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Apoptosis and Cancer Therapy
Two Volume Set
edited by Klaus-Michael Debatin

Apoptosis and Cancer Therapy covers such topics as mitochondria, effector systems, the Bcl-2 family, IAPs, survival pathways, tumor suppressor genes, modulators, lysosomes and phagocytosis.


  • Analyzes apoptosis in cancer and cancer therapy, with a detailed look at model systems, molecular diagnosis, cellular stress, DNA damage and repair, molecular targets and therapeutic aspects
  • Focuses on recent developments in cancer therapy
  • Aimed at oncologists, molecular and cell biologists, biochemists, and those working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries


Volume 1

Death Receptor

  • The Role of CD95/CD95 Ligand Signaling in Apoptosis and Cancer
  • The TRAIL Receptor-Ligand System: Biochemistry of Apoptosis Induction, Therapeutic Potential for Cancer Treatment and Physiological Function
  • Mechanisms of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Induced Cell Death
  • Cellular FLICE-inhibitory Protein: An Update
  • Dependence Receptors and Apoptosis


  • Role of Mitochondrial Proteins in Apoptosis
  • Omi/HtrA2: A Mitochondrial Serine Protease Regulating Cellular Life and Death
  • Apoptosis-inducing Factor

Effector Systems

  • Caspases: Agents of Defense and Destruction
  • The Role of the Apoptosome in Apoptosis and Cancer Therapy

BCL-2 Family

  • The Role of the Bcl-2 Protein Family in Tumorigenesis and Cancer Therapy
  • Bax, Bak and Bid: Key Mediators of Apoptosis
  • The BH3-only Proteins Puma and Noxa: Two Brothers in Arms


  • Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins
  • Targeting the Survivin Pathway for Rational Cancer Therapy

Survival Pathways

  • Nuclear Factor-kB in Apoptosis and Tumorigenesis
  • Cell Survival Signaling through Phosphoinositide 3-kinase and Protein Kinase B
  • Survival Regulation by Ras and Raf

Oncogenes/Tumor Suppressor Genes

  • p53-mediated Apoptosis: A Multifaceted Story
  • p73 Affects Cell Fate and Tumorigenesis
  • RB and Cancer


  • Calcium Signaling in Apoptosis

Lysosomes and Nonapoptotic Pathways

  • Lysosomes and Nonapoptotic Pathways


  • The Role of "Eat Me", "Don't Eat Me" and "Find Me" Signals for the Efficient Removal of Apoptotic Cells
  • Apoptotic Cell Clearance by Macrophages: Relevance to Tumor Pathogenesis

Volume 2

Model Systems

  • Mouse Models in Cancer Research

Molecular Diagnosis

  • Molecular Imaging in Cancer
  • Microarray-based Expresson Profiling: From Technological Basics to Diagnostic Perspectives

Cellular Stress, DNA Damage and Repair

  • Life and Death Decisions in Response to Stress
  • Hypoxia in Cancer
  • Apoptosis Induced by DNA-damaging Agents
  • DNA Repair

Molecular Targets and Therapeutics

  • Therapeutic Modulation of Apoptosis in Cancer Therapy
  • Current Therapeutic Strategies Targetging Caspases in Disease
  • Cancer Therapy by Reactivation of the p53 Apoptosis Pathway
  • Small-molecule Inhibitors of the Apoptosis Proteins
  • Inhibition of the Molecular Chaperone Heat Shock Protein 90 in Cancer: Consequences for the Regulation of Survival Signaling and Induction of Cell Death
  • Targeting the Phosphoinositide-3-kinase/Akt/Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Pathway
  • Cermide Signaling in Apoptosis and Cancer Therapy
  • Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Development as Anticancer Agents
  • Exploiting Apoptosis Pathways for Glioblastoma Therapy
  • Radiation Therapy and Apoptosis
  • Tumor Angiogenesis


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Apoptosis and Cancer Therapy
Two Volume Set
edited by Klaus-Michael Debatin

2006 • 1160 pages • $684.00 + shipping
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