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Biotechnology for Improved Foods and Flavors
edited by Gary R. Takeoka

Highlights the impact of biotechnology on the food industry and discusses strategies for producing new and improved raw materials. Details the latest analytical methodology for characterizing products generated by biotechnology. Describes the generation of flavors from precursors via enzymes and microorganisms. Discusses the construction of chimeric enzymes with improved properties. Reviews the effect of new plant crop regulators on crop yield and quality.

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  • Food and Agricultural Biotechnology: An Overview, D.D. Jones and A.L. Young
  • The Potential Impact of Biotechnology in the Food Industry: An Overview, J.W. Finley and S. Scheinbach
  • The Usefulness of Transglutaminase for Food Processing, C. Kuraishi, J. Sakamoto, and T. Soeda
  • Biotechnology of Astaxanthin Production in Phaffia rhodozyma, E.A. Johnson and W.A. Schroeder
  • Antimicrobial, Insecticidal, and Medicinal Properties of Natural Product Flavors and Fragrances, H.G. Cutler, R.A. Hill, B.G. Ward, B.H. Rohitha, and A. Stewart
  • Characteristic Odorants of Wasabi (Wasabia japonica matum), Japanese Horseradish, in Comparison with Those of Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana), H. Masuda, Y. Harada, K. Tanaka, M. Nakajima, and H. Tabeta
  • Creation of Transgenic Citrus Free from Limonin Bitterness, S. Hasegawa, C. Suhayda, M. Omura, and M. Berhow
  • Effect of Amide Content on Thermal Generation of Maillard Flavor in Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Q. Chen and C.-T. Ho
  • Production of Volatile Compounds in Suspension Cell Cultures of Coriandrum satibrum L. and Levisticum officinales, H.-F. Hsu and J.-S. Yang
  • In Vitro Tailoring of Tomatoes To Meet Process and Fresh-Market Standards, M.L. Weaver, H. Timm, and J.K. Lassegues
  • Generation of Flavors by Microorganisms and Enzymes: An Overview, K.-H. Engel and I. Roling
  • Sensory Analysis and Quantitative Determination of Grape Glycosides: The Contribution of These Data To Winemaking and Viticulture, P.J. Williams and I.L. Francis
  • Chimeric b-Glucosidases with Increased Heat Stability, K. Hayashi, A. Singh, C. Aoyagi, A. Nakatani, K. Tokuyasu, and Y. Kashiwagi
  • Biogeneration of Volatile Compounds via Oxylipins in Edible Seaweeds, T. Kajiwara, K.Matsui, and Y. Akakabe
  • Elimination of Bitterness of Bitter Peptides by Squid Liver Carboxypeptidase, C. Kawabata, T. Komai, and S. Gocho
  • Microbial Transformation of Monoterpenes: Flavor and Biological Activity, H. Nishimura and Y. Noma
  • Microbial Oxidation of Alcohols by Candida boidinii: Selective Oxidation, M. Nozaki, N. Suzuki, and Y. Washizu
  • Alcohol Acetyl Transferase Genes and Ester Formation in Brewer's Yeast, Y. Tamai
  • Plant Biochemical Regulators and Agricultural Crops, H. Yokoyama and H. Gausman
  • Analytical Methodology in Biotechnology: An Overview, G.R. Takeoka, A. Kobayashi, and R. Teranishi
  • Existence of Different Origins for Methoxypyrazines of Grapes and Wines, M.S. Allen, M.J. Lacey and S.J. Boyd
  • Development of Flavor Attributes in the Fruit of C. melo During Ripening and Storage, S.G. Wyllie, D.N. Leach, and Y. Wang
  • Methods for Isolating Food and Plant Volatiles, R.G. Buttery and L.C. Ling
  • Modern Biotechnology in Plant Breeding: Analysis of Glycoalkaloids in Transgenic Potatoes, K.-H. Engel, W.K. Blaas, B. Gabriel, and M. Beckman
  • Application of Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Flavor Precursors, M. Herderich, R. Roscher, and P. Schreier
  • Application of New Microwave Reactors for Food and Flavor Research, C.R. Strauss and R.W. Trainor
  • Characterization of Citrus Aroma Quality by Odor Threshold Values, H. Tamura, Y. Fukuda, and A. Padrayuttawat
  • Carotenoid-Derived Aroma Compounds: Biogenetic and Biotechnological Aspects, P. Winterhalter
  • Biotechnology and the Development of Functional Foods: New Opportunities, A.L. Young and D.D. Jones

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    Biotechnology for Improved Foods and Flavors
    edited by Gary R. Takeoka
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