C.H.I.P.S. Alphabetical Title List
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Rabbit Medicine and Surgery for Veterinary Nurses (Fraser) 55.95
Radar Cross Section 2nd edition (Knott, Schaeffer, Tuley) 108.00
Radar Handbook, 2nd edition (Skolnik) 141.00
Radar Principles for the Non-Specialist 3rd edition (Toomay) 84.00
Radar Signals (Levanon) 117.50
Radiation Dose from Adult and Pediatric Multidetector Computed Tomography (Tack) 238.00
Radiation Risk Estimates in Normal and Emergency Situations (Cigna) 88.95
Radiation Safety: Protection and Management for Homeland Security and Emergency Response (Burchfield) 74.95
Radiation Therapy Physics, 3rd edition (Hendee) 158.50
Radiographic Atlas of Skull and Brain Anatomy (Gallucci) 258.00
Radiographic Techniques: The Dog (Morgan) 78.95
Radioguided Surgery: A Comprehensive Team Approach (Mariani) 178.00
Radiological Imaging of the Digestive Tract in Infants and Children (Devos) 174.00
Radiology: Diagnosis, Imaging, Intervention, Taveras and Ferrucci's, CD-ROM (Ferrucci) 198.00
Radiology of Emergency Medicine, 4th edition (Harris) 209.00
Radiology of Veterinary Orthopedics (Morgan) 56.95
Radionuclide Peptide Cancer Therapy (Chinol) 228.95
Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Pharmacy and Nuclear Medicine, 3rd edition (Kowalsky) 183.95
Radiotherapy for Non-Malignant Disorders (Seegenschmiedt) 318.00
Raman Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (McCreery) 147.50
Rancidity in Foods (Allen) 258.00
Rapid Analysis Techniques in Food Microbiology (Patel) 228.00
Rapid and On-Line Instrumentation for Food Quality Assurance (Tothill) 268.95
Rapid Chemical and Biological Techniques for Water Monitoring (Gonzalez) 159.00
Rapid Food Analysis and Hygiene Monitoring: kitz, Instruments and Systems (Raugel) 498.00
Rapid Guide to Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace 4th edition (Lewis) 64.95
Rapid Methods for Biological and Chemical Contaminants in Food and Feed
(Van Amerongen)
Rapid Methods for Food and Feed Quality Determination (Van Amerongen) 134.00
Rapid Review of Exotic Animal Medicine and Husbandry: Pet Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish (Rosenthal) 99.00
Rational Drug Design (Truhlar) 108.00
Raw Materials and Brewhouse Operations (Ockert) 59.95
Raw Materials for Glass and Ceraminc: Sources, processes, and Quality Control (Sinton) 174.00
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Reactive Modification and Stability of Multicomponent Polymeric Systems (Marosi and Michel) 189.00
Reactive Polymers Fundamentals and Applications: A Concise Guide (Fink) 320.00
Ready Response: Diversity and Discrimination Video Training 179.00
Ready-to-Eat Foods: Microbial Concerns and Control Measures (Hwang) 148.95
Real-Time Biomolecular Simulations (Peters) 165.00
Real Whole Body MRI: Requirements, Indications and Perspectives (Goyen) 93.95
Recent Advances and New Species in Aquaculture (Fotedar) 198.95
Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition 2003 (Garnsworthy) 114.95
Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition 2004 (Garnsworthy) 119.95
Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research Volume 1 (Daayf) 248.95
Recent Advances of Research in Antinutritional Factors in Legume Seeds and Oilseeds (Muzquiz) 119.00
Recent Developments in Pig Nutrition 3 (Wiseman) 95.00
Recent Developments in Poultry Nutrition 2 (Wiseman) 76.00
Recent Developments in Ruminant Nutrition 4 (Wiseman) 99.95
Recent Progress in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases (Hanin) 158.95
Recent Trends in Soft Beverages (Rao) 159.00
Recettes Glacées: Ice Creams and Iced Desserts - English/French Edition (Lenotre School) 99.95
Recipe Costing: The Bottom Line DVD (CIA) 79.00
Reconstructive Surgery of the Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis (Evans) 228.95
Recreational Fisheries: Ecological Economic and Social Evaluation (Pitcher) 244.00
Recreational Fisheries: Social, Economic and Management Aspects (Hickley) 213.95
Red Meat and Poultry Safety and Preservation DVD 115.00
