Nutritional Reference Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate
and the Brain

edited by Astrid Nehlig

  • Presents the beneficial and negative effects of caffeine on brain functioning, including therapeutic benefits and caffeine dependency

  • Discusses the effects of caffeine on sleep, cognition, memory, performance, and mood

  • Includes contributions from internationally renowned specialists

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and the Brain presents new information on the long-debated issue about the beneficial and/or potentially negative effects on the brain of the consumption of coffee, tea, and chocolate. With caffeine as the common component in these beverages and food, this volume features important data on the effects of caffeine on sleep, memory, cognition, mood, performance, and more.

It also contains specific information on new directions of research on the effect of caffeine on Parkinson's disease, seizures, ischemia, the stress axis, and brain development. Debate on the potential addiction to caffeine is included, as well as discussion of how chocolate and caffeine can induce or alleviate various types of headaches.

With contributions from world-renowned experts in the field, this up-to-date reference provides important information for scientists, researchers, industry professionals, and students involved in nutrition, neurology, neuropharmacology, clinical psychology, and other health-related sciences.


  1. Mechanisms of Action of Caffeine on the Nervous System
  2. Effects of Caffeine on Sleep and Wakefulness: An Update
  3. Arousal and Behavior: Biopsychological Effects of Caffeine
  4. Coffee, Caffeine and Cognitive Performance
  5. Effects of Coffee and Caffeine on Mood and Mood Disorders
  6. Age-related Changes in the Effects of Coffee on Memory and Cognitive Performance
  7. Neurodevelopmental Consequences of Coffee/Caffeine Exposure
  8. Caffeine Effects on the Human Stress Axis
  9. Dependence Upon Coffee and Caffeine: An Update
  10. Caffeine and Parkinson's Disease
  11. Caffeine in Ischemia and Seizures: Paradoxical Effects of Long-term Exposure
  12. Caffeine and Headache: Relationship with the Effects of Caffeine on Cerebral Blood Flow
  13. Effects of Non-caffeine Constituents in Roasted Coffee on the Brain
  14. Can Tea Consumption Protect Against Stroke?
  15. The Biology and Psychology of Chocolate Craving
  16. Is There a Relationship between Chocolate Consumption and Headache?

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Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Brain
edited by Astrid Nehlig
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