Science, Technology, and Processing (Hou) 194.00
Asperger's Disorder (Rausch) 198.95
Aspergillus in the Genomic Era (Varga) 145.00
Asphalt Materials and Mix Design Manual(Kett) 169.00
Assembly Processes: Finishing, Packaging, and Automation (Crowson) 93.95
Assessment of Human Reproductive Function (Bulletti) 129.00
Assessment Scales in Old Age Psychiatry (Burns, Lawlor, Craig) 98.95
Assurance Technologies Principles and Practices: A Product, Process, and System Safety Perspective, 2nd edition (Raheja) 85.50
Asthma in the Workplace, 3rd edition (Bernstein) 298.95
Asymmetric Catalysis on Industrial Scale: Challenges, Approaches and Solutions (Blaser and Schmidt) 254.00
Atherosclerosis: Diet and Drugs (Von Eckardstein) 568.00
Atherosclerosis: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms (George) 174.00
Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease, 2nd edition (Fuster) 168.00
Atlantic Salmon: Genetics, conservation and Management (Verspoor) 199.95
Atlas and Manual of Cardiovascular Multidetector Computed Tomography (Schoenhagen) 268.95
Atlas and Manual of Coronary Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging on CD-ROM (Schoenhagen) 129.95
Atlas and Synopsis of Lever's Histopathology of the Skin, 2nd edition (Elder) 228.00
Atlas of Athersclerosis Progression and Regression, 2nd edition (Stary) 98.95
Atlas of Athersclerosis Progression and Regression, 2nd edition on CD-ROM (Stary) 98.95
Atlas of Bipolar Disorders (Taylor) 118.95
Atlas of Bullous Diseases (Fry) 158.95
Atlas of Cardiac Nuclear Medicine - 2 CD-ROMS (Jain) 258.95
Atlas of Clinical Andrology (Hafez) 198.95
Atlas of Clinical Avian Hematology (Clark) 139.95
Atlas of Dermatology, 5th edition (Fry) 208.95
Atlas of Dermoscopy, An (Marghoob) 458.95
Atlas of Diabetes Evaluation and Management (Bryer-Ash) 168.95
Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus, 3rd edition (Scobie) 98.95
Atlas of Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy (Salman) 238.95
Atlas of Diagnostic Radiology of the Horse: diseases of the Front and Hind Limbs, 2nd edition (Dik) 275.00
Atlas of EEG in Critical Care (Hirsch) 139.00
Atlas of Emergency Medicine, 2nd edition (Knoop) 219.00
Atlas of Endometriosis, 3rd edition (Overton) 158.95
Atlas of Endomicroscopy (Kiesslich) 59.00
Atlas of Facial Nerve Surgery (Grewal) 134.00
Atlas of Foot and Ankle Surgery, 2nd edition (Wulker, Stephens, Cracchiolo) 418.95
Atlas of Gastroenterology, 4th edition (Yamada) 279.00
Atlas of Genodermatoses (Caputo) 388.95
Atlas of Gynecologic Oncology, 2nd edition (Smith) 338.95
Atlas of Gynecologic Pathology (Tawfik) 104.00
Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery—Otolaryngology, 2nd edition (Bailey) 274.00
Atlas of Human Female Reproductive Function (Makabe) 198.95
Atlas of Imaging of the Paranasal Sinuses, 2nd edition (Shankar) 208.95
Atlas of Internal Medicine, 2nd edition (Braunwald) 172.00
Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and Cat, 2nd edtiion (Coulson) 228.95
Atlas of Intracoronary Ultrasound—with Clinical and Angiographic Correlations (Mintz) 158.95
Atlas of Investigation and Therapy: Interventional Cardiology (Meier) 138.95
Atlas of Lacrimal Surgery (Weber) 179.00
Atlas of Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery (Deger) 198.95
Atlas of Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Techniques, 3rd edition (Tulandi) 178.95
Atlas of Lift-Laparoscopy: The New Concept of Gasless Laparoscopy (Kauschinski) 268.95
Atlas of Mammography, 3rd edition (Deparedes) 164.00
Atlas of Mesotherapy in Skin Rejuvenation (Tosti) 198.95
Atlas of Minimally Invasive Hand and Wrist Surgery (Capo) 348.95
Atlas of Mitral Valve Repair (Savage) 178.00
Atlas of Musculoskeletal and Small Parts Ultrasound with Color Flow Imaging, 3rd edition (Srivastava) 189.00
