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Foie Gras—English Edition (André Bonnaure) 239.95
Foie Gras—Spanish Edition (André Bonnaure) 259.95
Foie Gras: A Passion (Michael A. Ginor) 59.00
Foie Gras: Production Video (CIA) 79.00
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Food Additives Data Book, 2nd edition (Smith and Hong-Shum) 298.95
Food Additives: Fact or Fiction? DVD 99.00
Food Additives Handbook (Lewis) 258.00
Food Allergy: Adverse Reactions to Foods and Food Additives, 4th edition (Metcalfe) 248.95
Food Analysis, 4th edition (Nielsen) 88.95
Food Analysis by HPLC, 3rd edition (Nollett) 248.95
Food Analysis Laboratory Manual, 2nd edition (Nielsen) 58.95
Food and Agricultural Wastewater Utilization and Treatment (Liu) 208.95
Food and Beverage Cost Control, 5th edition (Dopson) 82.95
Food and Beverage Packaging Technology, 2nd edition (Coles) 198.95
Food and Beverage Quality Service Skills • 2 Video Set Pal Version only 309.95
Food and Beverage Stability and Shelf Life (Kilcast) 324.00
Food and Drink Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP): A Guide to Its Responsible Management, 6th edition (Manning) 148.95
Food and Free Radicals (Hiramatsu/Yoshikawa/Inoue) 197.00
Food and Industrial Bioproducts and Bioprocessing (Dunford) 198.95
Food and Nutritional Toxicology (Omaye) 143.95
Food and Package Engineering (Morris) 198.95
Food and the City (Franck) 54.00
Food and Wine Pairing: A Sensory Experience (Harrington) 40.00
Food Antioxidants: Technological, Toxicological, and Health Perspectives (Madhavi/Deshpande/Salunkhe) 238.95
Food Around the World: A Cultural Perspective, 3rd edition (McWilliams) 108.00
Food Authentication Using Bioorganic Molecules (Sforza) 149.00
Food Authenticity and Traceability (Lees) 298.95
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Food Biochemistry and Food Processing (Hui) 294.00
Food Biodeterioration and Preservation (Tucker) 218.95
Food Biosensor Analysis (Wagner) 188.95
Food Biotechnology in Ethical Perspective (Thompson) 128.00
Foodborne Parasites (Ortega) 178.00
Foodborne Pathogens: Hazards, Risk Analysis and Control (Blackburn and McClure) 358.95
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Food Carbohydrate Chemistry (Wrolstad) 88.95
Food Carbohydrates: Chemistry, Physical Properties and Applications (Cui) 178.95
Food Chain Integrity: A Holistic Approach to Food Traceability, Safety, Quality and Authenticity (Hoorfar) 229.00
Food Chemical Composition: Dietary Significance in Food Manufacturing (Hutton) 74.00
Food Chemical Safety • Volume 1: Contaminants (Watson) 288.95
Food Chemical Safety • Volume 2: Additives (Watson) 288.95
Food Chemistry, 4th edition (Belitz) 108.00
Food Colloids: Biopolymers and Materials (Dickinson and Van Vliet) 218.00
Food Colloids: Interactions, Microstructure and Processing (Dickinson) 298.00
Food Colloids: Self-Assembly and Material Science (Dickinson) 248.00
Food Colorants: Chemical and Functional Properties (Socaciu) 178.95
Food Colours (Emerton) 188.95
Food Composition and Nutrition Tables, 7th edition 208.95
Food Constituents and Oral Health: Current Status and Future Prospects (Wilson) 284.00
Food Consumption and Disease Risk: Consumer-Pathogen Interactions (Potter) 268.95
Food, Diet and Obesity (Mela) 318.95
Food-Drug Synergy and Safety (Thompson) 138.95
Food Drying Science and Technology: Microbiology, Chemistry, Applications (Hui) 189.00
Food Emulsifiers and Their Applications, 2nd edition (Hasenhuettl) 89.00
Food Emulsions 4th edition (Friberg and Larsson) 238.95
Food Emulsions: Principles, Practice, Techniques 2nd edition (McClements) 168.95
Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods (Sumnu) 198.95
Food Equipment Facts - Revised and Updated (Stevens and Scriven) 39.95
Food Fermentation (Nout, de Vos, Zwietering) 69.95
Food, Fermentation and Micro-organisms (Bamforth) 208.95
Food Flavor and Chemistry: Explorations into the 21st Century (Spanier) 209.00
Food Flavorings 3rd edition (Ashurst) 208.00
Food Flavors: Chemical, Sensory and Technological Proerties (Jelen) 168.95
Food Flavour Technology, 2nd edition (Taylor) 198.95
Food for Fifty, 13th edition book only (Molt) 142.00
Food for Fifty, 13th edition with CD (Molt) 155.00
Food for Fifty on CD (Mastercook 11) 45.00
Food for the Ageing Population (Raats) 308.95
