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Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease
Second Edition
by Valentin Fuster

Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease provides comprehensive coverage of current approaches to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of atherothrombosis and its coronary and noncoronary complications. This edition has been thoroughly updated, sharply focused on clinical information, and trimmed to one manageable volume.

Coverage begins with a review of risk factors and prevention, emphasising lipid abnormalities, hypertension, smoking, diabetes, and obesity. Subsequent sections examine the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, markers and imaging, acute coronary syndromes, chronic stable angina, and noncoronary atherothrombosis. Clinical presentations, medical management, and the latest interventional strategies are included. Features:

  • Includes coverage of risk factors and prevention; emphasizing lipid abnormalities, hypertension, smoking, diabetes and obesity
  • Examines the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, markers and imaging, acute coronary syndromes, chronic stable angina and noncoronary atherothrombosis
  • Includes clinical presentations, medical management and the latest interventional strategies

New to this second edition:

  • More clinically oriented
  • Trimmed to one manageable volume
  • Includes only the basic science that is clinically relevant

Partial Contents

  1. A Historical Perspective on Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease
  2. Incidence, Prevalence, and Mortality of Coronary Artery Disease

Major Risk Factors and Primary Prevention

  1. Overview

Lipid Abnormalities

  1. Lipids, Nutrition, and Coronary Heart Disease
  2. Genetic Dyslipoproteinemias - H. Brian Brewer, Jr. and Silvia Santamarian
  3. Structure and Function of the Plasma Lipoproteins and Their Receptors
  4. Plasma High Density Lipoproteins and Atherogenesis
  5. Oxidized Lipoproteins and Atherosclerosis
  6. Lipoprotein
  7. Clinical Classifications
  8. Management and ATP III Guidelines
  9. Impact of Management in Stabilization and Decrease in Cardiovascular Events

Hypertension, Cigarette Smoking, Diabetes, Obesity and Others

  1. Genetics and Mechanisms of Hypertension
  2. Renin Angiotensin System and Atherothrombotic Vascular Disease
  3. Clinical Classifications of Hypertension
  4. Management of Hypertension
  5. Hypertensive Heart Disease
  6. Cigarette Smoking and Atherothrombosis
  7. Diabetes, Obesity, and the Metabolic Syndrome
  8. Hormonal Replacement: Pros and Cons
  9. Vitamins: Pros and Cons

Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis

General Principles

  1. Developmental Biology of the Vasculature
  2. Vasculogenesis
  3. Embryogenesis of the Vascular System
  4. Mouse Models of Lipoprotein and Atherothrombosis
  5. Genetics of Atherothrombotic Disease

The Normal Artery

  1. Vascular Endothelium
  2. Role of Alterations in the Differentiated State of Smooth Muscle Cell in Atherothrombogenesis
  3. The Vascular Extracellular Matrix

The Lesions of Atherothrombosis

  1. The Histologic Classification of Atherosclerotic Lesions
  2. Pathogenesis of Atherothrombosis
  3. Atherothrombosis in Youth
  4. Coronary Thrombosis—Local and Systemic Factors

Remaining sections:

Markers and Evolving Imaging of Atherothrombotic Disease
Acute Coronary Syndromes
Chronic Stable Angina
Noncoronary Atherothrombosis

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Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease
Second Edition
by Valentin Fuster

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