Professional Chocolate Art Videotapes or DVD from C.H.I.P.S.

Presented by The Culinary Institute of America, this series on chocolate art is based on the techniques of Swiss Master Confectioner Ewald Notter.

Chocolate Decoration Techniques
Advanced Chocolate Decoration Techniques

These videotapes are available individually or as a set.
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The DVD contains all of the material from both videotapes!

Video One
Chocolate Decoration Techniques with Ewald Notter

This videotape explores the basic techniques involved in working with chocolate, from tempering to finishing touches.

The videotape begins with an overview of chocolate, where it comes from, how it is processed, and the basic information that will help the beginning chocolatier better understand the art and science.

Couverture and tempering of chocolate is covered in depth, with the three methods of tempering demonstrated:

  • Direct method of tempering
  • Seeding method of tempering
  • Tabling method of tempering
The four skills to master tempering of chocolate are taught thoroughly:
  • Manipulating temperature
  • Agitating and stirring properly
  • Using the right ratio of tempered to untempered chocolate
  • Incorporating one into the other
When tempering is mastered, you can also learn
the following techniques in this video:
  • Cutting out shapes
  • Working with molds
  • Using multiple colors
  • Incorporating transfer sheets
  • Spraying techniques

VHS Color • 37 Minutes • $49.00 + shipping

Video Two
Advanced Chocolate Decoration with Ewald Notter

Master confectioner Ewald Notter continues in this videotape with advanced techniques for chocolate art, with detailed instructions for:

  • How to manipulate chocolate shavings
  • Working with modeling chocolate
  • Building show pieces with piping chocolate

Traditional cigars. Tapered end cigars. Half-sized cigars. Two-tone cigars. Wide shavings. Rose made with chocolate shavings.

Modeling Chocolate

Formula and process. Working with modeling chocolate. Chocolate rose. Feathers. White flowers. Hat display.


Drawings and templates. Piping bag assembly. Heron display. Bambi display. Hummingbird display. Piping details for personalized effect. Analyzing construction details. Owl display. Rooster display.

All of the techniques and processes taught in these two chocolate art videotapes are implemented in the beautiful show pieces which Ewald Notter develops throughout the tapes and presents as examples.

Upon mastering these techniques, one can be creative in one's own right.

VHS Color • 25 Minutes • $49.00 + shipping

Book also available by Ewald Notter:
The Art of the Chocolatier

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Chocolate Decoration Techniques with Ewald Notter
Video 1 (VHS): $49.00 + shipping
Video 2 (VHS): $49.00 + shipping
2-Video Set (VHS): $89.95 + shipping
DVD: 129.00 + shipping
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