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Galectins (Klyosov) 109.00
Garde Manger: Cold Kitchen Fundamentals (ACF) 99.00
Garde Manger: The Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen, 4th edition (CIA) 75.00
Garde Manger: The Cold Kitchen (Hemm) 84.00
Garde Manger • DVD Training Set—Foodservice Learning Solutions (CIA) 320.00
Garde Manger Video: Condiments (CIA) 79.00
Garden Houses and Privies: Authentic Details for Design and Restoration (Harrison) 84.00
Gardenscapes: Design for Outdoor Living (King) 34.95
Gardner's Chemical Synonyms and Trade Names 11th edition (Ash) 327.95
Gardner's Chemical Synonyms and Trade Names CD-ROM—single user (Ash) 449.00
Gardner's Chemical Synonyms and Trade Names CD-ROM—network version 1-5 users (Ash) 990.00
Gardner's Commercially Important Chemicals (Milne) 179.00
Gaseous Electronics: Theory and Practice (Raju) 158.95
Gaseous Hydrogen Embrittlement of Materials in Energy Technologies Volume 1: The Problem, Its Characterisation and Effects on Particular Alloy Classes (Gangloff) 329.00
Gaseous Hydrogen Embrittlement of Materials in Energy Technologies Volume 2: Mechanisms, Modelling and Future Developments (Gangloff) 269.00
Gasification Technologies: A Primer for Engineers and Scientists (Rezaiyan) 138.95
Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Anesthesia (Kumar) 248.95
Gastrointestinal Emergencies, 2nd edition (Tham) 69.95
Gastrointestinal Microbiology (Ouwehand) 198.95
Gastrointestinal Nematodes of Sheep and Cattle: Biology and Control (Sutherland) 108.95
Gastrointestinal Oncology: A Critical Multidisciplinary Team Approach (Jankowski) 328.95
Gastrointestinal Oncology: Evidence and Analysis (McCulloch) 228.95
Gastrointestinal Pathology (Chandrasoma) 269.00
Gastrointestinal Pathology: An Atlas and Text, 3rd edition (Preiser) 298.00
Gastronomia International 24.95
Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook, 3rd edition (Boyce) 135.00
Gas Turbine Handbook: Principles and Practices, 4th edition (Giampaola) 118.95
Gas Usage and Value: Technology and Economics of Natural Gase Use in the Process Industries (Seddon) 89.00
Gaucher Disease (Futerman) 178.95
Gazebos and Trellises: Authentic Details for Design and Restoration (Harrison) 84.00
GC/MS: A Practical User's Guide, 2nd edition (McMaster) 78.95
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Gelatine Handbook: Theory and Industrial Practice (Schrieber) 199.00
Gemini Surfactants: Synthesis, Interfacial and Solution-Phase Behavior, and Applications (Zana and Xia) 204.95
Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis: An Introduction, 6th edition (Brown) 138.95
Gene Discovery for Disease Models (Gu) 131.00
General Chemistry for Engineers, 2nd edition (Glanville) 79.00
General Thoracic Surgery, 2-Volume Set, 7th edition (Shields) 375.00
Generic Drug Product Development: Bioequivalence Issues (Shargel) 228.95
Generic Drug Product Development: International Regulatory Requirements for Bioequivalence (Kanfer) 249.00
Generic Drug Product Development: Solid Oral Dosage Forms (Shargel) 228.95
Generic Drug Product Development: Specialty Dosage Forms (Shargel) 249.00
Gene Therapy and Gene Delivery Systems (Schaffer) 288.00
Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders (Lowenstein) 198.95
Gene Therapy Immunology (Herzog) 131.00
Gene Therapy of Autoimmune Diseases (Prud'homme) 128.00
Genetically Engineered Food: Methods and Detection, 2nd edition (Heller) 174.00
Genetically Engineered Mice Handbook (Sundberg) 148.95
Genetically Modified and Non-Genetically Modified Food Supply Chains: Co-Existence and Traceability (Bertheau) 234.00
Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods Volume 25 (Setlow) 164.00
Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods Volume 27 (Setlow) 138.00
Genetic Hearing Loss (Willems) 198.95
Genetic Modification in the Food Industry (Roller) 168.00