Atlas of Neonatal Brain Sonography, 2nd edition (Govaert) 239.00
Atlas of Non-Gynecologic Cytology (McKee) 338.95
Atlas of Non-Invasive Coronary Angiography by Multidetector Computed Tomography (Pons-Lladó) 138.00
Atlas of Operative Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy, 3rd edition (Donnez) 378.95
Atlas of Organ Transplantation book + DVD (Humar) 298.00
Atlas of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Stoller's (Stoller)308.00
Atlas of Orthopaedic Surgery: A Multimedia Reference Book + DVD (Kova)238.00
Atlas of Pediatric EEG (Laoprasert) 168.00
Atlas of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Fleisher) 138.00
Atlas of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Shah) 168.00
Atlas of Pelvic Floor Ultrasound with DVD (Dietz) 138.00
Atlas of Procedures in Breast Cancer Surgery (King) 318.95
Atlas of Procedures in Neonatology, 4th edition (Macdonald) 123.95
Atlas of Psoriasis, 2nd edition (Fry) 138.95
Atlas of Psoriatic Arthritis (Mease) 158.00
Atlas of Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy, 2nd edition (Shiloh) 188.95
Atlas of Neuroradiologic Embryology, Anatomy and Variants (Jinkins) 198.00
Atlas of Radiology of the Traumatized Dog and Cat, 2nd edition (Morgan) 196.95
Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography (Penninck) 198.95
Atlas of Small Animal Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery, 3rd edition (Pavletic) 158.95
Atlas of Staging in Gynecological Cancer (Smith) 98.00
Atlas of the Clinical Microbiology of Infectious Diseases Volume 1: Bacterial Agents (Bottone) 138.95
Atlas of the Clinical Microbiology of Infectious Diseases Volume 2: Viral, Fungal and Parasitic Agents (Bottone) 99.95
Atlas of the Diabetic Foot, 2nd edition (Katsilambros) 161.95
Atlas of Transesophageal Echocardiology, 2nd edition (Nanda) 209.00
Atlas of Transnasal Esophagoscopy (Postma) 138.00
Atlas of Transvaginal Endoscopy (Gorots) 178.95
Atlas of Ultrasound and Nerve Stimulation-Guided Regional Anesthesia (Tsui) 198.00
Atlas of Urogynecological Endoscopy (Dwyer) 208.95
Atlas of Women's Dermatology from Infancy to Maturity (Parish) 158.95
Atom Chips (Reichel) 144.00
Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid: Biological Applications (Baró) 139.00
Atrial Fibrillation (Koney and Naccarelli) 228.95
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: concepts, Controversies, New Directions (McBurnett) 228.95
At Your Service: A Hands-On Guide to the Professional Dining Room (Culinary Institute of America) 29.95
Au Coeur des Saveurs: Desserts and Confectionery - English/French Edition (Frédéric Bau) 199.95
Au Coeur des Saveurs: Pastelería de Frédéric Bau - Edición bilingüe español-francés 219.95
Auditing Physician Services (Nicoletti) 168.00
Auditory Evoked Potentials: Basic Principles and Clinical Application (Burkard) 134.00
Authentication Codes and Combinatorial Designs (Pei) 93.95
Automation for Food Engineering (Huang) 178.95
Automation in Proteomics and Genomics: An Engineering Case-Based Approach (Alterovitz) 149.00
Automation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities, 3rd edition (Water Environment Federation) 124.00
Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems—Classroom Manual and Shop Manual, 5th edition (Keshaw) 89.00
Automotive Paints and Coatings, 2nd edition (Streitberger) 214.00
Autonomous Mobile Robots: Sensing, Control, Decision Making, and Applications (Ge) 178.95
Autophagy in Immunity and Infection (Deretic) 198.00
Avian and Exotic Animal Hematology and Cytology, 3rd edition (Campbell) 173.95
Avian Influenza (Swayne) 148.95
Aviation Food Safety (Sheward) 243.95
Axiomatic Quality (El-Haik) 105.00
Axonal Branching and Recovery of Coordinated Muscle Activity after Transection of the Facial Nerve in Adult Rats (Angelov) 118.00
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