Food Product Development Handbook
from C.H.I.P.S.

Case Studies in Food Product Development
edited by Mary Earle

Case Studies in Food Product Development describes specific new product development projects in a variety of industries internationally and also records overall comments, written by the very people who have completed the projects.


  • describes new product development in a variety of international industries
  • outlines new product development in the food industry and views product management and strategy in different organisations
  • includes case studies focusing on the product development process, technological development, and consumer and market research

Part One outlines new product development in the food industry.

Part Two views product development strategy and management in different companies and organisations.

Parts Three, Four and Five contain twelve case studies on respectively the product development process, technological development, consumer and market research.

Part Six considers product development in practice.

Part Seven demonstrates how product developers are being educated.


Part One: Introduction

New product development: systematic industrial technology

  • Food products in the food chain
  • Strategy and management in different situations
  • Product development processes
  • Technological development
  • Consumer and market research
  • Managing the PD Process
  • Educating the next generation of product developers
  • New Product Development: a technology

Part Two: Product Development Strategy and Management

The multinational food business – strategic, organisational and management issues for product development

  • Multinational food businesses
  • The recent history shaping the behaviour of multinational food businesses
  • The current state of innovation in multinational food businesses
  • The roles of the research and development manager
  • Organisation of research and development
  • The marketing of research and development
  • Research and development and its contribution to corporate growth
  • The new product development programme - establishing the investment in the ‘R’ of R & D
  • Bundling
  • The research and development role
  • Organizing and acquiring knowledge
  • Research and development organisation, multinationally
  • Problems met and lessons learned

The food research centre – assisting small and medium sized industry in Southern Thailand

  • Product Development in the research centre
  • Guidelines for technology transfer in ADCET
  • Cost estimation and return on investment
  • Intellectual property
  • Communication with clients
  • Case study 1 in ADCET related to food product development
  • Case study 2 in ADECT related to food process development
  • Problems met and lessons learned

The supermarket industry – private label brand development

  • Development of store brands and brand equity
  • Product development process for private brands
  • New product development leadership culture
  • Future trends and evolution in food retailing
  • Pursuit of global food retailing strategies
  • Problems and lessons learned in new product development in supermarkets

Rural agroenterprise – cassava development in Latin America

  • Background
  • Cassava development in Colombia
  • Product development strategy for cassava
  • Product development process for cassava flour
  • Phase 1, Research on the product, the process and the market
  • Phase 2, Pilot plant establishment and test marketing of cassava flour
  • Phase 3, Commercial development
  • Problems met and lessons learned
  • Impact

Part Three: product Development Process

From farm to consumer – pioneering an early nutraceutical, Stolle milk

  • Setting up operations in New Zealand
  • Government requirements
  • Research and development in New Zealand
  • Initial production
  • Overall outcomes of the 1989/90 season
  • Review of the 1988/89 season and planning for the 1989/90 season
  • Commercial production 1989/90
  • Product launch in Taiwan
  • More recent history
  • Problems met and lessons learned

From concept to international company – development of a new pet food product

  • Background
  • Product concept
  • Product formulation and process development
  • Storage tests
  • Equipment selection and production development
  • Changing consumers
  • Product testing
  • Market development
  • Patenting, trademarking and licensing
  • Problems met and lessons learned

From kitchen to market – first came the oat cake, now the oat bake, a traditional product for today’s consumers

  • Initial idea
  • Protection of the idea
  • Home kitchen development
  • Market research
  • Initial factory trials
  • Further kitchen work
  • Co-operation with Aberdeen company
  • The commercial partner: Simmers of Edinburgh
  • Initial product and packaging development
  • Manufacture
  • Shelf life testing
  • Marketing development
  • Launch of product
  • Evaluation of launch
  • Re-writing and updating of ‘Teach the Bairns to Bake’
  • Problems met and lessons learned

From basic research to marketable product – success and failure of instant baked potatoes

