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Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources
Isolation, Characterisation and Biological Properties
edited by Corrado Tringali


  • Provides an overview of modern methodology in the search for bioactive compounds from natural sources
  • Explores research on bioactive natural products with emphasis on the biological properties of the compounds cited
  • Includes extensive coverage of marine metabolites, their applications in the pharmaceutical industry, and their role in understanding the chemical ecology of marine habitats
  • Encourages a disciplinary approach to the study of bioactive secondary metabolites among pharmacologists, biologists, botanists, agronomists

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources: Isolation, Characterization, and Biological Properties covers general methods and main topics in the research field of bioactive natural products. The book describes general screening methods, modern HPLC hyphenated techniques, and NMR methods in the structural elucidation of compounds and devotes individual chapters to specific topics of research. Surveys on compounds displaying important pharmacological activities are presented in chapters devoted to Mexican medicinal plants, anti-tumor drugs of natural origin, cancer chemopreventive flavonoids, and metabolites displaying anti-HIV, antioxidative, antimalarial, and anti-inflammatory activity. The final chapters are devoted to representative examples of research into marine metabolites: immunomodulating marine glycolipids and surveys of bioactive compounds from marine opisthobranchs and Japanese soft corals.

With its focus on modern approaches to the isolation of biologically active natural products, this book encourages interdisciplinary work among chemists, pharmacologists, biologists, botanists, and agronomists with an interest in bioactive natural products.


  1. Biological Screening Methods in the Search for Pharmacologically Active Natural Products
  2. Applications of Liquid Chromatography/UV/MS and Liquid Chromatography/NMR for the On-line Identification of Plant Metabolites
  3. Applications of Modern NMR Techniques in the Structural Elucidation of Bioactive Natural Products
  4. Bioactive Secondary Metabolites From Selected Mexican Medicinal Plants: Recent Progress
  5. Flavonoids as Cancer Chemopreventive Agents
  6. Anti-tumor Drugs from the Secondary Metabolites of Higher Plants
  7. Bioactive Taxoid Production from Natural Sources
  8. Anti-HIV Aromatic Compounds from Higher Plants
  9. Antioxidative Plant Constituents
  10. Antimalarial Natural Products
  11. Search for Natural Products with Effect on Cyclooxygenase-2
  12. Phytotoxins From Fungi Pathogenic for Agrarian, Forestall and Weedy Plants
  13. Limonoids From Meliaceae and their Biological Activities
  14. Glycolipids with Immunomodulating Activity From Marine Sponges
  15. Metabolites of Marine Opistobranchs: Chemistry and Biological Activity
  16. Bioactive Diterpenoids From Japanese Soft Corals


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Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources
Isolation, Characterisation and Biological Properties
edited by Corrado Tringali

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