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The Chorleywood Bread Process
by Stanley Cauvain
and Linda Young

The introduction of the Chorleywood Bread Process sparked changes in improver and ingredient technology, process, and equipment design which have had a profound impact on baking processes and the structure of the industry.

Written by two of the world's leading experts on the process, this important book explains its underlying principles and ways of maximizing its potential in producing a wide range of baked products. After a brief review of the basic principles of bread making, the book outlines the development and fundamental characteristics of the Chorleywood Bread Process.

Key features of The Chorleywood Bread Process book:

  • key steps in the process
  • ingredient quality and quantities
  • dough mixing and processing
  • common quality defects and how they can be prevented or resolved
  • how knowledge-based software systems can help to manage the process
  • range of bakery products that can be produced using the process
  • how this process can best be applied in different kinds of bakery


The Basic Principles of Breadmaking

Brief History of the Chorleywood Bread Process

Chorleywood Bread Process Fundamentals

  • The main principles of the Chorleywood Bread Process
  • Definitely not the Chorleywood Bread Process
  • Other no-time dough development processes

Ingredient Qualities and Quantities in the Chorleywood Bread Process

  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Oxidants
  • Fats
  • Emulsifiers
  • Enzyme active material
  • Other ingredients
  • Soya flour
  • Improvers and concentrates

Dough Mixing and the Chorleywood Bread Process

  • The functions of mixing
  • Types of mixer
  • Mixing speed
  • The role of energy
  • The role of temperature
  • Cell creation during mixing
  • Mixer headspace pressure control
  • Brews, sponges and sours

Processing Chorleywood Bread Process Doughs

  • Modification of dough bubble structure
  • Dividing
  • First moulding
  • Intermediate proof
  • Final moulding
  • Proving
  • Baking
  • Cooling and storage

Optimising Quality with the Chorleywood Bread Process

  • Primary causes of quality defects and their contributing factors
  • Quality defects in fermented products and their causes
  • Quality defects in four-piece bread

Knowledge-based systems and the Chorleywood Bread Process

  • The Bread Faults Expert System
  • Intelligent Mediator and Bread Advisor
  • Using KBSs as teaching tools

Variety Bread Production with the Chorleywood Bread Process

  • Changing recipes to make products using the CBP
  • Converting bulk fermentation recipes to CBP
  • Using improvers
  • Using re-work
  • Dough consistency
  • Salt and yeast levels
  • Sample recipes

Applications of the Chorleywood Bread Process

  • Plant bakeries
  • Craft bakeries
  • In-store bakeries
  • International

The Future for the Chorleywood Bread Process


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The Chorleywood Bread Process
by Stanley Cauvain and Linda Young
2006 • 178 pages • $218.95 + shipping
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