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Cell Signaling and Growth Factors in Development
From Molecules to Organogenesis
2-Volume Set
edited by Klaus Unsicker

Cell Signaling and Growth Factors in Development is the first handbook structured according to organ systems to cover both embryogenesis and organ development.


  • Addresses the functions of developmental signaling pathways and growth factors
  • Focuses on cell division, cell migration, and cell differentiation
  • Highlights developmental disorders and related novel therapeutic strategies


Stem Cells

  • Maintenance of Stemness in Balance with Stem Cell Differentiation
  • The Notch Signaling Pathway
  • Signaling Pathway of the TGFb Family Members
  • Shh Signaling

Germ Cells

  • Primordial Germ Cells
  • Oocytes
  • Male Germ Cells

Implantation and Placentation

  • Molecular Mechanisms and Biological Effects
  • Clinical Relevance in Humans

Cell Movements during Early Vertebrate Morphogenesis

  • History: Classic Experiments in the Study of Gastrulation
  • Gastrulation and Neurulation in Different Vertebrate Species
  • Mechanistic Aspects, Molecules and Molecular Networks

Head Induction

  • Classical Concepts for Head Induction
  • Tissues Involved in Anterior Specification
  • Signaling Pathways Involved in Anterior Specification
  • Mechanistic Models for Head Induction
  • Transcriptional Regulators in Anterior Specification

Anterior-Posterior Patterning of the Hindbrain: Integrating Boundaries and Cell Segregation with Segment Formation and Identity

  • Hindbrain Development

Neurogenesis in the Central Nervous System

  • Intrinsic Regulation of Neurogenesis
  • Extrinsic Regulation of Neurogenesis
  • Cell Cycle Regulation and Neuronal Fate Determination
  • Neuron-generating Asymmetric Cell Division

Generating Cell Diversity

  • Establishing Early Compartments of the Embryo
  • Early Neurogenesis in the Neural Plate
  • Determination of Neuronal Identities in the Spinal Cord

The Molecular Basis of Directional Cell Migration

  • How and What Moves Cells
  • The Cytoskeleton
  • Motile Membrane Extensions containing Microfilaments
  • Modulation of the Structure of Transient Protusive Membrane Extensions
  • Formation of Substratum Contacts
  • Cell Body Traction
  • Rear Detachment
  • The Role of Microtubules in Cell Migration
  • The Role of Intermediate Filaments in Cell Migration
  • Modulation of the Cytoskeletal Organization by External Signals
  • The Cytoskeletal Organization of Neuronal Growth Cones

Cell Death in Organ Development

  • Programmed Cell Death
  • Genetics of Programmed Cell Death
  • Cell Death Receptors
  • Growth Factor Deprivation
  • Programmed Cell Death in Developing Organs

Dorso-Ventral Patterning of the Vertebrate Central Nervous System

  • Generating Cell Diversity in the Dorsal Neural Tube
  • Generating Cell Diversity in the Ventral Neural Tube
  • Generation of D-V Patterning in the Anterior Neural Tube Follows Rules Similar to those Used in the Spinal Cord

Novel Perspectives in Research on the Neural Crest and its Derivatives

  • Novel Techniques to Investigate NC Development and Fate
  • Mechanisms of Specification and Emigration of NC Cells
  • Peripheral Neuronal Lineages: Pluripotentiality and Early Restrictions of Migratory NC
  • Molecular Control of Neuron Development in Peripheral Ganglia
  • Growth Cone Navigation and Innervation of Peripheral Targets
  • Factors Controlling Neuronal Survival in the PNS
  • Glial Cell Development from the NC-Peripheral Glial Lineages: Fate Choice and Early Developmental Events
  • Signals that Control Schwann Cell-precursor Survival and Schwann Cell Generation

Eye Development

  • Vertebrate Eye Development: An Overview
  • Patterning of the Anterior Neural Plate
  • Transcription Factors Function in the Establishment of Retinal Identity
  • Patterning of the Eye Field and its Medio-lateral Separation
  • Differentiation of Neuroretina and Pigmented Retinal Epithlium
  • Differentiation of Retinal Cell Types

Mammalian Inner Ear Development: Of Mice and Man

  • Morphological and Cellular Events in Mammalian Ear Development
  • Postnatal Maturation
  • Aging, Hair Cell Loss and the Molecular Biology of Hair Cell Regeneration

