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Arthritis Research
Methods and Protocols
Volume 1
edited by Andrew P. Cope

Arthritis Research is a compendium of data pertinent ot the methods and protocols that have contributed to recent advances in molecular medicine in general, and to the molecular basis of rheumatic disease in particular.

Arthritis Research, Volume 1 discusses:

  • synovial joint morphology
  • histopathology
  • immunohistochemistry
  • cartilage matrix and bone biology
  • cell trafficking
  • migration and invasion


Synovial Joint Morphology, Histopathology, and Immunohistochemistry

  1. Imaging Inflamed Synovial Joints
  2. Arthroscopy as a Research Tool: A Review
  3. Immunohistochemistry fo the Inflamed Synovium
  4. In Situ Hybridization of Synovial Tissue
  5. Subtractive Hybridization
  6. Laser Capture as a Tool for Anaylsis of Gene Expression in Inflamed Synovium
  7. Preparation of Mononuclear Cells from Synovial Tissue
  8. Quantitative Image Analysis of Synovial Tissue

Cartilage Matrix and Bone Biology

  1. Cartilage Histomorphometry
  2. Image Analysis of Aggrecan Degradation in Articular Cartilage with Formalin-Fixed Samples
  3. In Situ Detection of Cell Death in Articular Cartilage
  4. Measurement of Glycosaminoglycan Release from Cartilage Explants
  5. Assessment of Collagenase Activity in Cartilage
  6. Assessment of Gelatinase Expression and Activity in Articular Cartilage
  7. Anaysis of MT1-MMP Activity in Cells
  8. Analysis of TIMP Expression and Activity
  9. Bone Histomorphology in Arthritis Models
  10. Generation of Osteoclasts in Vitro, and Assay of Osteoclast Activity

Cell Trafficking, Migration, and Invasion

  1. Isolaton and Analysis of Large and Small Vessel Endothelial Cells
  2. Analysis of Flow-based Adhesion In Vitro
  3. Analysis of Leukocyte Recruitment in Synovial Microcirculation by Intravital Microscopy
  4. Angiogenesis in Arthritis: Methodological and Analytical Details
  5. Analysis of Inflammatory Leukocyte and Endothelial Chemotactic Activity
  6. Acquisition, Culture, and Phenotyping of Synovial Fibroblasts
  7. Genotyping of Synovial Fibroblasts: cDNA Array in Combination with RAP-PCR in Arthritis
  8. Gene Transfer to Synovial Fibroblast: Methods and Evaluation in the SCID Mouse Model
  9. In Vitro Matrigel Fibroblast Invasion Assay
  10. Culture and Analysis of Circulating Fibrocytes


Arthritis Research: Methods and Protocols Vol. 1 accompanies
Arthritis Research: Methods and Protocols Vol. 2

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Arthritis Research
Methods and Protocols
Volume 1
edited by Andrew P. Cope

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