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Blueprints Clinical Cases
Second Edition
by Kevin Sheth

Blueprints Clinical Cases in Neurology, Second Edition offers third- and fourth-year medical students valuable preparation for clerkships and the USMLE Steps 2 and 3.

The book features 60 clinical cases, 10 new to this edition and 50 revised and updated from the first edition. Each case consists of a clinical vignette followed by thought questions and discussion, and ends with a question-and-answer review and a listing of suggested additional reading. A question-and-answer section at the end of the book contains 100 USMLE-format multiple-choice questions and detailed answer explanations.


Patients Who Present with a Seizure

  1. Seizure
  2. New Onset Seizure in Adulthood
  3. Prolonged Seizures
  4. New Onset Seizure and Fever
  5. Seizure in a 43-Year-Old Woman
  6. Seizures in an 8-Year-Old Girl

Patients Who Present with Involuntary Movements

  1. Tremor in Adulthood
  2. Child with Involuntary Movements
  3. Fluctuating Tremor in an Adult
  4. Infant with Episodic Body Jerking

Patients Who Present with a Headache

  1. "Worst Headache of My Life"
  2. Headache and Confusion
  3. Headache
  4. Headache and Vomiting
  5. Blurry Vision and Headache CASE 16 Headache and Progressive Right-Sided Weakness CASE 17 Headache and Lethargy

Patients Who Present with Altered Mental Status/Memory Loss/Personality Changes

  1. New Onset Dementia
  2. Memory Loss and Personality Changes
  3. Headache and Personality Changes
  4. Developmental Regression in Childhood
  5. Episode of Confusion
  6. Confusion in an Elderly Man
  7. Altered Mental Status and Fever
  8. Frontal Sinus Fracture
  9. Coma

Patients Who Present with Hemiparesis and Generalized Weakness

  1. Acute Left-Sided Weakness
  2. Worsening Left-Sided Weakness
  3. Hemiparesis Following Trauma
  4. Progressive Hemiparesis
  5. Generalized Weakness in an Adult
  6. Bilateral Foot Drop, Lower Extremity Numbness, and Tingling
  7. Progressive Numbness and Weakness
  8. Floppy Infant

Patients Who Present with Trouble Walking, Leg Weakness, Numbness, or Pain

  1. Paraparesis, Ataxia, and Incontinence
  2. Leg Pain and Urinary Incontinence
  3. Chronic Progressive Difficulty Walking
  4. Child Late in Walking
  5. Child Clumsy in Walking
  6. Low Back Pain
  7. Right Ankle Weakness
  8. Delayed Walking

Patients Who Present with Arm/Hand Weakness, Numbness, or Pain

  1. Bilateral Arm Weakness
  2. Neck and Arm Pain
  3. Infant Not Moving Right Arm
  4. Right Hand Weakness
  5. Acute Right Arm Weakness and Neck Pain
  6. Right Hand Numbness

Patients Who Present with Sleep and Speech Problems

  1. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  2. Sleep Problems in Childhood
  3. Difficulty Speaking in an Adult

Patients Who Present with Vertigo, Diplopia, and Facial Weakness

  1. Vomiting, Vertigo, and Ataxia
  2. Dizziness, Vomiting, and Imbalance
  3. Diplopia
  4. Diplopia and Dysphagia CASE 56 Diminished Visual Acuity and Eye Pain CASE 57 Left-Sided Facial Droop

Patients Who Present with an Abnormal Head

  1. Macrocephaly
  2. Misshapen Head

Review Questions and Answers


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Blueprints Clinical Cases

Second Edition
by Kevin Sheth

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