Limb Development

  • The Major Signaling Pathways in Limb Development
  • Limb Initiation and Formation of the Limb “Organizers”
  • Function of Organizers in Regulating Pattern and Growth along the Limb Axes
  • Coordination of Patterning, Outgrowth and Differentiation: Positive Co-regulation and Feedback Loops Synchronize Output from Limb Organizers, and Antagonism between Signaling Pathways Contributes to Polarity
  • Ongoing Late Regulation and Realization of Pattern
  • Potential Biomedical Applications and Future Directions

Skeletal Development

  • Skeletal Morphogenesis
  • Skeletal Growth
  • Therapeutic Considerations

Musculature and Growth Factors

  • Induction of Primary Myogenesis by Cell Signaling and Growth Factors
  • Tour Guides: How Growth Factors Guide Migration of Muscle Precursor Cells During Embryonic Development
  • Control of Muscle Size and Muscle Fiber Diversity by Local and Circulating Growth Factors
  • Growth Factors in Muscle Wasting and Skeletal Muscle Regeneration
  • Does Growth Factor Mediated Recruitment of Uncommitted Stem Cells Contribute to Skeletal Muscle Cell Regeneration

Skin Development

  • Morphology of the Skin and Development of Hair Follicles and Other Adnexal Structures
  • Cell Adhesion and the Role of Adhesion Molecules in Development
  • Development of the Dermal Matrix
  • Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interactions and Signaling
  • Epidermal Stem Cells
  • Pathological Skin Conditions Caused by Developmental Abnormalities

Tooth Development

  • Signaling Pathways and their Networks Regulating Tooth Development
  • Biological Effects
  • Biomedical Application

Gastrointestinal Tract

  • Development of the Gastrointestinal Mucosa
  • Gastric Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
  • Intestinal Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
  • Biomedical Applications

Cell Signaling and Growth Factors in Lung Development

  • Growth Factors and Lung Development
  • Growth Factor Signaling Pathways in Lung Development
  • Regulation of Signaling Networks
  • Developmental Modulation of Growth Factor Signaling by Adapter Proteins
  • Morphogens and Morphogenetic Gradients

Molecular Genetics of Liver and Pancreas Development

  • From the Fertilized Egg to Primitive Endodermal Precursor Cells
  • Commitment to Pancreas and Liver Fates in Xenopus
  • Liver and Pancreas Specification in Mouse, Chicken and Zebrafish
  • Proliferation and Differentiation of Functionally Distinct Pancreatic and Hepatic Cell Populations
  • Transdifferentiation of Pancreas and Liver
  • Pancreas and Liver Regeneration
  • Generation of Pancreatic and Hepatic Cells from Pluripotent Embryonic Precursor Cells

Molecular Networks in Cardiac Development

  • Implications of Studying Heart Development for Adult Cardiology
  • Model Organisms
  • Anatomical Description of Heart Development
  • Cardiac Induction
  • Transcription Factor Families Involved in Early Heart Induction
  • Tubular Heart Formation
  • Left-Right Axis Development
  • Chamber Formation
  • Outflow Tract Patterning and the Role of the Neural Crest
  • Signals Governing Valve Formation
  • Epigenetic Factors


  • Modes of Blood Vessel Morphogenesis: Vasculogenesis, Angiogenesis and Arteriogenesis
  • Endothelial Cell Differentiation and Hematopoiesis
  • Adult Arteriogenesis and Vasculogenesis
  • Endothelial Cell Growth and Differentiation Factors
  • VEGF and VEGF Receptors
  • Other VEGF Family Members: Involvement in Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis
  • Hypoxia-inducible Factors and Other Endothelial Transcriptional Regulators

Inductive Signaling in Kidney Morphogenesis

  • Early Differentiation of the Kidney
  • Regulation of Ureteric Bud Branching
  • Genes Affecting Early Nephrogenesis
  • Signaling Molecules, their Receptors, and the Integrins
  • Transcription Factors

Molecular and Cellular Pathways for the Morphogenesis of Mouse Sex Organs

  • Building the Foundation: Establishment of the Urogenital Ridge
  • Parting the Way: Sexually Dimorphic Development of the Gonad
  • Dimorphic Development of the Reproductive Tracts
  • Morphogenesis of the External Genitalia


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Cell Signaling and Growth Factors in Development
From Molecules to Organogenesis
2-Volume Set
edited by Klaus Unsicker

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