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Cardiovascular Development and Congenital Malformations
Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms
Edited by Michael Artman

Cardiovascular Development and Congenital Malformations brings together the leading scientists from around the world who are actively engaged in studies of the etiology, morphogenesis and physiology of congenital cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular Development and Congenital Malformations is divided into distinct categories, each focusing on a particular aspect of cardiovascular development.


Establishing Left-Right Patterning and Cardiac Looping

  1. Microenvironment provides left–right instructions to migrating precardiac mesoderm
  2. Calmodulin- inv protein interaction and left-right determination
  3. Misexpression of upstream laterality genes on downstream mechanisms of heart looping: A flectin perspective
  4. Pleiotropic effects of Pitx2 isoform c on morphogenesis in the mammalian heart
  5. Signal transductions during cardiac myofibrillogenesis and looping
  6. Biological role of fibulin-2 in cardiovascular development

Mechanisms of Cardiogenesis and Myocardial Development

  1. TBX5 regulates cardiac cell behavior during cardiogenesis
  2. Cardiac homeobox protein Csx/Nkx2-5and its associated proteins
  3. Regulation of myocardium formation after the initial development of the linear heart tube
  4. The Role of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in cardiac development
  5. Teratogenic effects of bis-diamine on the developing myocardium
  6. Proliferative responses to myocardial remodeling in the developing heart

Formation of Endocardial Cushions and Valves

  1. TGFâ signaling during atrioventricular cushion transformation
  2. The endocardium as a unique modulator of in utero cardiovascular form and function
  3. Valvulogenesis: Role of periostin in cushion tissue differentiation
  4. Role of Fibroblast growth factors in early valve leaflet formation
  5. Msx1 expression during chick heart development: possible role in endothelial-mesenchymal transformation during cushion tissue formation

Segment and Chamber Specification

  1. Tbx5 specifies the left/right ventricles and ventricular septum position during cardiogenesis
  2. Transciptional regulation of ventricular morphogenesis
  3. Fgf10 and the embryological origin of outflow tract myocardium
  4. Evolutionary conservation of atrial natriuretic factor (Anf) expression, cardiac chamber formation and the heart-forming region

Formation of Specialized Conduction Tissues

  1. Induction and Patterning of the Impulse Conducting Purkinje Fiber Network
  2. Spatial Correlation of Conduction Tissue in the Ventricular Trabeculae of the Developing Zebrafish
  3. Development of the cardiac conduction system and contribution of neural crest and epicardially derived cells
  4. The Development of the Cardiac Conduction System: an old story with a new perspective
  5. The role of calreticulin in cardiac development and function

Coronary Artery Development

  1. Development of proximal coronary artery in quail embryonic heart
  2. Possible roles of the extracellular matrix in coronary vasculogenesis of mouse
  3. Abnormal coronary development in bis-diamine treated embryo

Models of Congenital Cardiovascular Malformations

  1. Deciphering the basis for congenital heart defects using a mouse model of Holt-Oram syndrome
  2. The role of the transcriptional co-repressor FOG-2 in cardiac development
  3. Molecular mechanisms regulating tissue-specific expression of Tbx1
  4. Tbx1 and DiGeorge syndrome: A genetic link between cardiovascular and pharyngeal development
  5. New insights into the role of Tbx1 in the DiGeorge mouse model

Role of Neural Crest Cells in Cardiovascular Development

Chapters 35-38

Formation of Outflow Tracts

Chapters 39-40

Imaging Techniques

Chapter 41

Cardiovascular Physiology During Development

Chapters 42-50

Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Chapters 51-54

Human Clinical Genetics and Epidemiology

Chapters 55-70


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Cardiovascular Development and Congenital Malformations
Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms
Edited by Michael Artman

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