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Chemistry of Crop Protection
Progress and Prospects in Science and Regulation
edited by G. Voss

Chemistry of Crop Protection exclusively documents thirty invited lectures held at the 10th IUPAC International Congress on the Chemistry of Crop Protection in August 2002.

These contributions take the form of reviews and presentations of original research results. They cover fundamental aspects of biology, chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology of disease, weed and insect control agents, as well as economic issues, aspects in production, formulation and application, and recent regulatory developments in environmental and consumer protection.

This reference is invaluable for industrial and academic research libraries in support of their R&D departments with the latest, exclusive information.


Plenary Lectures

  1. Crop Protection in the New Millenium
  2. Homologs of Amino Acids and Explorations into the Worlds of β- and y-Peptides
  3. Cost Effective Production of Agrochemicals: How to Satisfy the Needs of Farmers, Industry, and the Environment
  4. Obsolete Pesticide Stocks in Developing Countries: Strategies, Policies, and practical Steps for their Safe Disposal
  5. A Food Processor's Efforts to Minimize Pesticide Residues in the Food Chain
  6. The Risk to Eat: Natural versus Man-Made Toxins

Disease Control: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

  1. Molecular Diagnostics for Fungicide Resistance in Plant Pathogens
  2. New Antifungal Modes of Action
  3. Elucidating Pathways Controlling Induced Resistance
  4. Molecular Modelling of Inhibitors at Qi and Qo Sites in Cytochrome bc1 Complex

Weed Control: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

  1. News from Old Compounds: The Mode of Action of Auxin herbicides
  2. Natural Phytotoxins with Potential for Development in Weed Management Strategies
  3. Weed Resistance to herbicides: Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Insect Control: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

  1. Voltage-Gated Sodium channels as Insecticide Targets
  2. Structural Studies of Insect Nuclear Receptors
  3. Molecular Design of Neonicotenoids: Past, Present and Future
  4. Mode of Action of Bacillus thuriengiensis Toxins

Formulation and Application: Methodology, Performance, Safety

  1. Foliar Interaction and Uptake of Agrochemical Formulations: Present Limits and Future Potential
  2. Standards for Sprayers and Cooperation of Test Stations for Mutual Recognition in Europe
  3. Suspoemulsion: Key Technology for Tailor-Made Ready-Mix Formulations
  4. Controlled Release in Crop Protection: Past Experience and Future Opportunities

Environmental Fate and Safety

  1. Advances in Validation of Environmental Exposure Model Predictions for Regulatory Purposes
  2. Environmental Fate and Impact Considerations Related to the Use of Transgenic Crops
  3. Development and Registration of Pesticides with Reduced Risk Characteristics
  4. Environmental Fate Consideratons for Pesticides in Tropical Ecosystems

Residues and Consumer Safety

  1. European Food Agency and Consumer Risk Assessment in the EU ,li>A Comparison of Dietary Exposure and Risk Assessment Methods
  2. MRLs and International Trade, a Developing country Perspective
  3. Consumer Perception of Food Risk and Consumer Trust in Europe


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Chemistry of Crop Protection
Progress and Prospects in Science and Regulation
edited by G. Voss and G. Ramos

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