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Chemistry in the Oil Industry VII
Performance in a Challenging Environment
edited by Harry Frampton

Chemistry in the Oil Industry VII is the latest in a series of respected volumes that provides an up-to-date review of some of the major chemistry topics related to the oil and gas industry.

Divided into four sections, Chemistry in the Oil Industry VII looks in turn at the latest developments in environmental issues, new technology, applications and flow assurance.

This reflects the increasingly important role for chemical technologies in offshore, deep water and challenging environments, allied to developments of low environmental impact chemistry. Regulatory strategies are also discussed, from both the governmental and operational perspective.

Overall, Chemistry in the Oil Industry VII presents the latest information on developments in the modern oil industry, which will have an impact on future cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


Environmental Issues

  1. An Overview of the Harmonised Mandatory Control System
  2. Impact of the OSPAR Decision on the Harmonised Mandatory Control System on the Offshore Chemical Supply Industry
  3. The Development and Introduction of Chemical Hazard Assessment and Risk Management (CHARM) into the Regulation of Offshore Chemicals in the OSPAR Convention Area; A Good Example of Governrnenthndustry Co-operation or a Warning to Industry for the Future?
  4. Bioaccumulation Potential of Surfactants: A Review
  5. Alkylphenol Based Demulsifier Resins and their Continued Use in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
New Technology

  1. Use of Enzymes for the In-Situ Generation of Well Treatment Chemicals
  2. Electrically Conductive Oil-based Mud
  3. The Use of Surfactants to Generate Viscoelastic Fluids
  4. Function and Application of Oilfield Chemistry in Open Hole Sand Control Completions
  5. Effective Topside Chemical Detection via a Novel Antibody Engineering
  6. Using Electrochemical Pre-treatment for the Protection of Metal Surfaces from the Formation and Growth of Calcium Carbonate Scale
  1. The Challenges Facing Chemical Management: A BP Perspective
  2. The Development and Application of Dithiocarbamate (DTC) Chemistries for Use as Flocculants by North Sea Operators
  3. Optimising Oilfield Oxygen Scavengers
  4. Enhancing Reliability, Performance and Environmental Acceptability of Subsea Hydraulic Production Control Fluids, a True Chemistry Challenge
  5. Reservoir Drilling Fluids: An Overview of Current Technology and New Potential Developments
  6. A Chemical Packer for Annular Isolation in Horizontal Wells
  7. Increased Oil Production from Wet Wells in Sandstone Reservoirs by Modifying the Relative Permeability
Flow Assurance
  1. Life Cycle Management of Scale Control within Subsea Fields and its Impact on Flow Assurance, Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea Basin
  2. New Methods for the Selection of Asphaltene Inhibitors in the Field
  3. The Development of Advanced Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors
  4. Prediction and Solution of Asphaltene Related Problems in the Field

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Chemistry in the Oil Industry VII
Performance in a Challenging Environment
edited by Harry Frampton

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