  • French fry industry and waste problems
  • Product development challenge
  • Product conception
  • Development of prototype product
  • Market assessment of prototype product
  • Fine-tuning the product
  • Process development
  • Pilot plant development
  • Production trial
  • Consumer test
  • Intellectual property development
  • Commercial trial
  • Problems met and lessons learned

Part Four: Technological Development

Radical process development – cutting techniques for an aerated sugar confectionery

  • The history
  • Methods explored for cutting of sugar glass foam
  • Pilot plant development of liquid jet cutting of sugar foam
  • The full scale plant
  • Problems met and lessons learned

Process innovation from research and development to production in a large company – development and commercialisation of a low temperature extrusion process

  • Context
  • Invention
  • Building a business case
  • Equipment development and scale up
  • Building the science base
  • Developing and testing prototype extruder in the factory
  • Factory implementation
  • Roll-out
  • Problems met and lessons learnedM

Up-scaling from development to production by small manufacturers – fishing, baking and sauce industries

  • Case study 1: Raw materials that vary
  • Case study 2: The importance of correctly designed facilities
  • Case study 3: The need for qualified and trained people in product and process development

Spirit of entrepreneurship in commercialisation – product and process development of coconut beverage mix

  • Entrepreneur’s dream
  • Product idea
  • Product design qualities
  • Process development: improving the solubility of coconut cream powder
  • Process development: other coconut cream powder problems
  • Testing of prototype product
  • Sourcing for capital
  • Marketing development
  • My first order
  • Post-launch activities
  • Problems met and lessons learned

Part Five: consumer and Market Research

Sensory testing in the product development process – the sensory researcher as a trusted advisor

  • Scenario 1 – The diagnostic technician
  • The changing business environment
  • The effects of the changing business environment in the food company
  • Some results of the changing business environment
  • Scenario 2 – The research coach
  • Scenario 3 – The trusted research advisor
  • Establishment of mutual trust in the food company
  • Problems met and lessons learned in developing and maintaining a model of trust

Consumer research in the early stages of New Product Development - market-oriented development of meal compliment beverages

  • Market dynamics and New Product Development trends: meal complement beverages
  • Concept ideation and development during the early stages of the new product development process
  • Selection of methods for consumer research on meal complement beverages
  • Concept screening and development for meal complement beverages
  • Product concept optimisation and refinement
  • Final product concept and its use in product design
  • Problems met and lessons learned

Consumer research in product design – market-oriented development of healthy vegetable-based food for children

  • The background
  • The Means-End Chain (MEC) theory and practice
  • Study design
  • Generation of new ideas in the early stages of the new product development process
  • The development of new product concepts by the new product development team
  • Testing product concepts in the later phases of the new product development process
  • Selection of products for further development
  • Problems met and lessons learned

Customer-centric product development – supermarket private label brands

  • Step 1 - Know what they want
  • Step 2 – Design what they want
  • Step 3 – Tell them you have what they want
  • Step 4 – Keep checking that you are still providing what they want
  • Left field ideas, individual opinions, sudden opportunities – how they fit

Part Six: Product Development in Practice

Product design, process development and manufacturing – a roadmap for the technologist

  • Managing the product pevelopment process
  • Company strategy and product pevelopment management
  • Stage 1 – Feasibility
  • Stage 2 – Development
  • Stage 3 – Industrialisation
  • Problems met and lessons learned

Consumers, customers, market places and markets in New Product Development - a roadmap through marketing and launching in Product Development

  • An introduction: what roadmap to successful new products? 'Success' or 'failure': understanding the purpose of marketing and launching
  • Steering the product development process

Part Seven: Education for New Product Development

Effective education for product development – building New Product Development courses in Thailand

  • Education for the agro-industry in Thailand
  • History of education for Product Development: the Kasetsart University story
  • Curriculum creation and implementation at Kasertsart University
  • University co-operation
  • Industrial co-operation: Industrial based projects
  • Alumni
  • Staff in 2007
  • Research and centres of excellence
  • Problems met and lessons learned
  • The future of product development education in Thailand


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edited by Mary Earle
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