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Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Established and Emerging Applications
by Albert Lardo
Nicolas A. Chronos
Zahi Adel Fayad
and Valentin Fuster

Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance:

  • Provides a concise dissemination of information on the dizzying array of new and evolving applications
  • Includes contributions from Drs. Lardo and Fayad, pioneers in the field of cardiovascular MR and Dr. Fuster, one of the world's experts on vulnerable plaque
  • Contains more than 700 halftones, 65 color images, and 126 line drawings
  • Emphasizes imaging of the vulnerable plaque and other cardiac disorders
  • Discusses how to set up an MR lab in the hospital and develop cost-effective strategies for CMR
Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance consolidates a wide and growing body of information into a single balanced source.

Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance provides current and practical information on established foundational applications of CMR.

Its presentation of state-of-the-art therapeutic applications in various stages of development gives the novice and experienced cardiologist a look into the future of CMR.


  1. Basics
    • Physics of MRI-Basic Principles
    • MR Contrast Agent Basics
    • Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
    • Quantitative Image Analysis
    • Real-time CMR and Parallel Imaging

  2. Coronary Artery Disease and Myocardial Consequences
    • Myocardial Function and Stress Imaging
    • CMR of Myocardial Perfusion
    • CMR of Myocardial Viability
    • Coronary Magnetic Resonance Angiography

  3. Structural Heart Disease
    • CMR Evaluation of Cardiac Valvular Disease
    • CMR in Congenital Heart Disease
    • CMR in Cardiomyopathy
    • CMR of Cardiac Masses and Thrombi
    • CMR of Pericardial Disease

  4. Systemic Arterial Disease
    • Contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography
    • CMR of Aortic Disease
    • CMR Atherothrombotic Plaque Imaging
    • Transesophageal CMR of the Aorta
    • CMR in the Assessment of Pulmonary Hypertension

  5. Interventional CMR
    • Internal Coils in CMR
    • The Cardiovascular Interventional MRI Suite: Design Considerations
    • Early Experience with Combined CMR and X-ray Suites
    • MRI-guided Cardiovascular Intervention
    • MRI-guided Drug and Cell Injection Therapies for Heart Disease
    • MRI-guided Interventional Electrophysiology

  6. Emerging CMR Applications
    • MRI of Angiogenesis
    • Molecular Imaging
    • High-field CMR

  7. CMR Clinical Laboratory and Economics
    • An Introduction to CMR for Technologists
    • How to Set Up a CMR Laboratory and Program
    • Developing Cost-effective Strategies for CMR

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Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Established and Emerging Applications
by Albert Lardo, Nicolas A. Chronos,
Zahi Adel Fayad, and Valentin Fuster

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