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Cases in Food Service and Clinical Nutrition Management
by Amy Allen-Chabot
Ken Jarvis
and Robert M. O'Halloran

Cases in Food Service and Clinical Nutrition Management addresses clinical nutrition and foodservice management issues in a variety of settings

Cases in Food Service and Clinical Nutrition Management contains 34 cases and concise examples of managerial issues that teach, motivate, and prepare readers.

The cases make an excellent substitute for actual managerial experience, and help those in dietetics meet many management based competencies.


    Cases in Menu Management
    • The Heart of the Matter: The Menu
    • Initiating Successful Change in the Healthcare Work Environment
    • Patient with Special Needs
    • Menu Extensions in a Hospital Grill and Snack Bar
    • Hospital Food Service Menu for Emergency Conditions

    Cases in Purchasing

    • Strategies for Dealing with Food Shortages
    • Metro North Collaborative: A School Food Service Purchasing Solution
    • Purchasing with Par Levels
    • Provision of Noncharge Formula Preparation and Oral Feeding Supplies

    Cases in Food Production

    • Dealing with Your Boss's Unrealistic Expectations
    • Managing Food Service Production and Forecasting: Fried Chicken Friday at Glen Maple Hospital
    • Forecasting Surprise

    Cases in Service

    • Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction Using Two Different Tray Systems
    • Patient Complaint: Whose Hair is This?
    • Customer Abuse of the "Cost Per Serving Container" System
    • Using the Performance Improvement Process to Address Late Tray Problems
    • Implementing Room Service in the Hospital

    Cases in Safety and Sanitation

    • The Ceiling is Falling!
    • The Cafeteria Server with a Nose Ring
    • Long-Term Care Mock Survey: Kitchen Sanitation Inspection

    Cases in Management of Food Services

    • Theft Opportunity: Who Did It?
    • Food Service Plan During a Strike
    • Changing from Contract to Self-Operated and Back Again
    • Balancing Work and Family: When Childcare Collides with Word Expectations
    • Too Sick, Too Soon!

    Cases in Nutrition Management

    • Issues with Productivity and Salary Complaints
    • Clinical Management: Seeing the "Big Picture"
    • Dealing with Management's Request to Reduce Staffing
    • Marketing Outpatient Nutrition Counseling
    • Inappropriate Employee Self-Termination

    Cases in Financial Management

    • Budget Planning to Improve the Bottom Line
    • Meals per Labor Hour: Interpreting the Data
    • Productivity Measures Exercise

    Cases Rated by Degree of Difficulty

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Cases in Food Service and
Clinical Nutrition Management

by Amy Allen-Chabot, Ken Jarvis, and Robert M. O'Halloran

2006 • 125 pages • $49.00 + shipping
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