C.H.I.P.S. Alphabetical Title List
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Pacific People and Their Food (Blakeney) 78.00
Pacing to Support the Failing Heart (Ellenbogen) 123.95
Packaging Closures and Sealing Systems (Theobald) 152.95
Packaging Designer's Book of Patterns, 3rd edition book only (Wybenga) 74.00
Packaging Designer's Book of Patterns, 3rd edition with CD-ROM (Wybenga) 198.00
Packaging Design: Successful Product Branding from Concept to Shelf (Klimchuk) 48.00
Packaging Development Process (Demaria) 128.95
Packaging for Nonthermal Processing of Foods (Han) 178.95
Packaging Research in Food Product Design and Development (Moskowitz) 223.95
Packaging Sustainability: Tools, Systems, and Strategies for Innovative Package Design (Jedlicka) 48.95
Packaging Technology: Fundamentals, Materials and Processes (Emblem) 289.00
Paco Torreblanca Volume 1 269.95
Paco Torreblanca Volume 2 239.95
Paco Torreblanca Volume 3: Colección 2-Volume Set 199.95
PACS and Imaging Informatics: basic Principles and Applications (Huang) 148.95
Paediatric Audiological Medicine, 2nd edition (Newton) 128.95
Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology (Jacqz-Aigrain) 228.95
Pain: Current Understanding, Emerging Therapies and Novel Approaches to Drug Discovery (Bountra) 248.95
Pain in Infants, Children, and Adolescents, 2nd edition (Schlechter) 158.00
Pain in Osteoarthritis (Felson) 138.95
Pain Management: Expanding the Pharmacological Options (McCleane) 98.95
Paint and Surface Coatings, 2nd edition (Lambourne and Strivens) 294.00
Palliative Care Resuscitation (Bass) 54.00
Panadería • Bollería • Pastelería: 150 fichas collectionables - tres volumenes 99.95
Panadería • Bollería • Pastelería volumen uno: 50 fichas collectionables 39.95
Panadería • Bollería • Pastelería volumen dos: 50 fichas collectionables 39.95
Panadería • Bollería • Pastelería volumen tres: 50 fichas collectionables 39.95
Pancreas: An Integrated Textbook of Basic Science, Medicine, and Surgery, 2nd edition (Beger) 488.95
Pancreatic Cancer (Lowy) 108.00
Pancreatic Transplantation (Corry) 228.95
Pan Precocido Video - Pal Version only (Tejero) 39.95
Paper and Paperboard Packaging Technology (Kirwan) 263.95
Parallel Imaging in Clinical MR Applications (Schoenberg) 298.00
Paramecium: Genetics and Epigenetics (Beale) 99.95
Paranasal Sinuses: Applied Surgical Anatomy (Youngs) 158.95
Parasites of Laboratory Animals, Flynn's, 2nd edition (Baker) 162.00
Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds (Atkinson) 103.95
Parenteral Quality Control: Sterility, Pyrogen, Particulate, and Package Integrity Testing, 3rd edition (Akers/Larrimore/Guazzo) 228.95
Parkinson's Disease (Ebadi and Pfeiffer) 218.95
Particulate Interactions in Dry Powder Formulation for Inhalation (Zeng, Martin, Marriott) 228.95
Parties and Special Events: Planning and Design (Lena Malouf) 99.95
Partnerships in Community Mental Health Nursing and Dementia Care: Practice Perspectives (Keady) 176.95
Parts Fabrication: Principles and Process, 2nd edition (Crowson) 93.95
Party Confidential (Shriftman) 29.95
Party Platter Secrets Video (Johnson) 49.95
Pasta and Noodle Technology (Kruger, Matsuo, and Dick) 148.00
Pasta and Semolina Technology (Kill and Turnbull) 218.95
La Pastelería de Pierre Hermé: El Libro Profesional - en Español (Pierre Hermé) 299.95
Pastissaria International 29.95
Pastry in Europe 4 119.95
PAT Applied in Biopharmaceutical Process Development and Manufacturing: An Enabling Tool for Quality-by-Design (Undey) 158.95
Patellofemoral Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment (Biedert) 304.00
Patently Innovative: How Pharmaceutical Firms Use Emerging Patent Law to Extend Monopolies on Blockbuster Drugs (Bouchard) 204.00
Pathobiology of the Aging Dog - 2-Volume Set (Mohr) 599.95
Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals (Gyles) 134.95
Pathogenomics: Genome Analysis of Pathogenic Microbes (Hacker) 259.00
