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Community Policy Analysis Modeling
by Thomas G. Johnson

Comnity Policy Analysis Modeling is the culmination of years of research and testing models that address economic development, land use, natural resource management, education, health care, public safety, and social amenities.

This book provides the philosophy underlying these models, detailed instructions for model construction, and also key examples of modeling applications.


Introduction to Community Policy Analysis Modeling

  • A History of Community and Regional Policy
  • The Challenges
  • Organization of This Book

New Governance and the Changing Face of Rural America

  • The Changing Economy
  • Changing Demographics
  • New Governance

Patterns of Local Government Activities in the United States

  • State and Local Governmental Structure
  • State and Local Finance: Spending and Revenue Sources

A National Infrastructure for Community Policy Analysis

  • The Current Community Policy Analysis Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Characteristics

The Philosophy Underlying Community Policy Models

  • The What and Why of Regional Modeling
  • Art versus Science in Regional Modeling
  • National and Regional Income and Product Accounts
  • Three "Pure" Modeling Approaches

Modeling the Local Labor Market

  • Toward a Spatial Labor Market Theory
  • Estimating Spatial Labor Markets

Modeling the Public Sector

  • Challenges of Modeling the Public Sector
  • Tiebout's Solution
  • A Stylized Model of Local Public Markets

The Show Me Community Policy Analysis Model

  • The Elements of a Community Policy Analysis System
  • How the Show Me Model Works

The Iowa Economic/Fiscal Impact Modeling System

  • The Structure of the Model
  • Issues in Constructing Community Models

The Great Basin Fiscal Impact Model

  • BEA Economic Areas
  • Model Development
  • Expenditure and Revenue Module

SAFEISM: The Small Area Fiscal Estimation Simulator

  • Model Development
  • Stochastic Elements
  • A Business Failure Module
  • Combining Impact Uncertainties

Data Issues

  • Common Data Issues
  • Key Federal Data Providers
  • Key State Data Providers
  • Data Needed for Community Policy Analysis Modeling

Software Development and Utilization

  • Choosing the Software
  • Designing the Structure

Evaluating the Performance of Community Policy Models

  • Stages of Model Validation
  • Techniques for Evaluating Forecasts
  • Validating the Missouri Show Me Model
  • Empirical Evaluation of the Show Me Model Performance

Scenario Development in Community Policy Analysis Models: When Is a Cost Actually a Benefit?

  • What Can COMPAS-Type Impact Analyses Do?
  • Conversion of a Project into the Accounting Framework of the Model
  • Scenario Example: The Impact of Alternative Economic Development and Land-Use Options

Applications of Community Policy Analysis Models: Three Case Studies

  • A Framework for Using COMPAS Models in Local Education Programs
  • Selected Applications


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Community Policy Analysis Modeling
by Thomas G. Johnson
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