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Cell Death During HIV Infection
edited by Andrew D. Badley

Cell Death During HIV Infection explores and encourages the excitement surrounding apoptosis by providing researchers and clinicians with the first comprehensive compendium of the progress made in understanding the process of cell death related to HIV.


  • Discusses the most current research on how HIV directly impacts the immune system
  • Focuses on the correlation between apoptosis and HIV disease progression and the involvement of apoptosis in complications of HIV and its treatment
  • Discusses the actions and limitations of agents employed in HIV immunotherapy
  • Offers valuable insights to researchers studying the immune system and viral diseases


Basic Concepts

  • Lentiviral Biology and Cell Death
  • Regulation of Apoptosis
  • Approaches Used to Detect Apoptosis
  • Consequences of HIV Infection on Thymus Function and T Cell Development
  • Deadly Intentions: Apoptosis in the Peripheral Immune System

Mechanisms of HIV-Associated Cell Death

  • Viral Factors
  • Cell Death in HIV Infection: Gp120
  • Vpr
  • Interference of the Nef Protein of HIV-1 with Pro- and Anti-Apoptotic Pathways of T Cells
  • HIV-1 Tat and Apoptotic Death
  • HIV Protease and Cell Death
  • Immune Mechanisms
  • Immune Activation
  • Impairment of HIV-Specific Immune Effector Cell Function
  • Infected versus Uninfected Death
  • Mechanisms of HIV Infected versus Uninfected T Cell Killing
  • Elevated Apoptosis of CD8+ T Lymphocytes during HIV-1 Infection
  • Autologous Cell Mediated Killing: Georges Herbein
  • Molecular Mechanisms of HIV-1 Syncytial Apoptosis
  • Non-Apoptotic HIV Induced T Cell Death
  • Apoptosis in Organ Culture and Animal Models of Disease

Clinical Consequences of HIV-Induced Cell Death

  • T Cell Dynamics and the Role of Apoptosis in HIV Infection
  • Alteration of the Apoptotic Pathways in the Thymus During HIV Infection
  • Correlation Between Apoptosis and HIV Disease Progression
  • HIV-1 Infection and Cell Death in the Nervous System
  • Involvement of Apoptosis in Complications of HIV and Its Treatment
  • Apoptosis as a Pathogenic Mechanism of HIV-Associated Opportunistic Infection

Therapeutic Issues

  • Direct Effects of Anti-HIV Therapeutics on Apoptosis
  • HIV Reservoirs and Residual Viral Replication during Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy
  • Therapeutic Approaches to Modulation of Cell Death (non-HIV)
  • Immunotherapy of HIV Disease


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Cell Death During HIV Infection
edited by Andrew D. Badley
2005 560 pages $168.95 + shipping
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