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Circuit Systems with MATLAB® and PSpice®
by Won Y. Yang

Circuit Systems with MATLAB® and PSpice® help readers rapidly gain an intuitive understanding of circuit concepts.

  • Unified scheme using the Laplace transform accelerates comprehension
  • Focuses on interpreting solutions and evaluating design results, not laborious computation
  • Most examples illustrated with MATLAB analyses and PSpice simulations
  • Downloadable programs available for hands-on practice
  • Over 130 problems to reinforce and extend conceptual understanding

Circuit Systems with MATLAB® and PSpice® includes:

  • Positive feedback OP Amp circuits
  • Nonlinear resistor circuit analysis
  • Real world 555 timer circuit examples
  • Power factor correction programs
  • Three-phase AC power system analysis
  • Two-port parameter conversion


1. Basic Concepts on Electric Circuits

  • Symbols and Units
  • Network Variables
  • Circuit Elements
  • Kirchhoff’s Laws
  • Equivalent Transformation of Sources
  • Series and Parallel Connections

2. Resistor Circuits

  • Combination of Resistors
  • Voltage/Current Divider
  • ?-Y(-T) Transformation
  • Node Analysis
  • Mesh (Loop) Analysis
  • Comparison of Node Analysis and Mesh Analysis
  • Thevenin/Norton Equivalent Circuits
  • Superposition Principle and Linearity
  • OP Amp Circuits with Resistors
  • Transistor Circuits
  • Loading Effect and Input/Output Resistance
  • Load Line Analysis of Nonlinear Resistor Circuits
  • More Examples of Resistor Circuits

3. First-Order Circuits

  • Characteristics of Inductors and Capacitors
  • Series–Parallel Combination of Inductors/Capacitors
  • Circuit Analysis Using the Laplace Transform
  • Analysis of First-Order Circuits
  • Analysis of First-Order OP Amp Circuits
  • LRL Circuits and CRC Circuits
  • Simulation Using PSpice and MATLAB
  • Application and Design of First-Order Circuits

4. Second-Order Circuits

  • The Laplace Transform For Second-Order Differential Equations
  • Analysis of Second-Order Circuits
  • Second-Order OP Amp Circuits
  • Analogy and Duality
  • Transfer Function, Impulse Response, and Convolution
  • The Steady-State Response to a Sinusoidal Input
  • An Example of MATLAB Analysis and PSpice Simulation

5. Magnetically Coupled Circuits

  • Self-Inductance
  • Mutual Inductance
  • Relative Polarity of Induced Voltages and Dot Convention
  • Equivalent Models of Magnetically Coupled Coils
  • Ideal Transformer
  • Linear Transformer
  • Autotransformers

6. AC Circuits

  • Sinusoidal Sources
  • Phasor and AC Analysis
  • AC Impedance of Passive Elements
  • AC Circuit Examples
  • Instantaneous, Active, Reactive, and Complex Power
  • Power Factor
  • Maximum Power Transfer – Impedance Matching
  • Load Flow Calculation
  • Design and Simulation for Maximum Power Transfer

7. Three-Phase AC Circuits

  • Balanced Three-Phase Voltages
  • Power of Balanced Three-Phase Loads
  • Measurement of Three-Phase Power
  • Three-Phase Power System
  • Electric Shock and Grounding

8. Frequency Selective Circuit – Filter

  • Lowpass Filter (LPF)
  • Highpass Filter (HPF)
  • Bandpass Filter (BPF)
  • Bandstop Filter (BSF)
  • Active Filter
  • Analog Filter Design

9. Circuits Analysis Using Fourier Series

  • Fourier Series
  • Computation of Fourier Coefficients Using Symmetry
  • Circuit Analysis Using Fourier Series
  • Fourier Series and Laplace Transform
  • RMS Value and Power of a Nonsinusoidal Periodic Signal

10. Two-Port Networks

  • Definitions of Two-Port Parameters
  • Relationships Among Two-Port Parameters
  • Reciprocity of a Two-Port Network
  • Interconnection of Two-Port Networks
  • Two-Port Networks Having Source/Load
  • Feedback Amplifiers as Two-Port Networks
  • Circuit Models with Given Parameters


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Circuit Systems with MATLAB® and PSpice®
by Won Y. Yang
2007 • 529 pages • $129.00 + shipping
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