Professional Canmaking Technology
Book from C.H.I.P.S.

for Can Fillers

by Terence A. Turner

Providing an insight into the technologies involved in the design, development, and manufacture of metal packaging, Canmaking for Can Fillers gives broad coverage of the subject, including materials, metal forming and finishing processes, selection of packaging, and the cost structure of alternative methods of manufacture.

Key Features:

  • Explores potential developments in the canmaking industry
  • Explains why a particular container may be appropriate in some markets but not in others
  • Covers environmental and food contact issues
  • Discusses the market for metal packaging, materials used in canmaking, and metal protection
  • Includes color photos

Canmaking for Can Fillers is a tremendously valuable reference for packaging technologists in food and beverage companies, buyers of packaging in these companies, and designers of structural packaging.


  1. The Market for Metal Packaging

    • The Global Packaging Market
    • The Metal Packaging Market
    • The Composition of the Metal Packaging Market
    • Some Major Markets
    • Other Market Segments
    • Factors Driving Change in Packaging

  2. Materials used in Canmaking

    • Introduction
    • Materials Involved in the Construction of Metal Packaging

  3. Basic Canmaking Processes and Their Applications

    • Introduction
    • Can Manufacture: Primary Processes
    • Can Manufacture: Secondary Processes
    • Specific Product Applications

  4. Packaging for Heat-Processed Foods: The Fundamentals of Can Design

    • Introduction
    • Cost Reduction
    • Can Design: The Basic Principles
    • Sanitary or Classic Ends
    • Alternatives to the Food Can
    • Which Can?

  5. Design and Development of Easy-Open Ends

    • Introduction
    • Market Development
    • Functional and Technical Requirements of Easy-Open Ends
    • Design of Easy-Open Ends
    • Manufacture of Easy-Open Ends
    • Safety Issues Surrounding the Use of Easy-Open Ends
    • Quality and Product Development
    • Irregular Ends
    • Alternative Easy-Open Features on Cans
    • Printing of Ends

  6. Packaging for Carbonated Beverages

    • Introduction
    • Cost Reduction and Developments in Beverage Packaging
    • Other Developments in Beverage Packaging
    • Decoration and Appearance

  7. Metal Decoration and Can Shaping

    • Introduction
    • Typical Decoration Processes
    • Standard Printing Processes
    • Printing of Metal Packaging
    • Ultraviolet-Curable Systems
    • Reproduction of Colour on Metal
    • Limitations of Traditional Printing Processes
    • State-of-the-Art Operations for Printing on Sheet Metal
    • Special Applications and Printing Methods
    • Direct Print or Labels?
    • New Printing Methods
    • Shaped Containers and Can Shaping
    • Special Effects
    • Environmental and Toxicological Issues
    • Glossary of Terms

  8. Metal Protection

    • Introduction
    • General Rules Governing Corrosion in Metal Cans
    • Specific Corrosion Problems
    • Can Washing and Pretreatment
    • Internal Protective Coatings for Metal Packaging
    • Methods of Application of Protective Coatings

  9. Environmental and Food Contact Issues

    • Environmental Issues
    • Materials Conservation: Recycling
    • Food Contact

Appendix: Measuring Can Size

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Canmaking for Can Fillers
by Terence A. Turner

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