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Cell Cycle and Growth Control
Biomolecular Regulation
and Cancer
Second Edition
edited by Gary S. Stein
and Arthur B. Pardee

Cell Cycle and Growth Control: Biomolecular Regulation and Cancer provides a solid basis for understanding cell cycle and growth control as it relates to biological regulation, with a special emphasis on examining these processes in the context of cancer.

Newly updated with the latest significant advances, this Second Edition features:

  • Cutting-edge applications in clinical diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Focus on mechanisms mediating the control of proliferation
  • Numerous clear illustrations
  • Extensive bibliography
  • Well-recognized, expert chapter authors
  • Video clips on accompanying Web site showing cell cycle control

Cell Cycle and Growth Control offers both an introduction to important concepts and detailed discussion of regulatory mechanisms at the cellular, biochemical, genetic, and molecular levels. The only book to comprehensively cover both the foundations and cutting-edge advances in understanding cell cycle and growth control, this text also contains an expert perspective on innovative strategies for cancer treatment, making it a vital companion for researcher and clinician alike.


  1. Cell Fates
  2. Architectural Organization of the Regulatory Machinery for Transcription, Replication and Repair: Dynamic Temporal-Spatial Parameters of Cell Cycle Control
  3. Cell Cycle Regulatory Cascades
  4. Membrane Receptors and Signal Transduction Pathways in G1: Regulation of Liver Regeneration and T Cell Proliferation
  5. Onset of DNA Synthesis and S Phase
  6. The Progression and Regulation of Mitotic Events
  7. Cell Cycle Inhibitory Proteins
  8. Chromatin Remodeling and Cancer
  9. Extracellular Matrix: Tissue Specific Regulator of Cell Proliferation
  10. Angiogenesis and Blood Supply
  11. Regulation of Cell Growth, Differentiation, and Death During Metamorphosis
  12. Translational Control and the Cell Cycle
  13. Telomere Structure and Function Provides Insights into the Generation of Genomic Instability and Carcinogenesis
  14. Immortalisation by SV40 Large T Antigen
  15. Apoptosis Signaling in Normal and Cancer Cells
  16. Mutagenesis, Mutations, and DNA Repair
  17. Oncogenes
  18. Role of the Retinoblastoma Family in Cell Cycle Progression and Growth Control
  19. p53 Tumor-Suppressor Genes
  20. Cell Cycle and Growth Control: Current Clinical Applications
  21. Misregulated Fate Cancer


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Cell Cycle and Growth Control:
Biomolecular Regulation and Cancer 2nd Edition

edited by Gary S. Stein and Arthur B. Pardee
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