Pathology—Board Review Series, 3rd edition (Schneider) 38.95
Pathology of Bone Marrow and Blood Cells, 2nd edition (Farhi) 228.00
Pathology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Kojiro) 150.95
Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits, 3rd edition (Percy) 128.95
Pathology of the Head and Neck (Cardesa) 268.00
Pathology of the Heart and Sudden Death in Forensic Medicine (Fineschi) 198.95
Pathophysiologic Basis of Nuclear Medicine, 2nd edition (Elgazzar) 338.00
Pathy's Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine, 5th edition, 2-Volume Set (Sinclair) 549.00
Patisserie of Pierre Hermé (Pierre Hermé) 269.95
Patisserie de Pierre Hermé - Spanish/French edition (Pierre Hermé) 299.95
Patissier Classique Video: Les Cremes Populaires 129.95
Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology 5th edition • CD-ROM for the 13-Volume Set—single user 1,295.00
Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology 5th edition • CD-ROM for the 13-Volume Set—network version 2-5 users 2,160.00
Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology 5th edition • CD-ROM for the 13-Volume Set—network version 6-10 users 2,925.00
Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology 5th edition • CD-ROM for the 13-Volume Set—network version 11+ users 3,150.00
Patty's Industrial Hygiene 6th edition • 4-Volume Set (Harris) 780.00
Patty's Industrial Toxicology 5th edition • 8-Volume Set + Index (Bingham) 3,050.00
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PCR Technology: Current Innovations 2nd edition (Weissensteiner) 158.95
Pediatric Adolescent and Young Adult Gynecology (Altchek) 261.95
Pediatric and Adolescent Musculoskeletal MRI: A Case-Based Approach (Kan) 178.00
Pediatric Anesthesia, 5th edition (Gregory) 348.95
Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia, 4th edition (Lake) 179.95
Pediatric Cardiology: The Essential Pocket Guide (Johnson) 74.95
Pediatric Cataract Surgery (Wilson) 162.95
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (Slonim) 178.00
Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach, 2nd edition (Koch) 163.95
Pediatric Drug Development: Concepts and Applications (Mulberg) 115.00
Pediatric Endocrinology, 2-Volume Set (Lifshitz) 398.95
Pediatric Endourology Techniques (Godbole) 195.00
Pediatric Heart Failure (Shaddy and Wernovsky) 298.95
Pediatric Hospital Medicine: Textbook of Inpatient Management, 2nd edition (Perkins) 144.00
Pediatric Lymphomas: Pediatric Oncology (Weinstein) 148.00
Pediatric Nasal and Sinus Disorders (Sih) 248.95
Pediatric Nephrology, 5th edition (Avner) 234.00
Pediatric Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction (Esposito) 258.00
Pediatric Nuclear Medicine/PET, 3rd edition (Treves) 199.00
Pediatrics, 22nd edition (Rudolph) 158.95
Pediatric Sinusitis and Sinus Surgery (Youni) 198.95
Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation, 2nd edition (Fine) 286.95
Pediatric Sonography, 4th edition (Siegel) 228.00
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Davila) 318.00
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (Sweet) 158.95
People in a Landscape (Eckho) 71.00
Peppermint Oil (Lawrence) 118.00
Peptide and Protein Drug Delivery (Lee) 308.95
Peptide Antibiotics: Discovery, Modes of Action and Applications (Dutton) 178.95
Peptide Nucleic Acids, Morpholinos and Related Antisense Biomolecules (Janson) 158.00
Peptides: Chemistry and Biology, 2nd Revised Edition (Sewald) 164.00
Peptides from A-Z: A Concise Encyclopedia (Jakubke) 144.00
Peptidomics: Methods and Applications (Soloviev) 99.00
Percid Fishes: Systematics, Ecology and Exploitation (Craig) 233.95
Percutaneous Absorption: Drugs-Cosmetics-Mechanism-Methodology 4th edition (Bronaugh) 298.95
Percutaneous Device Closure of the Atrial Septum (Brecker) 208.95
Percutaneous Tumor Ablation in Medical Radiology (Vogl) 188.00
