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The AlveoConsistograph Handbook
Second Edition
by Michel Dubois

The AlveoConsistograph Handbook provides an understanding of the technical data generated by the instrument and gives timely application examples.

The AlveoConsistograph Handbook explains the workings of the Chopin Consistograph and provides a deep insight into its coupling with the Chopin Alveograph.

The Alveoconsistograph Handbook will provide every user, all along the cereal chain, with up-to-date information helping them to get the most out of their daily use of this important technology.

Topics covered include:

  • Description of different alveograph types
  • Theory of the alveograph
  • Description of the alveograph procedure
  • Modification of the alveograph procedure
  • Interpretation of the alveograph results
  • Factors influencing the alveograph
  • Alveograph calibration
  • Description of the consistograph
  • Adapted hydration method for the alveograph
  • Troubleshooting

The Alveoconsistograph Handbook will be especially useful for food scientists in the baking industry, quality control laboratories, suppliers of enzymes and additives, breeders, grain scientists involved with grain storage, as well as grain exporters.


The Chopin Alveograph—Constant-Hydration Method

1. The Chopin Alveograph

  • The Instrument
  • The Alveolink Calculator
  • The AlveoExpert Software

2. Theoretical Aspects of Bubble Inflation and New Applications to Dough Rheology

  • Dough Deformation During Alveographic Measurements
  • Basic Rheological Terms and Rheological Behavior of Dough
  • Biaxial Extension in Rheological Studies
  • Pseudoplastic and Strain-Hardening Properties in Biaxial
  • Extension
  • Stress Relaxation in Biaxial Extension
  • Consequences of Dough Compressibility

3. The Alveograph Procedure

  • Preparing the Instrument
  • Preparing the Sample
  • Testing Procedure
  • Evaluating the Alveogram
  • The Alveograph Procedure Using the Alveolink Calculator
  • Appendix: Relaxo-Calculator RCV4 Commands and Functions

4. Modifications of the Alveograph Procedure

  • Alveography with the Micromixer
  • Alveography of Durum Semolina
  • Alveography of Hard Winter Wheat Flour
  • Alveography of Insect-Infested Wheat
  • Use of Alveography in Nonfood Industries

5. Interpretation of the Alveogram

  • Commonly Used Values
  • Alveogram Values and Baking Quality
  • Nonconventional Interpretations of Alveograms
  • Alveography and Structural Relaxation

6. Factors Influencing Alveograms

  • Operating Procedure
  • Constant Water Content Versus Constant Consistency
  • Flour Constituents
  • Baking Ingredients
  • Oxidizing and Reducing Agents
  • Flour Chlorination
  • Grain Irradiation
  • Dough Fermentation

7. Calibration

  • Controlling the True Value
  • Mechanical Calibration of the Alveograph
  • Alveograph Automatic Calibration

Recent Modifications of the Chopin Alveograph

8. The Chopin Consistograph

  • Presentation
  • Principles
  • Test Procedure
  • Main Differences from Other Devices
  • Applications
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting

9. Adapted Hydration: A Modern Way of Understanding Alveographs

  • Overview of 80 Years’ Experience—And Debates 65
  • The Technical Basis of the Debate and Its Development
  • The Constant-Consistency Alveograph Method—How Does It Work?
  • Comparison of Results Obtained on the Same Wheat Using the Constant-Water-Content and Constant-Consistency Techniques

Supplementary Information

10. Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cases


  1. Main Alveograph Parts
  2. Selected References Concerning the Alveograph


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The AlveoConsistograph Handbook
Second Edition
by Michel Dubois

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