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Asian Functional Foods
by John Shi

Features of Asian Functional Foods:

  • covers all elements of traditional Asian functional foods
  • emphasizes the physical and psychological properties of specific Asian functional foods
  • discusses processing technology, shelf life, and storage stability
  • includes numerous figures, tables, and a bibliography

Asian Functional Foods covers the biochemistry, nutrition, physiology, and food technology for a wide range of traditional Asian foods.

The book begins with an introduction to the source, history, functionality, and chemical, physical, and physiological properties of foods, followed by the health benefits, mechanisms of antioxidant action, anticancer and antiaging properties, and clinical and epidemiological evidence. Chapters detail processing technology and systems, equipment, preparation, and quality control, as well as storage, industrial, marketing and economical aspects.

Asian Functional Foods provides an examination of the scientific and social issues impacting the development of these foods. A solid understanding of these functional foods will help food scientists take advantage of them to better maintain and promote health.


  1. Functional Foods and Their Impact on Nutrition and Health: opportunities in the Asia Pacific
  2. Asian herbal Products; The Basis for Devleopment of High-Quality Dietary Supplements and New Medicines
  3. Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Quality Control of Selected Popular Asian herbs in the U.S. Market
  4. Health-Related Fat Replacers Prepared from Grain for Improving Functional and Nutritive Values of Asian Foods
  5. Antiaging Properties of Asian Functional Foods: A Historical Topic Closely Linked to Longevity
  6. A New Treatment and Prevention Strategy for Human Papillomaviruses
  7. Traditional Functional Foods in Korea
  8. Evolution of Korean Dietary Culture and Health Food Concepts
  9. Asian Fish Sauce as a Source of Nutrition
  10. Nutraceuticals from Seafood and Seafood By-Products
  11. Functional Foods from Meat Animals
  12. Functional Foods from Fruit and Fruit Products
  13. Functional Foods from Fermented Vegetable Products: Kimchi (Korean Fermented Vegetables) and Functionality
  14. Antioxidative Function of Seeds and Nuts and Their Traditional Oils in the Orient
  15. Antioxidants and Other Functional Extracts from Sugarcane
  16. Functional Foods from Garlic and Onion
  17. Functional Foods from Date Fruits
  18. Functional Foods and Products from Japanese Green Tea
  19. Miso as a Functional Food
  20. Fermented Soybean Products as Functional Foods: Functional Properties of Doenjang (Fermented Soybean Paste)
  21. Conventional and Emerging Food Processing Technologies for Asian Functional Food Production


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Asian Functional Foods
by John Shi
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