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Clinical Obstetrics
The Fetus and Mother
Third Edition
edited by E. Albert Reece

Clinical Obstetrics is unique in that it gives in-depth attention to the two patients - fetus and mother, giving special coverage to each patient.

Clinical Obstetrics covers the biology, pathology, and clinical management of disorders affecting the fetus and the mother with illustrations highlighting essential diagnostic features and treatment procedures.

The book has been extensively revised and in some cases reorganized for clarity and flow.

Topics covered include:

  • first trimester prenatal screening
  • 3-D and 4-D ultrasound
  • medical and surgical fetal therapy
  • foetal stem cell therapy
  • prenatal diagnosis and fetal developmental biology
  • benign tumors in pregnancy

In addition, Clinical Obstetrics includes a new searchable CD of the text including over 100 colour illustrations, and a Q&A book allowing you to test your learning.


Conception and Conceptus Development

  1. Early conceptus growth and immunobiologic adaptations of pregnancy
  2. Normal embryonic and fetal development

Pregnancy and the Fetoplacental Unit

  1. Normal and abnormal placentation
  2. Fetoplacental perfusion and transfer of nutrients
  3. Endocrinology of pregnancy and the placenta

Fetal Developmental Biology

  1. Fetal lung development and amniotic fluid analysis
  2. Fetal cardiovascular physiology and response to stress conditions
  3. Immunology of the fetus
  4. Fetal endocrinology
  5. Fetal hematology

Variations in Embryonal and Fetal Growth and Development

  1. Sporadic and recurrent pregnancy loss
  2. Ectopic and heterotopic pregnancies
  3. Multifetal pregnancies: epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and management
  4. Biology of normal and deviant fetal growth

Fetal Infections and Teratogenesis

  1. Developmental toxicology, drugs, and fetal teratogenesis
  2. Drugs, alcohol abuse, and effects in pregnancy
  3. Teratogenic viruses
  4. Transplacentally acquired microbial infections in the fetus
  5. Antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents in pregnancy and during lactation

Fetal Diseases

  1. Principles of human genetics: chromosomal and singlegene disorders
  2. Genetic counseling in prenatal and perinatal medicine
  3. Basic principles of ultrasound
  4. Prenatal diagnosis of central nervous system malformations
  5. Prenatal diagnosis of thoracic and cardiac abnormalities
  6. Gastrointestinal and genitourinary anomalies
  7. Fetal skeletal anomalies
  8. First- and second-trimester prenatal diagnosis
  9. First- and second-trimester screening for open neural tube defects and Down syndrome

Methods of Evaluation of Fetal Development and Well-being

  1. Prenatal diagnosis of deviant fetal growth
  2. Three- and four-dimensional ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in pregnancy
  3. Doppler ultrasonography and fetal well-being
  4. Antepartum and intrapartum surveillance of the fetus and the amniotic fluid

Fetal Therapy

  1. The fetus at surgery
  2. Fetal medical treatment

Maternal Biological Adaptations to Pregnancy

  1. Maternal biological, biomechanical, and biochemical changes in pregnancy
  2. Maternal nutrition

Maternal Diseases Complicating Pregnancy

Chapters 37-53

Medicosocial Considerations in Pregnancy

  1. Pregnancy before age 20 years and after age 35 years
  2. Essentials in biostatistics and perinatal epidemiology
  3. Sexuality in pregnancy and the postpartum period
  4. Psychiatric problems during pregnancy and the puerperium
  5. Ethical and legal dimensions of medicine of the pregnant woman and fetus

Obstetric and Peripartal Events

Chapters 59-66

The Newborn Infant

  1. Premature birth and neurological complications
  2. Common problems of the newborn


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Clinical Obstetrics
The Fetus and Mother
Third Edition
edited by E. Albert Reece

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