Genetic Resources Chromosome Engineering and Crop Improvement Volume 2: Cereals (Singh) 168.95
Genetics and Breeding of Sugar Beet (Biancardi) 98.00
Genetics and Genomics of Soybean (Stacey) 148.00
Genetics and Improvement of Barley Malt Quality (Zhang) 258.00
Genetics in Sustainable Fisheries Management (Mustafa) 208.95
Genetics of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Postma) 228.95
Genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria (Wood) 178.00
Genetic Testing: Care Consent and Liability (Sharpe) 100.95
Genetic Variation in Taste Sensitivity (Prescott and Tepper) 198.95
Genome Exploitation: Data Mining the Genome (Gustafson) 128.00
Genomes (Gustafson) 184.00
Genome Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis (Bernot) 199.00
Genomics and Proteomics in Nutrition (Berdanier) 188.95
Genomics: Fundamentals and Applications (Choudhuri) 248.95
Genomics in Drug Discovery and Development (Semizarov) 114.00
Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (Bagchi) 188.95
Genomics, Proteomics, and Vaccines (Grandi) 209.00
Geoenvironmental Sustainability (Yong) 138.95
Geostatistics for Estimating Fish Abundance (Rivoirard) 209.95
Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground (Bakker) 308.95
Geotechnical Engineering: Soil and Foundation Principles and Practice, 5th edition (Handy) 128.00
Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers (Germaine) 84.00
Geranium and Pelargonium: The Genus Geranium and Pelargonium (Balchin) 168.95
Geriatric Anesthesia (Sieber) 115.00
Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence Based Approach, 4th edition (Cassell) 228.00
Geriatric Otolaryngology (Calhoun) 248.95
GGE Biplot Analysis: A Graphical Tool for Breeders, Geneticists and Agronomists (Yan and Kang) 138.95
Ginger: The Genus Zingiber (Ravindran and Babu) 128.95
Gingko Biloba (van Beek) 168.95
Ginseng: The Genus Panax (Court) 128.95
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Glass-Ceramic Technology, 2nd edition (Holand) 158.95
Glass: Mechanics and Technology (Bourhis) 144.00
Glaucoma Surgery (Trope) 248.95
Gliadin and Glutenin: The Unique Balance of Wheat Quality (Wrigley) 128.00
Global Challenges in Recreational Fisheries (Aas) 198.95
Globalizing Integrated Pest Management (Norton) 168.95
Global Legislation for Food Packaging Materials (Rijk) 198.95
Global Livestock Health Policy: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies for Effective Action (Kahrs) 98.95
Global Meetings and Exhibitions (Krugman) 64.00
Global Pharmaceutical Marketing: A Practical Guide to Codes and Compliance (Grice) 149.95
Global Regulatory Issues for the Cosmetics Industry (Betton) 136.00
Global Telecommunications: Broadband Access, Optical Components and Networks, and Cryptography (Desurvire) 98.00
Global Telecommunications: Signaling Principles, Network Protocols, and Wireless Systems (Desurvire) 83.95
Global Transmission Expansion: Recipes for Success (Woolf) 98.00
Glorious French Food: A Fresh Approach to the Classics (James Peterson) 45.00
Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms, 4th edition (Nill) 99.95
Glossary of the Petroleum Industry—English/Spanish Spanish/English (Proubasta) 58.00
GLP Essentials: A Concise Guide to Good Laboratory Practice 2nd edition (Anderson) 59.95
Glucose Syrups: Technology and Applications (Hull) 198.95
Gluten -Free Baking DVD (Culinary Institute of America) 49.95
Gluten-Free Food Science and Technology (Gallagher) 198.95
Gluten Proteins 2006 (Lookhart) 138.00
Glycoconjugates: Composition, Structure, and Function (Allen) 288.95
Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 (GSK-3) and Its Inhibitors: Drug Discovery and Development (Martinez) 120.95
Glycoscience: Epimerisation, Isomerisation and Rearrangement Reactions of Carbohydrates (Stutz) 348.00
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