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The Appliance of Pig Science
edited by Jayne Thompson

The Appliance of Pig Science discusses how the industry, as a whole, can close the loop and meet the needs of today's researcher, processor, producer and consumer.

The Appliance of Pig Science provides the need and willingness for better and more effective communication and collaboration between all sectors of the pig industry is gathering strength—from those who can harness and benefit from it in practice.

Science into Practice

  1. Science and Knowledge Transfer—What the British Pig Industry Needs
  2. Theories, Successes and Lessons
  3. Funding and Facilitation- Defra's Pig Science and Technology Transfer Program

Who Matters? The Changing Market

  1. The Multiple Retailers
  2. A Direct Marketers View
  3. A British Point of View

A Return to Competitiveness

  1. Where Are the Gaps?
  2. Can Genetics Deliver?
  3. Regaining a High Heath Status: Can It Be Done?
  4. The American Dream: A Quest for High Health
  5. Light at the End of the Tunnel
  6. Precision Pig Management- Resolving Conflicts by Integrated Solutions
  7. The Production of More Fast-Growing Heavy Pigs Every Year

Dealing with the Inevitable

  1. Emerging Feed Legislation and Related Issues
  2. Current Development in Pig Welfare
  3. Environmental Sustainability- Legislation, Policy Drivers and Perks
  4. Salmonella and Food Safety- Why it Matters for the British Pig Industry

Innovation and Inspiration

  1. Biotechnology- Opportunities for Europe
  2. Autofom- A New and Improved Technology for the UK Pig Industry

Workshop and Poster Session

  1. Effect of Formi Within a Salmonella Control Program for Finisher Pigs
  2. The Effect of Floor Type on Ammonia Emission, Welfare, Health and Behavior of Growing Pigs
  3. Longitudinal Study of Adverse Behavior of Undocked Pigs in Two Different Housing Systems
  4. Non-invasive Endocrine Assessments in the Domestic Sow: Towards an Automated Reproductive Monitoring System for Pig Production
  5. The Effect of Feeding a High Fibre Diet from Mid-Lactation Until Breeding on Subsequent Litter Size of Sows
  6. The Effect of Docosahexaenoic Acid Supplementation of the Maternal Diet on the Performance and Behavior of Piglets
  7. Effect of Neutraceutical Supplementation on the Growth Performance and Antioxidant Activity in Liver and Plasma of Weaned Piglets
  8. Effect of Formi, Feed Structure and Feed Processing on the Gut Health of Pigs


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The Appliance of Pig Science
edited by Jayne Thompson
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