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Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems
edited by Norman Uphoff

Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems provides the scientific basis for low external-input agriculture. Soil health is treated in a holistic manner involving attention to the physics, chemistry, and microbiology of soil systems.


  • Integrates soil system analysis with the strategies and methods for creating sustainable soil systems
  • Compiles the work of more than 100 international authorities representing a broad spectrum of disciplines
  • Explores soil systems in the tropics, temperate zones, and arid and semi-arid conditions
  • Relates the subject to wider social and economic issues



  • Understanding the Functioning and Management of Soil Systems
  • Soil System Management in the Humid and Subhumid Tropics
  • Soil System Management in Temperate Regions
  • Soil System Management under Arid and Semi-Arid Conditions

Soil Agents and Processes

  • The Soil Habitat and Soil Ecology
  • Energy Inputs in Soil Systems
  • The Rhizosphere: Contributions of the Soil - Root Interface to Sustainable Soil Systems
  • The Natural Rhizobium - Cereal Crop Association as an Example of Plant - Bacteria Interaction
  • The Roles of Arbuscular Mycorrihizas in Plant and Soil Health
  • Moving Up within the Food Web: Protozoa and Nematodes
  • Soil Fauna Impacts on Soil Physical Properties
  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Agroecosystems and in Plant Roots
  • Enhancing Phosphorus Availability in Low-Fertility Soils
  • Phytohormones: Microbial Production and Applications
  • Crop Genetic Responses to Management: Evidence of Root - Shoot Communication
  • Allelopathy and Its Influence in Soil Systems
  • Animals as Part of Soil Systems

Strategies and Methods

  • Integrated Soil Fertility Management in Africa: From Knowledge to Implementation
  • Managing Soil Fertility and Nutrient Cycles through Fertilizer Trees in Southern Africa
  • Biological Soil Fertility Management for Tree-Crop Agroforestry
  • Restoring Productivity to Degraded Pasture Lands in the Amazon through Agroforestry Practices
  • Direct-Seeded Tropical Soil Systems with Permanent Soil Cover: Learning from Brazilian Experience
  • Restoration of Acid Soil Systems through Agroecological Management
  • Conservation Agriculture and Its Applications in South Asia
  • Managing Soil Fertility on Small Family Farms in African Drylands
  • Restoring Soil Fertility in Semi-Arid West Africa: Assessment of an Indigenous Technology
  • Leguminous Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Sustainable Tropical Agroecosystems
  • Soil Biological Contributions to the System of Rice Intensification
  • Contributions of Managed Fallows to Soil Fertility Recovery
  • Green Manure/Cover Crops for Recuperating Soils and Maintaining Soil Fertility in the Tropics
  • Compost and Vermicompost as Amendments Promoting Soil Health
  • Practical Applications of Bacterial Biofertilizers and Biostimulators
  • Inoculation and Management of Mycorrhizal Fungi within Tropical Agroecosystems
  • Trichoderma: An Ally in the Quest for Soil System Sustainability
  • Evaluation of Crop Production Systems Based on Locally Available Biological Inputs
  • Bio-Char Soil Management on Highly Weathered Soils in the Humid Tropics
  • Improving Phosphorus Fertility in Tropical Soils through Biological Interventions
  • Profile Modification as a Means of Soil Improvement: Promoting Root Health through Deep Tillage
  • Rhizosphere Management as Part of Intercropping and Rice-Wheat Rotation Systems
  • Managing Polycropping to Enhance Soil System Productivity: A Case Study from Africa

Related Issues

  • Effects of Soil and Plant Management on Crop Pests and Diseases
  • Revegetating Inert Soils with the Use of Microbes
  • Impacts of Climate on Soil Systems and of Soil Systems on Climate
  • Economic and Policy Contexts for the Biological Management of Soil Fertility
  • Village-Level Production and Use of Biocontrol Agents and Biofertilizers
  • Measuring and Assessing Soil Biological Properties
  • Approaches to Monitoring Soil Systems
  • Modeling Possibilities for the Assessment of Soil Systems
  • Opportunities for Overcoming Productivity Constraints with Biologically-Based Approaches
  • Issues for More Sustainable Soil System Management


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    Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems
    edited by Norman Uphoff
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