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Clinical Trials in Psychopharmacology
A Better Brain
Second edition
edited by Marc Hertzman

Clinical Trials in Psychopharmacology takes a critical look at recent developments and presents a series of trenchant and challenging observations.

Section I examines the significant changes in law and the regulatory environment that have occurred during the past ten years. Has fossilization handicapped the US Food and Drug Administration in promoting treatment advances? How can the plethora of findings be regulated? This is particularly pertinent in genomic studies and there are two chapters addressing the impact of genomics on psychiatric research. This section also addresses the role of women in drug trials – a group long excluded but now demanding a part, for without testing how can optimal treatments be devised?

The next two Sections highlight clinical trials in the major areas of psychiatric pharmacological treatment, including Mood Disorders, especially Bipolar, Anxiety Disorders, and addictions. Chapters on pharmacological treatments for Eating Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, and Impulse Control Disorder represent the latest thinking on these subjects.

The final Section contains a consummate example of out-of-the [Western]- box thinking, namely consideration of herbal medicines – used by a large number of patients, with or without medical supervision. We conclude with a close look at the problem of side effects, then selected thoughts about methodology.


Section I: The Health Care Environment and Medications

  1. FDA Reform Déjà vu Encore
  2. Do Antidepressants Cause Suicide
  3. The Genome, Genes and Brain - Tailored Drugs
  4. Patenting and Licensing Concerns in Psychiatric Genetics
  5. Women’s Issues in Clinical Trials

Section II Clinical Trials and Mood Disorders

  1. Issues and Clues in the Pharmacological Treatment of Mood Disorders
  2. Bipolar Disorder
  3. Special Issues of Research Methodology in Bipolar Disorder Clinical Treatment Trials
  4. The Utility of Low-dose Antidepressants

Section III Clinical Trials in Anxiety and Other Disorders

  1. Clinical Trials for Anxiety Disorders
  2. Pharmacological Trials for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  3. Clinical Psychopharmacology of Patients with Eating Disorders
  4. ADHD Clinical Trials
  5. Autism and Asperger’s Spectrum Disorders
  6. Pharmacological Treatments of Impulse Control Disorders

Section IV Special Issues in Psychopharmacology

  1. Potential Benefits of Herbal Medicine for Schizophrenia: from Empirical Observations to Clinical Trials
  2. Adverse Effects of Antipsychotics
  3. Meta Musings on Methodology

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Clinical Trials in Psychopharmacology
A Better Brain
Second edition
edited by Marc Hertzman

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