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Building Information Modeling
A Strategic Implementation Guide for Architects, Engineers, Constructors, and Real Estate Asset Managers
by Dana K. Smith

Building Information Modeling shows the reader how BIM supports more streamlined, integrated, and efficient business processes throughout the life cycle of buildings, from their initial conception through their eventual retirement or reuse.

Throughout Building Information Modeling, sample documents and figures help the reader better understand the principles of BIM and how it works in practice.


1. Building Industry Challenges and Opportunities

  • Global Trends in Supply and Demand
  • Benchmarking Construction Productivity
  • Construction Productivity Metrics
  • Benchmarking Building Performance
  • Converting Inefficiency and Waste into Profit
  • Benchmarking Waste
  • Indentifying Business Opportunities
  • Emerging Business Strategies
  • Choosing the Right Tools, Deploying the Right Tool Suites
  • The BIM Value Proposition
  • Process Engineering
  • Thinking Like an Owner
  • Building Performance Metrics
  • New Metrics for Real Property Valuation
2. BIM Implementation Strategies

  • Leaving the CAD Era Behind
  • A Systems Approach to BIM Implementation
  • Avoiding Ideological Pitfalls
  • Aligning a BIM Implementation Strategy with Technology Trends
  • Assessing Fundamental Risks
  • Fostering a Culture of Information Stewardship
  • Managing Culture Change
  • Using Technology to Build Trust and Mitigate Risk
  • Maintaining Data Exchange Capabilities
  • Assessing Team Capabilities
  • Managing Expectations
  • Measuring Progress Toward Strategic Goals
  • Toward a New Business Paradigm
3. Business Process Reform

  • Managing Innovation Risk
  • The Imperative of Change
  • Innovation Management Strategies
  • The "I" in BIM
  • Industry-wide Reform Efforts
  • Industry Standards and Innovation
  • The Industry Standards Landscape
  • Aligning Business Strategies with Industry Standards
  • Integrating Information Gathering into the Business Process
  • Leadership and Vision
  • Engaging Business Partners
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Process Modeling Case Study
  • Managing Change
  • Information Exchanges

4. BIM-based Enterprise Workflow

  • BIM Implementation Fundamentals
  • Sidebar: Integrating Data Collection with Business Processes
  • Business Operations and BIM
  • Marketing / Business Development
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management / Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Workflow Visualization

5. The Building Lifecycle

  • Lifecycle Views of Building Information
  • The Feasibility, Planning, and Development View
  • The Design and Construction View
  • The Operations and Maintenance View
  • The Ownership and Asset Management View

6. Building Information Exchange Challenges

  • Sidebar: Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom
  • Information Management
  • Sidebar: Case Study: Information Management
  • Information Provenance
  • Information Maturity
  • Sidebar: The Wayback Machine: Archiving the Web
  • Information Content Decay
  • Information Electronic Degradation
  • Information Integrity and Continuity
  • Information Transparency, Accessibility, and Security
  • Information Flow
  • The Lifecycle of Information
  • Stakeholder Views
  • Interoperability

7. Building Information Exchange Requirements

  • The Big Picture
  • Information Delivery Manuals
  • Defining "Best Case" Business Processes
  • agcXML: Organizing Transactional Information
  • The Construction Operations Building Information Exchange
  • Specifiers Property Information Exchange
  • Coordination View Information Exchange

8. The Way Forward

  • Workflow: From Sequential to Parallel Processing
  • New Business and Contractual Relationships
  • Evolving Roles and Responsibilities


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Building Information Modeling
A Strategic Implementation Guide for Architects, Engineers, Constructors, and Real
Estate Asset Managers
by Dana K. Smith

2009 186 pages $69.95 + shipping
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