Cancer Prevention Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Cancer Prevention and Management Through Exercise and Weight Control
edited by Anne McTiernan

Cancer Prevention and Management Through Exercise and Weight Control brings together the contributions of world-class researchers to lay out the evidence and a plan of attack for coping with this crisis.


  • Explores the role of energy balance and activity in cancer incidence and prognosis
  • Examines the effect of physical activity on fatigue in cancer patients, as well as its effect on quality of life
  • Suggests biological mechanisms that might explain the association between exercises and cancer incidence
  • Reviews the new field of genetics, physical activity, and cancer, which identifies individuals who might be helped with exercise


  • Research Methods
  • Observational Studies and Intervention Trials in Exercise, Diet, and Cancer Prevention Research
  • Physical Activity Measurement
  • Measurement of Body Fat and Energy Balance
  • Physical Activity and Cancer Incidence
  • Physical Activity and Cancer Incidence: Breast Cancer
  • Physical Activity and Colorectal Cancer
  • Physical Activity and Prostate Cancer Risk
  • Mechanisms Associating Physical Activity with Cancer Incidence
  • Physical Activity Effects on Sex Hormones
  • Exercise and Insulin Resistance
  • Exercise and Immune Function
  • Exercise and Prostaglandins
  • Mechanisms Associating Obesity with Cancer Incidence: Animal Models:
  • Physical Activity Intervention Studies in Humans
  • Genetics, Physical Activity, and Cancer
  • Overweight/Obesity and Cancer Incidence
  • Obesity, Weight Change, and Breast Cancer Incidence
  • Body Size, Obesity, and Colorectal Cancer
  • Endogenous Hormone Metabolism and Endometrial Cancer
  • Obesity and Pancreatic Cancer
  • Obesity and Overweight in Relation to Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus
  • Mechanisms Associating Obesity with Cancer Incidence
  • Obesity and Sex Hormones
  • Obesity and Insulin Resistance
  • Obesity, Cytokines, and Other Inflammatory Markers
  • Mechanisms Associating Physical Activity with Cancer Incidence: Animal Models
  • Genetics, Obesity, and Cancer
  • Physical Activity and Cancer Prognosis
  • Quality of Life and Fatigue in Breast Cancer
  • Exercise and Quality of Life in Survivors of Cancer Other Than Breast
  • Physical Activity and Physiological Effects Relevant to Prognosis
  • Energy Balance and Cancer Prognosis
  • Breast Cancer
  • Colon, Prostate, and Other Cancers
  • Implementation
  • Physical Activity and Energy Balance
  • Diet and Other Means of Energy Balance Control
  • Population-Based Approaches to Increasing Physical Activity
  • Incorporating Exercise and Diet Recommendations into Primary Care Practice
  • Promoting Physical Activity in Cancer Survivors
  • Obesity and Early Stage Breast Cancer Outcome
  • Incorporating Weight Control into Management of Patients with Early Breast Cancer in the U.K


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Cancer Prevention and Management Through Exercise and Weight Control
edited by Anne McTiernan
2005 608 pages $138.95 + shipping
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