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Antimicrobial Growth Promoters
Where Do We Go From Here?
edited by D. Barug

Antimicrobial Growth Promoters gives attention to the current status and rational design of developments and strategies for animal feeding without the inclusion of antimicrobial growth promoters (AGPs).


  1. Current use of antimicrobial growth promoters in food animals: the benefits
  2. Use of antimicrobial growth promoters in food animals: the risks outweigh the benefits
  3. Antimicrobial growth promoters: consumer concerns and demands
  4. Phasing out antibiotic feed additives in the EU: worldwide relevance for animal food production
  5. Non-human usage of antimicrobials: recent developments at FAO/WHO/OIE
  6. Risk analysis applied to antimicrobial resistance: the OIE approach
  7. Potential human health impacts of banning antibiotics used in food animals: a case study of virginiamycin
  8. Terminated use of antimicrobial growth promoters in pig production in Denmark: effects on pig welfare and productivity
  9. Termination of AGP use and effect on subsequent production of broiler chickens in Sweden and Denmark during a 25-year period
  10. Molecular basis for AGP effects in poultry
  11. Rational development of novel microbial modulators
  12. Use of in vitro models of the gastrointestinal tract (TIM systems and bioassays) for studying replacements for AGPs
  13. An overview of hte Feedstuffs-RADIUS project: rapid detection of banned antibiotics in animal feeds
  14. Towards a control strategy for banned antibiotics and growth promoters in feed: the SIMBAG-FEED project
  15. Novel approaches for the determination of probiotics in feed in the context of offical control
  16. Pitfalls and challenges for the offical control of enzymes in feed
  17. New authorisation of feed additives in the EU: the role of the Community Reference Laboratory and the network of National Reference Laboratories
  18. The role of enzymes and betaine in antibiotic growth promoter free nutrition
  19. Interfacing gut health and nutrition: the use of dietary pre- and probbiotics to maximise growth performance in pigs and poultry
  20. Acidification of diets as an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters
  21. Are herbs, botanicals, and other related substances adequate replacements for antimicrobial growth promoters?
  22. Bascteriophage: a safe and natural alternative to AGPs
  23. Intestinal genomics for the evaluation of alternatives to AGPs: current situation and perspectives
  24. Nutrition: immunomodulation towards Th1 or Th2 responses
  25. Setting and meeting standards for the efficient replacement of pronutrient antibiotics in poultry and pig nutrition
  26. Appropriate use of antimicrobial growth promoters: oxymoron of opportunity?


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Antimicrobial Growth Promoters
Where Do We Go From Here?
edited by D. Barug

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