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Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation
edited by Joep Perk

Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation is a timely and thorough review of prevention, lifestyle counseling, and rehabilitation for cardiologists and all physicians and other health professionals in cardiac rehabilitation teams.

Commencing with an introductory section Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation will focus on guidelines, prevention, risk stratification and the evidence base of cardiac rehabilitation. In the following three sections different models for exercise testing and training, nutritional counselling and smoking cessation will be presented.

The behavioral section contains health-related quality of life and psychological issues, patient education, compliance and adherence to the treatment program. In the social section the return to work, the role of relatives and heart foundations will be discussed.


  1. From Exercise Training to Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation
  2. The Evidence Base for Cardiac Rehabilitation
  3. Indications for Cardiac Rehabilitation
  4. Prevention Guidelines: Management of the Coronary Patient
  5. Cardiac Rehabilitation: United States
  6. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Canada
  7. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Australia
  8. Cardiac Rehabilitation: South Africa
  9. Cardiac Rehabilitation: China
  10. New Concepts for Early Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease

Excercise Testing in Heart Disease

  1. The Molecular Base of Excercise
  2. Excercise and Fitness
  3. Excercise Testing in Coronary Heart Disease
  4. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Chronic Heart Failure
  5. Excercise Testing in Valvular Heart Disease

Exercise Training in Heart Disease

  1. Exercise Training in Coronary Heart Disease
  2. Excercise Training in Diabetes Mellitus: An Efficient but Underused Therapeutic Option in the Prevention and Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease
  3. Excercise Training in Heart Failure
  4. Excercise Training in Valvular Heart Disease
  5. The Role of Sports in Preventive Cardiology
  6. Advising Patients with Cardiac Disease and After Cardiac Interventions about Sports Activities


  1. Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease: Impact of Nutrition on the Risk of Fatal Complications and Importance of the Concept of Omega-3 Deficiency
  2. Nutrition Counseling for Diabetic Patients
  3. Nutritional Counseling for Overweight Patients and Patiens with Metabolic Sydrome
  4. Nutritional Counseling: Practical Models

Tobacco Addiction

  1. The Burden of Smoking on Cardiovacular Disease
  2. The Role of Tobacco Dependence and Addiction
  3. Treatment of Tobacco Dependency

Psychological and Behavioral Support

  1. Psychosocial Aspects in Prevention and Rehabilitation
  2. Health-Related Quality of Life in Cardiac Patients
  3. Depression Following Myocardial Infarction: Prevalence, Clinical Consequences, and Patient Management
  4. Educating Cardiac Patients and Relatives
  5. Stress Management
  6. Adherence to Health Recommendations

Social and Caring Support

  1. Prevention Programs: The Role of the Nurse
  2. Heart Failure Rehabilitation: The Role of the Nurse
  3. Returning to Work after Myocardial Infarction
  4. Return to Work after Coronary Interventions
  5. Sexual Counseling of the Cardiac Patient
  6. Cognitive Behavioral Rehabilitatin for Angina
  7. National Heart Foundations, Europenan Heart Network
  8. Long-Term Maintenance Programs
  9. New Models of Care and Support

Adapted Programs for Special Groups

  1. Cardiac Rehabilitation in Congenital Heart Disease
  2. Gender Issues in Rehabilitation
  3. Rehabilitation in Elderly Patients
  4. Cardiac Rehabilitation in Chronic Heart Failure
  5. Rehabilitation after Cardiac Transplantation
  6. Rehabilitation in Patients with Implantable Devices
  7. Rehabilitation in Peripheral Vascular Disease
  8. Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness in the Corporate Setting

Pharmacotherapy, Organization, Evaluation

  1. Pharmacotherapy in Prevention and Rehabilitation
  2. Rehabilitation Modalities
  3. Developing Cardiac Rehabilitation Services: From Policy Development to Staff Training Programs
  4. Safety Aspects of Cardiac Rehabilitation
  5. Communictation: Automatic Referral to Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation
  6. Future Developments in Preventive Cardiology: The EUROACTION Project
  7. Outcome Measurement and Audit
  8. Economic Evaluation of Cardiac Rehabilitation


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Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation
edited by Joep Perk
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