C.H.I.P.S. Alphabetical Title List
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WAAP Book of the Year 2003 145.00
Wafer Bonding: Applications and Technology (Alexe and Gosele) 298.00
Waiter and Waitress and Waitstaff Training Handbook (Arduser) 29.95
Waiter and Waitress Training 19.95
Waldorf Astoria Cookbook (Doherty) 50.00
Waste Materials Used in Concrete Manufacturing (Chandra) 179.00
Wastewater Bacteria (Gerardi) 64.00
Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, 4th edition (Metcalf and Eddy)229.95
Wastewater Microbiology, 3rd edition (Bitton) 111.00
Wastewater Pathogens (Gerardi and Zimmerman) 63.95
Wastewater Purification: Aerobic Granulation in Sequencing Batch Reactors (Liu) 143.95
Wastewater Sludge Processing (Turovskiy) 88.00
Water Activity in Foods: Fundamentals and Applications (Barbosa-Cánovas) 228.95
Water and Wastewater Engineering (Davis) 149.00
Water-Based Paint Formulations Volume 3 (Flick) 206.00
Water-Based Paint Formulations Volume 4 (Flick) 146.00
Water Desalting: Planning guide for Water Utilities (AWA) 159.00
Water Distribution Systems Handbook (Mays) 130.00
Water in Buildings: An Architect's Guide to Moisture and Mold (Rose) 98.00
Water in Foods and Biological Materials: A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Approach (Ruan) 238.95
Water-Insoluble Drug Formulation, 2nd edition (Liu) 298.95
Water Management in the Design and Distribution of Quality Foods (Roos) 288.95
Water Properties in Food, Health, Pharmaceutical and Biological Systems: ISOPOW 10 (Reid) 238.95
Water Properties of Food, Pharmaceutical and Biological Materials (Buera) 198.95
Water Pumps and Pumping Systems (Rishel) 130.00
Water Quality and Treatment: A Handbook on Drinking Water, 6th edition (Edzwald) 174.00
Water Quality Control Handbook, 2nd edition (Alley) 149.00
Water Quality Engineering in Natural Systems (Chin) 129.00
Water Quality Trading: A Guide for the Wastewater Community (Jones) 141.00
Water-Resistant Design and Construction: An Illustrated Guide to Preventing Water Intrusion, Condensation, and Mold (Walker) 49.95
Water Resources Engineering, 2nd edition (Mays) 164.95
Water Resources Sustainability: Security, Natural Disasters, Managing Water Resources, Climate (Mays) 124.00
Water Reuse for Irrigation: Agriculture, Landscape and Turf Grass (Lazarova) 158.95
Water Reuse Issues Technologies and Applications (Metcalf) 134.00
Watersheds: Processes, Assessment, and Management (DeBarry) 164.00
Water Softening with Potassium Chloride: Process, Health, and Environmental Benefits (West) 94.00
Water-Soluble Polymer Applications in Foods (Nussinovitch) 183.95
Water Supply Systems Security (Mays) 130.00
Water Treatment Made Simple for Operators (Sarai) 69.00
Water Treatment Plant Design, 4th edition (AWWA) 130.00
Water Treatment: Plant Performance Evaluations and Operations (O'Connor) 98.95
Water Treatment Principles and Design, 3rd edition (MWH/Crittenden) 199.00
Water Well Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (Houben) 89.95
Water Wells and Septic Systems Handbook (Woodson) 98.95
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Weaning the Pig: Concepts and Consequences (Pluske) 119.00
Wear of Orthopaedic Implants and Artificial Joints (Affatato) 254.00
Weathering of Plastics: Testing to Mirror Real Life Performance (Wypych) 209.00
Web Machine Buying Guide (Roisum) 174.00
Webster's New World Dictionary of the Culinary Arts 2nd edition 29.95
Wedding Cake Art and Design: A Professional Approach (Garrett) 49.00
