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Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials
Theory, Practice, and Cases
Third edition
by Marcia Gladwin

Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials provides a practical understanding of dental materials and materials science.

Part I, Theoretical Perspectives, covers the basics, science, and theory of dental materials.

Part II, Laboratory/Clinical Applications, relates materials science to clinical dental hygiene practice.

Part III, Case Studies, presents cases that help students integrate other dental hygiene knowledge with materials science.

This Third Edition has a full-color insert containing photographs with descriptive captions. Two new chapters have been added: "Finishing and Polishing Composite Restorations" and "Tips for the New Hygienist". New review questions designed for course and national boards review have been added to Parts I and II.


Part I: Theoretical Perspectives

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials Science and Dentistry
  3. Physical and Mechanical Properties of Dental Materials
  4. Adhesive Materials
  5. Direct Polymeric Restorative Materials
  6. Amalgam and Direct Gold
  7. Dental Cements
  8. Impression Materials
  9. Gypsum Materials
  10. Materials for Fixed Indirect Restorations and Prostheses
  11. Removable Prostheses and Acrylic Resins
  12. Dental Implants
  13. Specialty Materials
  14. Clinical Detection and Management of Dental Restorative Materials During Scaling and Polishing
  15. Radiographic Appearance of Dental Tissues and Materials
  16. Polishing Materials and Abrasion
  17. Tooth Whitening
  18. Oral Appliances
  19. Instruments as Dental Materials: Care and Maintenance
  20. Infection Control and Safety in the Dental Office
  21. Disinfection of Impressions, Dentures, and Other Appliances and Materials
  22. General Rules for Handling Dental Materials

Part II: Laboratory and Clinical Applications

  1. Mixing Liners, Bases, and Cements
  2. Application and Removal of the Rubber Dam
  3. Pit and Fissure Sealants
  4. Amalgam Finishing and Polishing
  5. Taking Alginate Impressions
  6. Fabrication and Trimming of Study Models
  7. Fabrication of a Custom Impression Tray
  8. Elastomeric Impressions
  9. Vital Tooth Whitening: Patient-Applied, Professionally Supervised Clinical and Laboratory Procedures
  10. Debonding Orthodontic Resins
  11. Placement of the Periodontal Dressing
  12. Removal of the Periodontal Dressing and Sutures
  13. Temporary Crowns
  14. Composite Finishing and Polishing
  15. Tips for the New Hygienist

Part III: Case Studies


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Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials: Theory, Practice, and Cases
Third edition
by Marcia Gladwin

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