Antenna Book from C.H.I.P.S.

from Theory to Practice
by Yi Huang

Antennas discusses the basics of modern antenna design and theory.

Antennas offers practical and hands-on treatment of antenna theory and techniques, and provides readers the skills to analyse, design and measure various antennas.

Key features:

  • Provides thorough coverage on the basics of transmission lines, radio waves and propagation, and antenna analysis and design
  • Discusses industrial standard design software tools, and antenna measurement equipment, facilities and techniques
  • Covers electrically small antennas, mobile antennas, UWB antennas and new materials for antennas
  • Also discusses reconfigurable antennas, RFID antennas, Wide-band and multi-band antennas, radar antennas, and MIMO antennas
  • Design examples of various antennas are provided
  • Written in a practical and concise manner by authors who are experts in antenna design, with experience from both academia and industry


1. A Short History of Antennas
2. Radio Systems and Antennas
3. Necessary Mathematics

  • Complex Numbers
  • Vectors and Vector Operation
  • Coordinates
  • Basics of Electromagnetics
  • Electric Field
  • Magnetic Field
  • Maxwell’s Equations
  • Boundary Conditions

Circuit Concepts and Transmission Lines

1. Circuit Concepts

  • Lumped and Distributed Element Systems

2. Transmission Line Theory

  • Transmission Line Model
  • Solutions and Analysis
  • Terminated Transmission Line

3. The Smith Chart and Impedance Matching

  • The Smith Chart
  • Impedance Matching
  • Quality Factor and Bandwidth
4. Various Transmission Lines

  • Two-wire Transmission Line
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Microstrip Line
  • Stripline
  • Co-planar Waveguide (CPW)
  • Waveguide

5. Connectors

Field Concepts and Radiowaves

1. Wave Equation and Solutions

  • Discussion on Wave Solutions

2. Plane Wave, Intrinsic Impedance and Polarisation

  • Plane Wave and Intrinsic Impedance
  • Polarisation

3. Radiowave Propagation Mechanisms

  • Reflection and Transmission
  • Diffraction and Huygens’ Principle
  • Scattering

4. Radiowave Propagation Characteristics in Media

  • Media Classification and Attenuation

5. Radiowave Propagation Models

  • Free Space Model
  • Two-ray Model/Plane Earth Model
  • Multipath Models

6. Comparison of Circuit Concepts and Field Concepts

  • Skin Depth

Antenna Basics 125

1. Antennas to Radiowaves

  • Near Field and Far Field
  • Antenna Parameters from the Field Point of View

2. Antennas to Transmission Lines

  • Antenna Parameters from the Circuit Point of View

Popular Antennas

1. Wire-Type Antennas

  • Dipoles
  • Monopoles and Image Theory
  • Loops and Duality Principle
  • Helical Antennas
  • Yagi-Uda Antennas
  • Log-periodic Antennas and Frequency Independent Antennas

2. Aperture-Type Antennas

  • Fourier Transform and Radiated Field
  • Horn Antennas
  • Reflector and Lens Antennas
  • Slot Antennas and Babinet’s Principle
  • Microstrip Antennas

3. Antenna arrays

  • Isotropic Linear Arrays
  • Pattern Multiplication Principle
  • Element Mutual Coupling

4. Some Practical Considerations

  • Transmitting and Receiving Antennas: Reciprocity
  • Balun and Impedance Matching
  • Antenna Polarisation
  • Radomes, Housings and Supporting Structures

Computer Aided Antenna Design and Analysis

1. Computational Electromagnetics for Antennas

  • Method of Moments (MoM
  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Method
  • Transmission Line Modelling (TLM) Method
  • Comparison of Numerical Methods
  • High Frequency Methods

2. Examples of Computer Aided Design and Analysis

  • Wire-type Antenna Design and Analysis
  • General Antenna Design and Analysis

Antenna Manufacturing and Measurements 1. Antenna Manufacturing

  • Conducting Materials
  • Dielectric Materials
  • New Materials for Antennas

2. Antenna Measurement Basics

  • Scattering Parameters
  • Network Analysers

3. Impedance, S11, VSWR, and Return Loss
4. Radiation Pattern Measurements

  • Open Area Test Sites (OATS).
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Compact Antenna Test Ranges (CATR)
  • Planar and Cylindrical Near Field Chambers
  • Spherical Near Field Chambers

5. Gain Measurements

  • Comparison with a Standard-gain Horn
  • Two-antenna Measurement
  • Three-antenna Measurement

6. Miscellaneous Topics

  • Efficiency Measurements
  • Reverberation Chambers
  • Impedance De-embedding Techniques
  • Probe Array in Near Field Systems

Special Topics

1. Electrically Small Antennas

  • The Basics and Impedance Bandwidth
  • Antenna size reduction techniques

2. Mobile Antennas, Antenna Diversity and Human Body Effects

  • Mobile Antennas
  • Antenna Diversity
  • User Interaction

3. Multi-band and Ultra Wideband Antennas

  • Multi-band Antennas
  • Wideband Antennas

4. RFID Antennas

  • Near Field Systems
  • Far Field Systems

5. Reconfigurable Antennas

  • Switch and Variable Component Technologies
  • Resonant Mode Switching/Tuning
  • Feed Network Switching/tuning
  • Mechanical Reconfiguration


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from Theory to Practice
by Yi Huang

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