Wedding Cake Book (Wilson) 39.95
Wedding Details (Norden) 19.95
Weddings (Colin Cowie) 75.00
Weddings: A Celebration (Beverly Clark) 69.00
Weed Control Handbook: Principles, 8th edition (Hance) 231.95
Weed-Crop Competition: A Review, 2nd edition (Zimdahl) 98.95
Weed Ecology: Implications for Management 2nd edition (Radosevich) 221.95
Weed Management Handbook 9th edition (Naylor) 241.95
Weedy and Invasive Plant Genomics (Stewart) 198.95
Weight Control and Slimming Ingredients in Food Technology (Ho) 209.00
Welcome Home: Superior Skills for Valet, Door, and Bell Staff
(Ready-to-Lead Seminars)
Welding and Joining of Aerospace Materials (Chaturvedi) 264.00
Welding Technology Today: Principles and Practices (Stinchcomb) 117.00
Welfare of Pigs from Birth to Slaughter (Faucitano) 127.00
Well Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions (Benson) 83.95
Well Logging in Nontechnical Language, 2nd edition (Johnson) 68.00
Wenzel's Menu Maker 2nd Edition 269.00
Wetland Ecosystems (Mitsch) 69.95
Wetlands, 4th edition (Mitsch) 98.00
Wetlands: Guide to Science, Law, and Technology (Dennison and Berry) 139.00
Wet Steam Turbines for Nuclear Power Plants (Leyzerovich) 163.00
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
What is What in the Nanoworld, 3rd edition (Borisenko) 184.00
What's Wrong With My Mouse: Behavioral Phenotyping of Transgenic and Knockout Mice, 2nd edition (Crawley) 104.95
What to Drink with What You Eat (Dornenburg) 35.00
Wheat Antioxidants (Yu) 89.00
Wheat: Chemistry and Technology, 4th edition (Khan) 258.00
Wheat: Chemistry and Utilization (Cornell) 183.95
Wheat: Ecology and Physiology of Yield Determination (Satorre) 193.95
Wheat End Uses Around the World (Faridi) 109.00
Wheat Flour (Atwell) 78.00
Wheat Flour Milling (Posner and Hibbs) 188.00
Wheat Gluten Protein Analysis (Shewry and Lookhart) 128.00
Wheat Production: Properties and Quality (Bushuk) 238.00
Wheat Quality Elucidation: The Bushuk Legacy (Ng and Wrigley) 94.00
Wheat Science and Trade (Carver) 235.95
Whey Processing Functionality and Health Benefits (Onwulata) 198.95
Whole Brain Atlas on CD-ROM (Johnson) 178.00
Whole-Grain Foods in Health and Disease (Marquart, Slavin, and Fulcher) 169.00
Whole Grains and Health (Marquart) 218.95
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Wideband Amplifier Design (Hollister) 134.00
Wild and Sown Grasses (Peeters) 178.95
Wild Fish and Game (Manikowski) 35.00
Wildlife Forensics: Methods and Applications (Huffman) 148.95
Wildlife, Forests, and Forestry: Principles of Managing Forests for Biological Diversity (Hunter) 118.00
Wildlife ID Techniques—DVD Training (Bishara) 228.00
Wild-Type Food in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (De Meester) 198.00
Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, 3rd edition (Brody) 349.00
Wiley Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities, 3rd edition (Pohanish) 174.00
Wills Eye Manual: Office and Emergency Room Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease, 5th edition (Ehlers) 79.95
Wills Eye Manual for PDA, 5th edition (Ehlers) 79.95
Wills Eye Review of Ophthalmology (Shah) 99.00
Wimax Handbook: Building 802.16 Wireless Networks (Ohrtman) 64.00
Winbeckler Decorating for the Professional Video: Cake Cartooning 99.95
Winbeckler Decorating for the Professional Video: Cone Figure Cake Decorating 99.95
Winbeckler Decorating for the Professional Video: Lettering and Color Mixing 99.95
