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Clinical Neurology of the Older Adult
Second edition
by Joseph I. Sirven

Clinical Neurology of the Older Adult is the most up-to-date reference on the evaluation and treatment of neurologic problems in older adults.

Clinical Neurology of the Older Adult is organized so that clinicians can quickly look up either a patient's symptom(s) or a disease, and includes medication charts and diagnostic algorithms.


1. Introduction: What Makes the Older Adult Unique?

  1. Gerontology and Neurology
  2. Neurological Examination of the Older Adult
  3. Imaging of the Aging Brain
  4. Age-Related Changes in Pharmacokinetics, Drug Interactions, and Adverse Effects
  5. Neurologic Considerations in the Postmenopausal Woman
  6. Cognitive Changes Associated with Normal Aging
2. Common Signs and Symptoms in the Older Adult

  1. Transient Loss of Consciousness: Seizures and Syncope
  2. Dizziness and Vertigo in Older Adults
  3. Definition and Epidemiology of Falls and Gait Disorders
  4. Acquired Disorders of Swallowing, Cognition, Speech, and Language in the Older Adult
  5. Tremor
  6. Neuro-Ophthalmology
  7. Sleep in the Older Person
  8. Headaches
  9. Back and Neck Pain
  10. Incontinence and Sexual Dysfunction in the Elderly
3. Specific Neurological Conditions Affecting the Older Adult

  1. Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease
  2. Cognitive Effects of Stroke and Hemorrhage
  3. Spontaneous and Traumatic Cerebral Hemorrhage in the Elderly
  4. Cognitive Effects of Head Trauma in the Older Adult
  5. Dementia: Risk Factors and Genetics
  6. Movement Disorders in the Older Adult
  7. Cognitive Aspects of Parkinson's Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Movement Disorders
  8. Diseases of the Spinal Cord and Vertebrae
  9. Neuromuscular Diseases of the Older Adult
  10. Nonviral Infectious Diseases of the Nervous System
  11. Viral Illness of the Nervous System of the Elderly
  12. Neuro-Oncology of the Elderly
  13. Introduction: Neurologic Manifestations of Systemic Disease
  14. Acute and Chronic Seizures in the Older Adult
4. Psychosocial Issues in the Older Adult

  1. Recognition and Management of Late Life Mood Disorders
  2. Medically Unexplained Symptoms in Older Adults
  3. Long-Term Care Options for the Aging
  4. Ethical Legal Issues in the Care of Older Patients with Neurologic Illness
  5. Driving in the Elderly with Medical Conditions


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Clinical Neurology of the Older Adult
Second edition
by Joseph I. Sirven

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