Food Fortification and Supplementation: Technological, Safety and Regulatory Aspects (Ottaway) 238.95
The Food Guide Pyramid Video 99.00
Food Hygiene, Microbiology and HACCP 3rd edition (Forsythe) 208.00
Food Hypersensitivity: Diagnosing and Managing Food Allergies and Intolerance (Skypala) 74.95
Food Industry Quality Control Systems (Clute) 148.95
Food Intake in Fish (Houlihan) 198.95
Food Intolerance and the Food Industry (Dean) 278.95
Food Irradiation: Principles and Applications (Molins) 169.00
Food Irradiation Research and Technology, 2nd edition (Sommers) 198.95
Food Labeling Compliance Review, 4th edition Book + CD-ROM (Summers) 248.95
Food Labelling (Blanchfield) 288.95
Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology, 3rd edition (Akoh and Min) 248.95
Food Lover's Companion 4th edition 16.95
Food Materials Science and Engineering (Bhandari) 198.95
Food Materials Science: Principles and Practice (Aguilera) 193.00
Food Microbiology, 3rd edition (Adams and Moss) 59.95
Food Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual (Yousef and Earlstrom) 93.00
Food Microbiology and Laboratory Practice (Bell, Neaves, Williams) 234.00
Food Mixing: Principles and Applications (Cullen) 223.95
Food Mycology: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Fungi and Food (Dijksterhuis) 168.95
Food, Nutrition and the Nitric Oxide Pathway: Biochemistry and Bioactivity (Bryan) 149.00
Food Oral Processing: Fundamentals of Eating and Sensory Perception (Chen) 198.95
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical Guide (Robertson) 164.95
Food Packaging Technology Volume 1 (Bureau) 334.00
Food Packaging Technology Volume 2 (Bureau) 334.00
Food Packaging Technology • 2 Volume Set (Bureau) 579.00
Food Physics: Physical Properties - Measurement and Applications (Figura) 138.00
Food Plant Design (Lopez-Gomez) 198.95
Food Plant Economics (Maroulis) 188.95
Food Plant Engineering Systems, 2nd edition (Robberts) 158.95
Food Plant Sanitation (Hui) 266.95
Food Plant Sanitation: Design, Maintenance, and Good Manufacturing Practices (Cramer) 179.95
Food Polysaccharides and Their Applications, 2nd edition (Stephen) 218.95
Food Powders: Physical Properties, Processing, and Functionality
Food Preparation for the Professional 3rd edition (Mizer) 88.95
Food Preservation by Pulsed Electric Fields (Lelieveld) 269.00
Food Preservation Techniques (Zeuthen) 298.95
Food Preservatives 2nd edition (Russell) 208.00
Food Process Design (Maroulis and Saravacos) 246.95
Food Process Engineering (Sharma/Mulvaney/Rizvi) 120.95
Food Processing (Connor) 154.00
Food Processing Handbook, 2nd edition 2-Volume Set (Brennan) 319.00
Food Processing Operations Modeling Design and Analysis (Irudayaraj) 178.95
Food Processing: Principles and Applications (Smith and Hui) 184.95
Food Processing: Principles and Applications (Ramaswamy and Marcotte) 118.95
Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice, 3rd edition, paper bound (Fellows) 84.00
Food Process Modeling (Tijskens) 388.95
Food Product Design: An Integrated Approach (Linnemann) 55.00
Food Product Development (Earle) 268.95
Food Product Development: Based on Experience (Side) 111.95
Food Properties Handbook, 2nd edition (Rahman) 163.95
Food Protein Analysis: Quantitative Effects on Processing (Owusu-Apenten) 218.95
Food Proteins and Their Applications (Owusu-Apenten) 298.95
Food Proteins: Processing Applications (Nakai) 178.00
Food Quality and Consumer Value: Delivering Food That Satisfies (Schröder) 208.00
Food Quality Assurance: Principles and Practices (Alli) 83.95
Food Quality, Nutrition and Health (Grimme/Dumontet) 59.00
Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice (Fortin) 141.00
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Food Safety, 2nd edition (Jones) 99.00
Food Safety and Food Quality (Hester and Harrison) 66.95
Food Safety and Sanitation DVD 125.00
Food Safety: A Practical and Case Study Approach (McElhatton) 128.00
Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health Volume 1: Safety Assurance in the Pre-Harvest Phase (Smulders) 131.00
Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health Volume 2: Safety Assurance during Food Processing (Smulders) 117.00
Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health Volume 3: Risk Management Strategies Monitoring and Surveillance (Smulders) 126.00
Food Safety CD-ROM 150.00
