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Cakes to Dream On
by Colette Peters

Cakes to Dream On is a beautifully illustrated, step-by-step guide to the sophisticated art of cake decoration–from one of the world’s premier cake designers!

Master cake decorator Colette Peters has developed a large and tremendously dedicated following among serious home cooks and professional cake bakers who love her magnificent, whimsical cakes. The basis of this book is to teach advanced techniques for intricate cake decorating in a way that is both easy to follow and beautifully presented.

In Cakes to Dream On, she presents an astonishingly beautiful new array of her original cake designs, including Homage to Dr. Seuss, Rainbow Carousel, Colorful Cloisonné, Floral Inlay, and Bridal Brocade cakes.

She includes more in-depth instructions and explanations of techniques than ever before, complete with instructions on layering cakes, using the correct tools, and techniques necessary for sugarwork, gumpaste, fondant, brushwork, and piping. More than 150 color photographs and a gorgeous full-color interior make this book a wonderful gift as well as an excellent kitchen resource.


Introduction. How to use this book. 12 Steps to Making a Decorated Cake. How to Start. Double-Layered Cakes. Making a Cake Crooked, on Purpose.

  • Dreams of Love. Black and Blue Heart. Counting Sheep. Ivory Wedding Cake. Brides’ Vintage Cameo.

  • Dreams of Chocolate. Bavarian Cream. Floral Inlay. Eau de Buckingham Fountain.

  • Dreams of Youth. Colette’s Homage to Dr. Seuss. Rainbow Carousel. Styrofoam Nonpareil. Enchanted Flora. Walk 'n Cake.

  • Dreams of Color. Mr. Sticky the Chameleon. Comfort Food. Blue Pagoda. Amethyst Arabesque. Colorful Cloisonné. Aqua Appliqué.

  • Dreams of Italy. Pasta Cake. Dolce de Medici. Mother-of-Pearl Mosaic. Cake for Michelangelo.

  • Dreams of Balance. Mad Tea Party. Sweet Offerings. Torte of Babylon.

  • Dreams of Grandeur. Five Little Tartlettes. Olive Oyl's Hat. Tiny Baubles. Fondant Flounce. Tipsy. Little Flower Pot. Petit-Fish. Big Splash. Buttercup Blossom.

  • Dreams of Opulence. Family Jewels. Crystal Nostalgia. Deco-licious. Sequins and Spangles. Variations on a Tiara. Shower of Bubbles.

Recipes. Heavenly White Cake and Variations. Coco-Loco Cake and Variations. Carrot Cake. Meringue Buttercream and Variation. Chocolate Truffle Filling. Rolled Fondant and "Marzipan". Royal Icing. Modeling Chocolate. Master Class Techniques. Material. Basic Techniques. Sugarwork Techniques. Decorating with rolled fondant. Coloring rolled fondant. Fondant decorations. Gumpaste decorations. Piping techniques. Run-In sugar. Brush embroidery. Sugar molds. Making Edible crystal beads

Quick Reference Guide to Tools and Ingredients
Sources for Supplies

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Colette's Birthday Cakes
by Colette Peters
Full-color photographs throughout
2004 • 272 pages • $40.00 + shipping

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