Restaurant & Bar Design Guide from C.H.I.P.S.

Casual Restaurants
and Bars

Contains 60 unique, modern casual restaurants, grill and beer restaurants, and dining bars!

Casual Restaurants and Bars is a photo collection of some of the best casual restaurants and bar designs in Japan.

Multiple photos of the 60 locations and a short description of each establishment is given, including its location, and an architectural blueprint/floorplan.

Features 148 full-color pages with Japanese and English text


Casual Restaurants

  • Avignon Restaurant Complex
  • Leafy Herb Restaurant
  • Cherubino Herb Restaurant
  • JYU French Restaurant and Iron Plate Cooking
  • Sogni di Sogni Italian Restaurant
  • Spain Ichiba Spanish Restaurant
  • Cave d'Occi Winery Winery Restaurant
  • Scala Dei Azabu Asian Seafood Restaurant and Wine Bar
  • Aen Isetan-Kaikan Restaurant
  • Sel et Poivre Restaurant Bar
  • Cerchio European Restaurant
  • Mode di Ponte Vecchio Italian Restaurant
  • Al Solito Posto Trattoria and Dolceria
  • Luglio Dodici Trattoria
  • Ruby Trattoria
  • Cucina Saito Italian Restaurant
  • Nina Nino Italian Bistro
  • Bocca di Leone Italian Restaurant
  • La Table de Provence French Restaurant
  • Hermitage French Restaurant
  • Marie Claude French Restaurant
  • Soho's West Italian Restaurant

Grill and Beer Restaurants

  • Cardenas California Restaurant
  • Imahan Banyo Charcoal Grill
  • Enso Kanetanaka-an Charcoal Grill
  • Tansaibo Kakurean Charcoal Grill Tavern
  • Anbai Charcoal Grill and Wine
  • Shichirintei Charcoal Grill Tavern
  • Aburiya Gibier Bar
  • Maruya Iron Plate Cooking
  • Yashiro Nayabashi Iron Plate Cooking
  • Shunju Tamaiki-sanno Grill Dining and Bar
  • KPO Kitchen Brewery Restaurant
  • Rakuichi Beer Restaurant
  • Kaisaien Seafood Beer Restaurant
  • Chaya Dos Beer Dining and Café
  • Hanashibe Sake Brewery Restaurant
  • C.B.Charly Brown Beer Restaurant
  • Gardens amagase Brewery Restaurant
  • Sylvans Brewery Restaurant

Dining Bars

  • Le Cocon Wine Restaurant
  • Ken's Chanto Dining Dining Bar
  • Pannam Restaurant and Bar
  • Africa Café Restaurant and Bar
  • Bou's Shinjuku Wine Dining Bar
  • Atre Wine Bar and Restaurant
  • Plat French Restaurant and Bar
  • Meiyatcha French Style Japanese Dining Bar
  • Kittan Fusion Dish Restaurant and Bar
  • Applaudir Restaurant and Bar
  • Zazou Ristorante
  • Umaka-Bou Foods Bar
  • Sit & Restaurant and Bar
  • Tiki Tiki Dining Bar
  • Mahogany Brasserie
  • Taco Kitchen Bar
  • Bravo Kirin Restaurant and Bar
  • Arcobalena Italian Dining Bar
  • Neige Lune Fleur Japanese Dining Bar
  • Nakanaka Japanese Dining Bar

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