Food Safety Control in the Poultry Industry (Mead) 333.95
Food Safety Culture: Creating Behavior Based Food Safety Management Systems (Yiannas) 78.95
Food Safety: Dairy Details DVD 115.00
Food Safety: Dairy Details Video 115.00
Food Safety DVD 299.00
Food Safety: Fish and Shellfish Safety DVD 115.00
Food Safety for Foodservice Video: Basic Microbiology and Foodborne Illness (Keller) 129.00
Food Safety for Foodservice Video: Cross Contamination (Keller) 129.00
Food Safety for Foodservice Video: Time and Temperature Controls - in Spanish (Keller) 129.00
Food Safety Handbook (Schmidt and Rodrick) 197.95
Food Safety in Shrimp Processing (Kanduri and Eckhardt) 222.95
Food Safety Law (Schumann) 144.00
Food Safety Regulatory Compliance: Catalyst for a Lean and Sustainable Food Supply Chain (Blevins) 88.95
Food Safety: The Implications of Change from Producerism to Consumerism (Sheridan) 98.95
Food Safety Zone Video: Basic Microbiology (English version) 139.00
Food Science 5th edition (Potter) 79.00
Food Science and Food Biotechnology (Gutiérrez-López and Barbosa-Cánovas) 198.95
Food Science and Technology (Campbell-Platt) 88.95
Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual, 2nd edition (Conforti) 38.00
Food Service Equipment DVD 85.00
Foodservice Equipment: An Internet Guide by Todd King and Jim Stevens 59.95
Foodservice Equipment: Operation, Sanitation, and Maintenance (Drysdale) 24.95
Foodservice Management Fundamentals (Reynolds) 77.00
Food Service Management: How to Succeed in the High-risk Restaurant Business (Wentz) 24.95
Food Service Manager's Guide to Cost Cutting—Book + CD-ROM (Brown) 89.95
Foodservice Manual for Healthcare Institutions, 4th edition (Puckett) 104.00
Food Service Menus 19.95
Food Service Poster: Veal 15.00
Food Service Professional Guides
Food Service Tools DVD 85.00
Food Shelf Life Stability (Eskin and Robinson) 183.95
Food Spoilage Microorganisms (Blackburn) 298.95
Food Stabilisers, Thickeners and Gelling Agents (Imeson) 198.95
Food Storage Stability (Taub and Singh) 168.95
Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera (Custer) 74.00
Food Supply Chain Management (Bourlakis) 81.95
Food Technology: Irradiation DVD 115.00
Food Texture: Measurement and Perception (Rosenthal) 168.00
Food Transportation (Heap) 184.00
Food Trends and the Changing Consumer (Senauer) 98.00
Food Waste to Animal Feed (Westendorf) 98.95
Foot and Ankle Motion Analysis: Clinical Treatment and Technology (Harris) 178.95
Foot and Mouth Disease 40.00
Foot in Diabetes, 4th edition (Boulton) 144.00
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Forages Volume 1: Introduction to Grassland Agriculture 6th edition (Barnes) 84.95
Forages Volume 2: The Science of Grassland Agriculture 6th edition (Barnes) 168.95
Forb ID - DVD Training (McMullan) 55.00
Force Microscopy: Applications in Biology and Medicine (Jena) 142.95
Forecasting the Environmental Fate and Effects of Chemicals (Rainbow/Hopkin/Crane) 268.00
Forensic Analysis on the Cutting Edge (Blackledge) 104.95
Forensic Engineering: Diagnosing Failure and Solving Problems 208.95
Forensic Entomology: An Introduction, 2nd edition (Gennard) 148.95
Forensic Nursing (Pyrek) 138.95
Form and Forces: Designing Efficient Expressive Structures (Allen) 107.95
Formulas for Stress Strain and Structural Matrices, 2nd edition (Pilkey) 214.00
Formulating Natural Cosmetics (Dweck) 188.00
Formulating, Packaging, and Marketing of Natural Cosmetic Products (Dayan) 124.00
Formulating Strategies in Cosmetic Science 178.00
Formulation and Analytical Development for Low-Dose Oral Drug Products (Zheng) 109.00
Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (Jameel) 174.00
Formulation and Production of Carbonated Soft Drinks (Mitchell) 294.00
Formulation, Characterization, and Stability of Protein Drugs (Pearlman and Wang) 294.00
Fortified Foods with Vitamins: Analytical Concepts to Assure Better and Safer Products (Rychlik) 134.00
Foundation Engineering: Design and Construction in Tropicsl Soils (Huat) 138.95
Foundation Engineering Handbook (Gunaratne) 148.95
Foundation Engineering Handbook: Design and Construction with the 2006 International Building Code, 2nd edition (Day) 129.00
Foundations of Emergency Care (Evans) 176.95
Foundations of Image Science (Barrett) 181.95
4-in-1 Housekeeping DVD 450.00
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