Redox Proteomics: From Protein Modificatiions to Cellular Dysfunction and Diseases (Dalle-Donne) 179.00
Reducing Salt in Foods: Practical Strategies (Kilcast) 278.95
Reducing Saturated Fats in Foods (Talbot) 244.00
Reemergence of Established Pathogens in the 21st Century (Fong and Drlica) 208.00
Refined American Cuisine (O'Connell) 45.00
Refinements in Facial and Body Contouring (Toledo) 254.00
Reflections on the Problem of Consciousness (Harris) 168.00
Regional Nerve Blocks and Infiltration Therapy: Textbook and Color Atlas, 2nd edition (Jankovic) 198.95
Regulated Bioanalytical Laboratories: Technical and Regulatory Aspects from Global Perspectives (Zhou) 124.00
Regulation of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (Hasler) 198.95
Regulation of Transcription in Plants (Grasser) 199.95
Regulatory Chemicals Handbook (Spero) 238.95
Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Practitioner's Manual, 2nd edition (Liebenson) 109.00
Reliability and Life Testing Handbook Volume 1 (Kececioglu) 98.50
Reliability and Life Testing Handbook Volume 2 (Kececioglu) 98.50
Reliability Center Maintenance (Bloom) 88.95
Remarkable Service: Guide to Winning and Keeping Customers for Servers, Managers, and Restaurant Owners, 2nd edition (Culinary Institute of America) 29.95
Remediation Technologies Handbook (Lehr) 194.00
Removable Partial Dentures: A Clinician's Guide (Jones) 98.95
Renal Pathophysiology: The Essentials, 3rd edition (Rennke) 49.50
Rendering Fashion Fabric and Prints with Adobe® Photoshop® (Colussy) 92.00
Renewable Energy in Non Technical Language (Chambers) 68.00
Renewable Polymers: Synthesis, Processing, and Technology (Mittal) 174.00
Renewable Power in Developing Countries (Ferrey) 74.00
Renewables-Based Technology: Sustainability Assessment (DeWulf) 159.00
Renin Angiotensin System and the Heart (De Mello) 229.00
Reoperative Plastic Surgery of the Breast (Shestak) 324.00
Reproduction in Cattle, 3rd edition (Ball) 83.95
Reproduction in Farm Animals, 7th edition (Hafez) 73.95
Rescue Operational Planning Video (Downey) 89.00
Research and Development in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, 3rd edition (Bamfield) 114.00
Residential Design for Aging in Place (Lawlor) 74.00
Residential Electrical Wiring Skills DVD 95.00
Residential Electrical Wiring Skills Video 95.00
Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide to Beautiful and Sustainable Design, 2nd edition (Whitehead) 74.00
Residues of Veterinary Drugs and Mycotoxins in Animal Products (Enne) 67.00
Resistor Theory and Technology (Zandman) 98.00
Resort, Condominium, and Vacation Ownership Management (Gentry) 92.95
Resorts: Management and Operation, 3rd edition (Mill) 88.95
Responding to "Routine" Emergencies (Montagna) 48.00
Responding to "Routine" Emergencies Workbook (Montagna) 40.00
Responding to the Livestock Revolution (Owen) 82.95
Responsible Serving of Alcoholic Beverages: Complete Staff Training Course for Bars, Restaurants, and Caterers with CD-ROM (Dugan)49.95
Responsive Polymer Materials: Design and Applications (Minko) 210.95
Restaurant and Bar English/Spanish Dictionary (Belknap) 29.95
Restaurant and Food Graphics (Radice) 39.95
Restaurant Basics (Marvin) 79.00
Restaurant Design 19.95
Restaurant Food Service Equipment (Drysdale) 37.00
The Restaurant: From Concept to Operation 6th edition (Walker) 88.95
Restaurant Management: Customers, Operations, and Employees 3rd edition (Mill) 95.00
Restaurant Management (Scanlon) 76.00
Restaurant Manager's Handbook with CD-ROM, 4th edition (Brown) 89.95
Restaurant Marketing and Advertising 19.95
Restaurant Operations Management: Principles and Practices (Ninemeier and Haynes) 95.00
Restaurant Planning, Design and Construction (Katz) 79.00
Restaurant Promotion and Publicity 19.95
Restaurant Service Basics, 2nd edition (Dahmer) 30.00
Restaurant Site Location 19.95
Restaurant Training Program (Drummond) 94.00
Restless Legs Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment (Ondo) 228.95
Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals, 3rd edition (Fowler) 119.95
