Cosmetics Manufacturing Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics
Volume 1: Science, 4th edition
Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics
Volume 2: Formulating, 4th edition
Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics
Cosmetic Specialties and Ingredients

Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics:
Vol. 3 Ingredients
2 Volumes
Third edition
edited by
Mitchell L. Schlossman

Ingredients, the third volume, in two parts, completes the Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics Series.

This volume discusses the vast number of materials used, or potentially useful, in cosmetics. Reviewing more than 70 topics, Ingredients reveals the intricacies in the employment of materials used in today's cosmetics industry, whether it's waxes, marine products, collagen, honey, vitamins, vegetable proteins, antibacterials or microspheres, as well as many others.

This new, must-have series is edited by the highly respected Mitchell Schlossman of Presperse and KOBO Products Inc. and features the contributions of several knowledgeable and accomplished experts from around the world.

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  1. Acetoglycerides
  2. Aliphatic Branch-Chain Hydrocarbons
  3. Alkoxylated Nonionic Surfactants
  4. Allantoin
  5. Aloe Vera
  6. Aluminum Compounds
  7. Antihistaminic Agents
  8. Anti-Inflammatory Agents
  9. Antimicrobial Actives
  10. Azulene
  11. Boron
  12. Ceramides
  13. Chitin
  14. Chlorophyll
  15. Citrates
  16. Collagen
  17. Complexing Agents
  18. Color Cosmetic Additives
  19. Cosmetic Delivery Systems: An Overview
  20. Cytokines
  21. Dihydroxyacetone: Chemistry and Applications in Self-Tanning Products
  22. Egg Oil
  23. Enzymes
  24. Fatty Acids and Derivatives
  25. Fluorine Compounds
  26. Henna Extract
  27. Higher Fatty Alcohols
  28. Honey and Other Products of the Hive
  29. Humectants and Polyols
  30. Hyaluronic Acid
  31. Hypoallergenic Cosmetics
  32. Inorganic Sunscreens
  33. Insoluble Metallic Soaps
  34. Lanolin and Its Derivatives
  35. Liposomes in Cosmetics: An Overview of Production, Characterization and Applications
  36. Lithium Compounds
  37. Mercury Compounds
  38. Microspheres
  39. Nucleic Acids
  40. Organic Sunscreens
  41. Oxidation Protection with Phenolic Antioxidants
  42. Pearlescent Pigments
  43. Peroxides and Other "Per" Compounds
  44. Personal Care Applications of Starch Polymers
  45. Petroleum Derivatives in Cosmetics
  46. Phosphates
  47. Phospholipids
  48. Polyethylene Glycols
  49. Polymers for Personal Care Products
  50. Psoralens
  51. Salicylic Acid
  52. Seawater
  53. Silicones
  54. Silk Powder
  55. Silver Compounds
  56. Smectite Organoclay Chemistry: Organically Modified Bentonite Reacted with Organic Cations
  57. Smectite Clay Chemistry
  58. Solvents
  59. Squalane: The Natural Moisturizer
  60. Sterols, Steroids, Bile Acids, Hormones and Related Compounds
  61. Strontium Compounds
  62. Surface Treatment of Cosmetic Pigments
  63. Surfactants
  64. Thermotropic Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Mixtures
  65. "Thio" and Related Sulfer Compounds
  66. Ultraviolet Absorbers
  67. Vitamins
  68. Water
  69. Waxes
  70. Zinc Compounds
  71. Zirconium Compounds


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Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics:
Volume 3 Ingredients

2 Part Reference Set
edited by Mitchell L. Schlossman
ISBN: 0931710774

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