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Cereals: Novel Uses and Processes
edited by
Grant M. Campbell

Cereals: Novel Uses and Processes, following the proceedings of the international conference structure held on this topic, firstly overviews the potential of cereals as industrial raw materials for food, feed, and non-food applications. The major cereal components are considered in the first section.

Having considered the cereal components individually, the reference then brings them together by introducing the Wholecrop Utilization concept in section II. Food uses will continue to dominate cereal usage so the third section considers novel developments in this area.

Cereals: Novel Uses and Processes provides food for thought for those interested in the science and technology of cereals!


  1. Cereal Components
    1. The Potential of Cereals as Industrial Raw Materials: Legal, Technical and Commercial Considerations


    2. Present and Future Uses of Cereal Starches
    3. Industrial Markets for UK-Grown Cereal Starch

      Plastics and Chemicals

    4. Flexible Polyurethane Foam Extended with Corn Starch
    5. Biodegradable Composites of Starch and Poly(Hydroxybutyrate-Co-Valerate) Copolymers
    6. Biodegradable Coatings for Thermoplastic Starch
    7. Industrial Applications for Levulinic Acid
    8. Production of Lactic Acid from Starch: Simulation and Optimization
    9. On-Line Monitoring of Enzymatic Bioprocesses by Microdialysis Sampling, Anion Exchange Chromatography, and Integrated Pulsed Electrochemical Detection

      Properties of Starches, New and Old

    10. Cereal Starches: Properties in Relation to Industrial Uses
    11. Grain Composition of Amaranthaceae and Chenopodiaceae Species
    12. Developing Specialty Starches from New Crops: A Case Study Using Grain Amaranth
    13. Removal Characteristics of Baked Wheat Starch Deposits Treated with Aqueous Cleaning Agents


    14. Application of Cereal Proteins in Technical Applications
    15. Mechanical and Barrier Properties of Wheat Glutten Films Coated with Polylactic Acid

      Bran and Straw

    16. On-Line Measurement of Bran in Flour by Image Analysis
    17. Pretreatment of Agricultural Crop Residues for Conversion to High-Value Products
    18. Innovative Uses of Cereals for Fructose Production
    19. Straw as a Fuel

  2. Whole Crop Utilization

      Integrated Bioprocesses
    1. Food and Non-Food Uses of Immature Cereals
    2. A Closed Biotechnological System for the Manufacture of Nonfood Products from Cereals
    3. Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Wheat Starch and Vital Wheat Glutten Production
    4. Bioethanol from Cereal Crops in Europe
    5. Determining the Profitability of a Wholecrop Biorefinery

      Fermentation: The Key Technology

    6. Development of a Generic Fermentation Feedstock from Whole Wheat Flour
    7. The Effect of Nutrients and &alpha-Amylase Inactivation on the Fermentative Lactic Acid Production in Whole Wheat Flour Hydrolysate by Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis ATCC 19435
    8. Agricultural Residues and Cereals as Fermentation Media

  3. Food Processes

    1. Functional Foods for Health: Opportunities for Novel Cereal Processes and Products
    2. Novel Natural Products from Grain Fractionation
    3. Application of Fermented Flour to Optimise Production of Premium Crackers and Bread
    4. Neuronal and Experimental Methodology to Improve Malt Quality
    5. Flour Milling Process for the 21st Century
    6. Sorghum Processing Technologies in Southern Africa
    7. Cereal Processing in New Zealand: Inversion, Diversification, Innovation, Management

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Cereals: Novel Uses and Processes
edited by Grant M. Campbell
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