Winbeckler Decorating for the Professional • 4-Video Set 299.95
Wind Flow and Vapor Cloud Dispersion at Industrial and Urban Sites (Hanna) 142.50
Winding: Machines, Mechanics and Measurements (Good) 229.00
Windows on the World Complete Wine Course Current Edition (Zraly) 27.95
Window Systems for High-Performance Buildings (Carmody) 50.00
Wine Analysis and Production (Zoecklein) 198.00
Wine, Beer, and Spirits Handbook: A Guie to Styles and Service (LaVilla) 43.00
Wine by Design, 2nd edition (Stanwick) 74.00
Wine Flavour Chemistry (Clarke and Bakker) 228.95
Wine in Art: The Culture of Clos Pegase Video 79.95
Wine Lover's Companion 2nd edition (Herbst) 14.95
Winemaking: From Grape Growing to Marketplace 2nd edition (Vine) 108.00
Winemaking Problems Solved (Butzke) 218.95
Wine Microbiology: Practical Applications and Procedures, 2nd edition (Fugelsang) 108.00
Wine Production—Vine to Bottle (Grainger) 93.95
Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection (Grainger) 88.95
Wine Service for Waitstaff DVD 69.95
Winery Utilities: Planning Design Operation (Storm) 178.00
Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook, 2nd edition (Jackson) 89.95
Winning Workforce: Sexual Harassment DVD 179.00
Wireless and Cellular Telecommunications, 3rd edition (Lee) 98.95
Wireless Information Networks, 2nd edition (Pahlavan) 137.95
Wireless Personal Area Networks: Performance, Interconnections and Security with IEEE 802.15.4 (Misic) 129.00
Wireless Security Handbook (Earle) 78.95
Women and Heart Disease, 2nd edition (Wenger) 308.95
Women's Mental Health: A Clinical Guide for Primary Care Providers (Urbancic) 59.95
Prices subject to change - Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Wood Engineering and Construction Handbook, 3rd edition (Faherty) 93.00
Wood Modification: Chemical Thermal and Other Processes (Hill) 148.00
Wood-Plastic Composites (Klyosov) 179.00
Workers' Comp Manager plus OSHA 300 Recordkeeper CD-ROM 598.00
Working Animals in Agriculture and Transport 59.00
Working Back: A Systems View (Marras) 93.95
Working the Plate: The Art of Food Presentation (Styler) 40.00
Workplace Violence Awareness, Prevention, and Response
(Ready-to-Lead Seminars)
Workplace Violence Video 225.95
World Food: Production and Use (Conklin) 96.00
World Life Sciences Forum: Health for All?—Agriculture and Nutrition—Bioindustry and Environment: Analyses and Recommendations, 3-Volume Set 144.00
World of Clovers CD-ROM (Gillett) 129.95
World of Culinary Supervision, Training, and Management, 4th edition (Chesser) 88.00
World of Resorts: From Development to Management (Gee) 95.95
World Oilseeds (Salunkhe) 178.00
World Restaurants and Bars (Murakami) 79.95
World's Greatest Wine Estates (Parker) 75.00
World Spice Plants: Economic Usage, Botany, Taxonomy (Seidemann) 288.00
World Sugar Market (Gudoshnikov, Jolly, Spence) 268.95
World Trainer Video: Extended Stay Guestroom Cleaning 224.95
World Trainer Video: House Person 224.95
World Trainer Video: Security Awareness 224.95
World Vegetables (Rubatsky) 238.00
Would Your Restaurant Kitchen Pass Inspection? DVD 115.00
Wound Healing (Falabella and Kirsner) 248.95
Wrasse: Biology and Use in Aquaculture (Sayer) 178.95
The Wrist: Diagnosis and Operative Treatment, 2nd edition (Cooney) 398.00
Writer's Reference 5th edition (Hacker) 47.60
Write It Down: Guidance for Preparing Effective and Compliant Documentation, 2nd edition (Gough) 248.95
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