Perfect Match: Wine and Food DVD (CIA) 79.00
Perfect Match: Wine and Food Video (CIA) 79.00
Perfect Wedding, The (Mellinger) 45.00
Performance Functional Foods (Watson) 238.95
Performance Optimization of Digital Communications Systems (Mitlin) 108.95
Performance Recording of Animals 112.00
Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin (Arctander) 348.00
Perfumery: Techniques in Evolution, 2nd edition (Camps) 128.00
Perilla: The Genus Perilla (Kosuna, Haga and Yu) 148.95
Perinatal Nutrition: Optimizing Infant Health and Development (Bhatia) 178.95
Perinatal Programming: Early Life Determinants of Adult Health and Disease (Hodgson) 248.95
Perinatal Stem Cells (Cetrulo) 119.95
Periodontal Medicine and Systems Biology (Henderson) 198.95
Perioperative Fluid Therapy (Hahn) 298.95
Perioperative Pain Management (Cox) 68.95
Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography: Self-Assessment and Review (Click) 109.00
Perioperative Transfusion Medicine, 2nd edition (Spiess) 158.00
Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Color Atlas (Chelly) 118.00
Peripheral Receptor Targets for Analgesia: Novel Approaches to Pain Management (Cairns) 144.00
Peripheral Vascular Disease: Basic Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches (Abela) 174.00
Peripheral Vascular Interventions (Kandarpa) 188.00
Peripheral Vascular Interventions (SCVIR) Syllabus, 2nd edition (Darcy) 249.00
Peripheral Vascular Sonography: A Practical Guide, 2nd edition (Polak) 109.00
Peripheral Vascular Stenting, 2nd edition (Heuser and Biamino) 178.95
Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drives and Controls (Xia) 149.00
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 8th edition (Green and Perry) 198.00
Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Chemicals I: Fate and Exposure
(Lipnick et al)
Persisting Speech Dificulties in Children: Children's Speech and Literacy Difficulties #3 (Pascoe) 69.00
Personal Care Compounds in the Environment: Pathways, Fate, and Methods for Determination (Bester) 189.00
Personalized Nutrition: Principles and Applications (Kok) 98.95
Perspectives ion Animal Behavior, 3rd edition (Goodenough) 139.95
Perspectives in Flavor and Fragrance Research (Kraft and Swift) 189.00
Perspectives in Pig Science (Wiseman, Varley, Kemp) 128.95
Perspectives in World Food and Agriculture 2004 (Scanes) 148.95
Perspectives in World Food and Agriculture Volume 2 (Scanes) 148.95
Pesticide Chemistry and Bioscience: The Food-Environment Challenge (Brooks/Roberts) 144.00
Pesticide Chemistry: Crop Protection, Public Health, Environmental Safety (Ohkawa) 229.00
Pesticide Residues in Food and Drinking Water: Human Exposure and Risks (Hamilton and Crossley) 229.00
Pesticide Residues in Foods: Methods, Techniques and Regulations (Fong et al) 132.00
Pesticides and Herbicides: An Introduction DVD89.00
Pesticides: An International guide to 1800 Pest Control Chemicals, 2nd edition (Milne) 194.00
Pesticides: Health, Safety, and the Environment (Matthews) 169.00
Pesticides in Agriculture DVD 50.00
Pesticides: Managing Risks and Optimizing Benefits (Ragsdale/Seiber) 179.00
Pesticides: Problems, Improvements, Alternatives (Den Hond) 233.95
Pesticides, Veterinary and Other Residues in Food (Watson) 318.95
Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation (Marrs and Ballantyne) 229.00
Pests of Stored Foodstuffs and Their Control (Hill) 227.00
Petits Gâteaux à l'Heure du Thé: Petit Pastries for Tea Time - English/French Edition (Lenotre School) 99.95
PET Packaging Technology (Brooks and Giles) 158.95
Petrochemicals in Nontechnical Language, 3rd edition (Burdick) 68.00
Petroleum Industry: A Nontechnical Guide (Conaway) 68.00
Petroleum Refinery Process Economics, 2nd edition (Maples) 99.00
Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language, 3rd edition (Leffler) 68.00
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