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The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice
Fourteenth edition
by The American Institute of Architects
edited by Joseph A. Demkin

The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice is a definitive guide to architectural practice.

Included with the book are 2 CDs, one containing the text of the book, the other containing AIA contract documents.


  • In-depth new material on sustainable design, manageing multiple offices, lifelong learning, mentoring, and team building
  • Major revised content on programming, project management, construction contract administration, risk management, and ethics
  • Coverage of small firm considerations as well as emerging issues such as integrated practice and integrated project delivery
  • Useful appendices with lists of related organizations, copies of the 2007 A201 general conditions and B101 owner-architect agreement, and a useful expanded glossary


Part 1: The Profession

  1. Professional Life
    • Ethics and Professional Conduct
    • AIA Code of Ethics
    • Participating in Professional Organizations
    • Public Service and Community Outreach
    • The Architect in the Political Process
    • Participating in Architecture Education

  2. Legal Dimensions of Practice
    • Architects and the Law
    • Copyright Law for Architects
    • The Architect as Expert Witness
    • Regulation of Professional Practice
    • Mandatory Continuing Education

  3. Professional Development
    • Lifelong Learning
    • Mentoring

Part 2: The Firm

  1. Firm Development.
    • Starting an Architecture Firm
    • Firm Legal Structure
    • Strategic Planning for the Design Firm
    • Firm Identity and Expertise
    • Establishing a Niche Practice
    • Team Building
    • Firm Peer Review
    • Alliances
    • Practicing in a Global Market
    • Ownership Transition

  2. Marketing and Public Relations
    • Marketing Planning and Strategy
    • Seeking the Project
    • Proposal Development
    • The Project Interview
    • Public Relations

  3. Client Relations
    • How Clients Select Architects
    • Communicating with Clients
    • Building Client Relationships

  4. Human Resources
    • The Human Resources Function
    • Legal Requirements of Employers
    • Recruiting and Hiring
    • Staffing Alternatives
    • New Employee Orientation
    • Developing and Using Job Descriptions
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Staff Development and Retention
    • Developing Leadership Skills
    • Resignation, Termination, and Staff Reduction

  5. Financial Management
    • Financial Planning
    • Financial Management Systems
    • Computerized Financial Systems
    • Maintaining Financial Health
    • Acquiring Capital

  6. Risk Management
    • Risk Management Strategies
    • Risk Assessment Matrixes
    • Insurance Coverage
    • Dispute Avoidance
    • Dispute Resolution Methods

  7. Firm Operations
    • Office Administration
    • Computer Technology in Practice
    • Information Management
    • Developing and Managing Multiple Offices
    • Retaining and Archiving Records

Part 3: The Project

  1. Project Definition.
    • Defining Project Services
    • Compensation for Services
    • Negotiating Agreement
    • Project Delivery Methods
    • Construction Management
    • Design-Build

  2. Project Delivery
    • Programming
    • Design Phases
    • Construction Documentation
    • U.S. National CAD Standard
    • Construction Procurement
    • Construction Contract Administration
    • Project Closeouts
    • Sustainable Design
    • Environmentally Preferable Product Selection
    • Research Methods for Architects
    • Digital Architectural Survey Technologies
    • Value Analysis
    • Life-Cycle Costing

  3. Project Management
    • The Effective Project Manager
    • Managing Architectural Projects
    • Project Controls
    • Project Scheduling
    • Managing Fast-Track Projects
    • Construction Cost Management

  4. Quality Management
    • Quality Management in Practice
    • Maintaining Design Quality

  5. Building Codes and Regulations
    • Community Planning Controls
    • Building Codes and Standards
    • The International Building Code

Part 4: Contracts and Agareements

  1. Types of Agreements
    • Agreements with Owners
    • Owner Generated Agreements
    • Project Design Team Agreements
    • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Construction Contracts

  2. AIA Documents
    • The AIA Documents Program
    • AIA Documents Finder


  • Professional and Allied Organizations
  • State Registration Boards
  • Schools of Architecture
  • AIA Documents A201-2007 & B101-2007
  • Glossary


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The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice
Fourteenth edition
by The American Institute of Architects
edited by Joseph A. Demkin

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