Results-Oriented Leadership (Ready-to-Lead Seminars) 199.95
Retail Best Practices to Food Safety and Sanitation Trainer's Kit, 2nd edition (McSwane) 198.00
Retail Best Practices to Food Safety and Sanitation Quick Reference Trainer's Kit (Rue) 198.00
Retail Cut ID Contest Simulator CD-ROM 135.00
Retail Cut ID 1 DVD 195.00
Retail Store Planning Design Manual, 2nd edition (Lopez) 75.00
Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs (Dunham-Jones) 74.00
Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry (Hayes) 67.00
Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality Operations (Forgacs) 78.95
Revision and Complex Shoulder Arthroplasty (Cofield) 228.00
RF Circuit Design, 2nd edition (Li) 149.00
RF Coils for MRI (Vaughan) 169.00
RF MEMS and Their Applications (Varadan) 169.00
RF MEMS: Theory Design and Technology (Rebeiz) 134.00
Rheology: Concepts Methods and Applications (Malkin) 249.00
Rheology Essentials of Cosmetic and Food Emulsions (Brummer) 158.00
Rheology Modifiers Handbook: Practical Uses and Application (Braun and Rosen) 331.00
Rheology of Fluid and Semisolid Foods, 2nd edition (Rao) 158.00
Rheometry of Pastes Suspensions and Granular Materials (Coussot) 98.95
Rheumatoid Arthritis (St. Clair) 158.00
Rheumatology Nursing: A Creative Approach, 2nd edition (Hill) 79.00
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Rice Vol.1: Production (Luh) 274.00
Rice Vol. 2: Utilization (Luh) 288.00
Rice: Chemistry and Technology, 3rd edition (Champagne) 228.00
Rice: Evolution, History, Production, and Technology (Smith and Dilday) 370.50
Rice Functional Genomics: Challenges, Progress and Prospects (Upadhyaya) 218.00
Rice Quality: A Guide to Rice Properties and Analysis (Bhattacharya) 269.00
The Right Mix w/ ProMgt Workbook 69.00
Risk Analysis of Water Pollution, 2nd Revised and Expanded edition (Ganoulis) 159.95
Risk Assessment and Management in Mental Health Nursing 48.95
Risk Assessment for Chemicals in Drinking Water (Howd) 131.00
Risk Assessment for Environmental Health (Robson) 99.00
Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering (Fenton) 144.95
Risk Assessment: Principles and Applications for Hazardous Waste and Related Sites (LaGoy) 112.00
Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks, 4th Edition (Lundgren) 73.95
Risk Factors in Coronary Artery Disease (Shah) 228.95
Risk Management for Health/Fitness Professionals: Legal Issues and Strategies (Eickhoff-Shemek) 34.95
River Confluences, Tributaries and the Fluvial Network (Rice) 99.00
River Restoration: Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat (Darby) 194.00
RMT Review Guide (Stroh) 57.95
RNA Purification and Analysis: Sample Preparation, Extraction, Chromatography (Gjerde) 129.95
RNA Toward Medicine (Erdmann) 388.00
RN Expert Guides: Respiratory Care 41.95
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Roaming in Wireless Networks (Siddiqui) 98.95
Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain 7th edition (Young) 93.00
Robotics and Automation in the Food Industry: Current and Future Technologies (Caldwell) 269.00
Robotics in Meat Fish & Poultry Processing (Khodabandehloo) 215.00
Robust Adaptive Beamforming (Li) 128.50
Robust Engineering Design by Reliability with Emphasis on Mechanical Components and Structural Reliability Volume 1 (Kececioglu) 108.50
Role of Lipid Excipients in Modifying Oral and Parenteral Drug Delivery (Wasan) 83.95
Roll Forming Handbook (Halmos) 204.95
Rolling Bearing Analysis, 2-Volume Set, 5th edition (Harris) 208.95
Room Service Videotape 224.95
Rooms With a View: Two Decades of Outstanding American Interior Design (Madden) 39.95
Rotational Molding Technology (Crawford) 209.00
Rubber Formulary (Ciullo) 350.00
Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors 2007 75.00
Ruminant Digestive Systems: A Closer Look DVD 125.00
Ruthenium in Organic Synthesis (Murahashi) 224.00
RVA Handbook (Crosbie) 138.00
RVUs at Work: Relative Value Units in the Medical Practice (Reiboldt) 81.00
Rye: Production, Chemistry, and Technology, 2nd edition (Bushuk) 158.00
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