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Biological Control of Crop Diseases
edited by Samuel S. Gnanamanickam

This innovative reference combines theory with current global practices involved in the biological control of diseases in 12 major crops—highlighting the day-to-day challenges of organic crop management for cost-effective real-world application.

Considers the use of host plant resistance through transgenics and induced systemic resistance as a part of biological control.

Biological Control of Crop Diseases

  • depicts the role of biocontrol agents for signaling resistance
  • evaluates the governing principles, comprehensive testing, and formulation involved in integrated disease management
  • identifies effective, ecofriendly alternatives to combat bacterial, fungal, and viral infestation
  • presents transgenic crops in disease management with rice as the case study
  • analyzes biocontrol agents in integrated pest management (IPM) initiatives to keep pest levels below the economic damage threshold

Containing over 1800 citations and contributions by more than 30 internationally renowned experts, Biological Control of Crop Diseases is an essential reference for microbiologists; mycologists; organic chemists and biochemists; environmental, agricultural, soil, and crop scientists; agronomists; plant nutritionists, pathologists, physiologists, and virologists; horticulturists; botanists; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


  1. Principles of Biological Control
  2. Biological Control of Rice Diseases
  3. Transgenic Plants for the Management of Plant Diseases: Rice, a Case Study
  4. Biological Control of Wheat Diseases
  5. Biological Control of Cotton Diseases
  6. Biological Control of Tobacco Diseases
  7. Biological Control of Peanut Diseases
  8. Biological Control of Sugarcane Diseases
  9. Biological Control of Potato Pathogens
  10. Biological Control of Soybean Diseases
  11. Biological Control of Tomato Diseases
  12. Biological Disease Control in the Production of Apple
  13. Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases of Citrus Fruits
  14. Biological Control of Turfgrass Diseases
  15. Implementation of Biological Control of Plant Diseases in Integrated Pest-Management Systems
  16. Biocontrol Agents in Signaling Resistance
  17. Comprehensive Testing of Biocontrol Agents
  18. Formulation of Biological Control Agents for Pest and Disease Management
  19. Future Trends in Biocontrol


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Biological Control of Crop Diseases
edited by Samuel S. Gnanamanickam
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