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Analytical and Practical Aspects of Drug Testing in Hair
edited by Pascal Kintz

Analytical and Practical Aspects of Drug Testing in Hair provides practical coverage of the best drug testing techniques and examines the drugs themselves.


  • Summarizes the numerous clinical, forensic, workplace, and doping applications of hair analysis
  • Discusses current sensitive analytical techniques that enable the analysis of drugs in unconventional biological specimens
  • Resolves medical questions through discussions of technological applications
  • Presents a variety of mass spectrometric (MS) procedures
  • Supplies ways to detect drug and alcohol abuse through hair analysis
  • Offers a collection of diverse international opinions from contributors who are authorities in their respective fields


Drug Incorporation into Hair

  • Hair Physiology
  • Drug Incorporation Routes
  • Mechanisms of Binding

Passive Exposure, Decontamination Procedures, Cutoffs, and Bias

  • Historical Concerns for Passive Exposure in Hair Analysis
  • Mechanisms for Incorporation of Drugs into Hair
  • Drugs in the Environment
  • Decontamination Procedures
  • Cutoffs and Why They Matter
  • Bias in Hair Testing

Opioids Testing in Hair

  • Opiates

Hair Analysis for Cocaine

  • Analytical Methodologies
  • Quality Control
  • Interpretation of Results

Determination of Cannabinoids in Human Hair

  • Metabolism, Incorporation of Cannabinoids into Hair
  • Analytical Techniques for the Detection of Cannabinoids Decontamination Processes
  • Issues to Be Considered
  • Criteria for Obtaining a Cannabis-Positive Hair-Test Result
  • Controlled Studies: Empirical Data Analysis of a Large Sample of
  • Hair Specimens
  • Reported Concentrations of Cannabinoids in Hair

Amphetamine Determination in Hair

  • Amphetamine Determination

Pharmaceuticals in Hair

Screening Strategies in Hair Analysis on Drugs

  • Immunochemical Screening in Hair Analysis
  • Screening and Confirmation by GC-MS/MS
  • Multianalyte Screening Using LC-MS/MS
  • Crime Cases Solved by Screening Hair Using LC-MS/MS

Clinical Applications of Hair Analysis

  • Hair Analysis in Psychiatric Patients
  • Hair Analysis in Epileptic Management
  • Hair Analysis as Evidence of Prenatal and Postnatal Exposure to
  • Drugs and Tobacco
  • Hair Nicotine as a Marker of Active and Passive Exposure to Tobacco
  • Drug Addiction and Opiate-Maintenance Programs
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Hair in Postmortem Toxicology

  • Methodological Aspects
  • Strategies in Postmortem Work

Detection of Doping Agents in Human Hair

  • Detection of Doping Agents

Applications of Hair in Drug-Facilitated Crime Evidence

  • Analytical Strategy

Application of Hair in Driving-License Regranting

  • Sensitivity of Drug Abuse Detection: Comparison between
  • Urine and Hair Analysis
  • Hair Sampling for Drug Analysis
  • Manipulation of Drug Concentrations in Hair
  • Hair Analysis for Regranting Driver's License
  • Regulations in Other Countries

Alcohol Markers in Hair

  • General Problems in Detection of Chronic Alcohol Abuse
  • Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters (FAEE)
  • Ethylglucuronide (EtG)
  • Combined Use of FAEE and EtG
  • Benzoylecgonine Ethyl Ester (Cocaethylene, BE-Et)

Workplace Drug Testing Using Hair Samples

  • Sample Collection
  • Screening Procedures
  • Sample Preparation: Washing and Extraction Methods
  • Confirmation by Mass Spectrometry
  • Testing Body Hair Samples in Workplace Testing


  • Hair Metal Incorporation
  • Hair Washing Procedure and Sample Preparation
  • Hair Elements Analytical Methods
  • Metal Hair Reference Values
  • Hair Metal Analysis Interpretation
  • Hair Metal Analysis Results
  • Metal Hair Certified Reference Material


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Analytical and Practical Aspects of
Drug Testing in Hair

edited by Pascal Kintz
2006 • 382 pages • $138.95 + shipping
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