Definitive Coffee Guide
from C.H.I.P.S.

Recent Developments
edited by R.J. Clarke
and O.G. Vitzthum

This book brings together in one volume the most important recent developments affecting the crop.


  • Chapters covering non-volatile and volatile compounds that determine the flavor of coffee
  • Comprehensive information on developments in roasting techniques
  • Decaffeination
  • Science and technology of instant coffee and home/catering beverage preparation
  • Physiological effects of coffee drinking are considered in a chapter on coffee and health
  • Agronomic aspects of coffee breeding and growing
  • Recent activities of some international organizations
  • and much more!

Coffee: Recent Devleopments is a vital tool for food scientists, food technologists and agriculturalscientists and the commercially important information included in the book makes it a perfect reference for all food companies involved with coffee.


  1. Chemistry I: Non-volatile Compounds

    1. Carbohydrates
      • Green Coffee
      • Roast Coffee
      • Soluble Coffee
      • Reaction of Carbohydrates on Roasting
      • Functional Properties of Coffee Carbohydrates
    2. Acids in Coffee
      • Quantitative Data on Organic Acids in Green Coffee
      • Determination of Organic Acids in Roasted Coffee
      • Acid Formation Mechanisms
      • Acid Increase on Storage
      • Volatile Acids
      • Acid Content and Sensory Characteristics
    3. Lipids
      • Coffee Oil
      • Fatty Acids
      • Diterpenes in the Lipid Fraction of Robusta and Arabica Coffees
      • Sterols
      • Tocopherols
      • Other Compounds
      • Coffee Wax

  2. Chemistry II: Non-volatile Compounds, Part II

    • Amino Acids and Protein
    • Fate of Chlorogenic Acid Derivatives During Roasting
    • Antioxidative Compounds in Coffee Brew
    • Colored Macromolecular Compounds

  3. Chemistry III: Volatile Compounds

    • Methodology
    • Raw Coffee
    • Roasted Coffee
    • Coffee Brew
    • Formation of Odorants

  4. Technology I: Roasting

    • Roasting Methods and Their Parameters
    • Bean Behavior During Roasting
    • Heat and Mass Transport
    • Some Aspects on Future Scientific Research
    • Industrial Roasting Equipment

  5. Technology II: Decaffeination of Coffee

    • Solvent Decaffeination
    • Water Decaffeination
    • Super Critical CO2 Decaffeination
    • Liquid CO2 Decaffeination
    • Decaffeination With Fatty Material
    • Special Developments
    • Caffeine Recovery From Activated Carbon
    • Economic Aspects

  6. Technology III: Instant Coffee

    • Processing
    • Physical Properties of Volatile Compounds

  7. Technology IV: Beverage Preparation: Brewing Trends for the New Millennium

    • Extraction Methods
    • Beverage Characterization
    • Modified Coffee Beverages

  8. Health Effects and Safety Considerations

    • Objectives and Scope
    • Coffee Consumption
    • Coffee and Cancer
    • Coffee and Cardiovascular Disease
    • Coffee and Bone Health
    • Reproductive and Developmental Potentials of Coffee and Caffeine
    • Emerging Beneficial Health Effects
    • Coffee Consumption - Safety Considerations

  9. Agronomy I: Coffee Breeding Practices

    • Genetic Resources
    • Breeding
    • Propagation of New Cultivars

  10. Agronomy II: Developmental and Cell Biology

    • Overview
    • Organ Development and the Allocation of Defense Compounds
    • Purine Alkaloid Formation in Coffee Cell Cultures
    • New Advances in Cell and Organ Culture
    • Coffee Scale-Up by Micropropagation
    • Somaclonal Variation and New Breeding Lines

  11. Agronomy III: Molecular Biology

    • Coffee Genes
    • Transformation Systems for Coffee
    • Prospects


  1. International Standards Organization (ISO)
    • Glossary Relating to Coffee and its Products
    • Green Coffee (Guides and Sampling Procedures)
    • Instant Coffee (Sampling Procedures)
    • Methods of Test (Chemical or Physical)

  2. International Coffee Organization (ICO)
    • International Coffee Agreement 1994
    • Statistical Information

  3. Units and Numerals
    • Units
    • Numerals


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Coffee: Recent Developments
edited by R.J. Clarke and O.G. Vitzthum
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