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Complementary Fat Grafting
by Samuel M. Lam, MD

Complementary Fat Grafting is a book/DVD set. It is a thoroughly illustrated "how-to" guide to facial fat transfer, a new facial rejuvenation procedure that allows the surgeon to sculpt the face and restore it to its natural beauty.


  • A stepwise approach to performing the procedure, from preoperative marking and selection of donor site to harvesting, processing, and full facial infiltration. Technical details are enumerated for every major area of donor harvesting, including lower abdomen; inner, anterior, and outer thigh; hips; waist roll; triceps; and inner knee
  • Lucid, full-color, step-by-step illustrations and photographs that demonstrate the precise recommended volumes, order of infiltration, and bony landmarks
  • Reduction of the procedure to three distinct levels---volumetric fountation, refinements, and advanced techniques--so that a beginning surgeon can augment the face based on empirical volume and then process toward mastery of additional refinements and advanced techniques based on an acquired artistic eye and accrued experience
  • Extensive video footage with two full-length, narrated, menu/sub-menu DVDs, with 15 separate videos that cover marking the patient, selecting the donor site, site-specific donor harvesting (lower abdomen; inner, anterior, outer thigh; lateral waist; buttock; and triceps), processing the fat, and stepwixe fat infiltration. Additional topics include advanced techniques for infiltration, use of a skull model to demonstrate bony landmarks used during infiltration, correction of the negative-vector eye, and more
  • Systematic identification and management of complications
  • Case studies that demonstrate how to implement the complementary approach, i.e., how to combine fat grafting with alloplastic implants, blepharoplasty, and facelifting when indicated


Aesthetics and Aging: A New Paradigm

  • Volume and Shape
  • Highlights and Shadows
  • Framing the Eye
  • Concluding Remarks

Preoperative Evaluation

  • Preoperative Consultation
  • Preoperative Analysis
    • Upper Face
    • Midface
    • Lower Face
  • Concluding Remarks

Operative Technique

  • Preoperative Assessment
    • Marking the Face
    • Selection of Donor Site
  • Operative Technique
    • General Principles of Anesthesia
    • Donor-site Anesthesia
    • Harvesting the Fat
    • Processing the Fat
    • Fat Injection
  • Complementary Fat Grafting: Combining Fat Grafting with Traditional Facial Rejuvenation Procedures
    • Timing
    • Technique
  • Immediate Postoperative Care
  • Technical Pearls and Tips

The Postoperative Period and Management of Complications

  • The Postoperative Period
    • Postoperative Care
    • Postoperative Course
  • Management of Complications
    • Indentification of the Complication
    • Treatment Options for a Complication
    • Excision

Case Studies

  • Case Study One: Introducing the Complementary Approach
    • History
    • Consultation
    • Intervention
    • Results
    • Commentary
  • Case Study Two: Framing a Negative-Vector Eye and Combined Use of Alloplastic Implants
  • Case Study Three: Combining Fat Grafting with a Facelift
  • Case Study Four: Fat Grafting and a SMAS Rhytidectomy for the Gaunt, Athletic Individual
  • Case Study Five: Fat Grafting for Facial Reconstruction


Disc One

  • Evaluation of Donor Sites
  • Evaluation of Recipient Sites
  • Harvesting of Lower Abdomen
  • Harvesting of Inner Thigh
  • Instrumentation for Fat Grafting
  • Processing of Fat
  • Lipivage: Alternative Fat Processing
  • Technique for Fat Infiltration
    • Local Anesthesia
    • Medical Inferior Orbital Rim
    • Lateral Inferior Orbital Rim
    • Nasojugal Grove
    • Lateral Cheek
    • Anterior Cheek
    • Buccal
    • Precanine Fossa/ Nasolabial Fold
    • Prejowl Sulcus
    • Superior Orbital Rim
    • Temple
    • Lateral Cheek Refinements
    • Labiomandibular Fold
    • Mental Sulcus
    • Buccal Refinement
    • Lateral Mandible
    • Summary

Disc Two

  • Case Study: Negative Vector
  • Advanced Techniques: Periorbital Enhancement
  • Alternative Strategies: Jawline Enhancement
  • Skull Model: An Illustrative Guide
  • Harvesting of Triceps
  • Harvesting of Lateral Waist
  • Harvesting of Anterior Thigh
  • Harvesting of Lateral Thigh/Buttock


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Complementary Fat Grafting
by Samuel M. Lam, MD
Book + 2 DVDs
2007 • 124 pages • $268.00 + shipping
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