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Contamination and ESD Control in High Technology Manufacturing
by Roger W. Welker

Contamination and ESD Control in High Technology Manufacturing offers effective strategies and techniques for contamination and electrostatic discharge (ESD) control that can be implemented in a wide range of high-technology industries, including semiconductor, disk drive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical device, automobile, and food production manufacturing.


  • Analysis methods for solving contamination and ESD problems
  • Building the contamination and ESD control environment, including design and construction of cleanrooms and ESD protected environments
  • Cleaning processes and the equipment needed to support these processes
  • Tooling design and certification
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Consumable supplies and packaging materials
  • Controlling contamination and ESD originating from people
  • Management of cleanrooms and ESD protected workplace environments


Fundamentals of Contamination Control

  • Glossary of Contamination Control Terms
  • Specifying Contamination in Air and on Surfaces
  • Sources of Contamination
  • Contamination Control Requirements
  • Pertinent Standards

Fundamentals of ESD Control

  • Introduction and Historical Perspective
  • Glossary of Electrostatic Charge Control Terms
  • Sources of Electrostatic Charge
  • Requirements of ESD Control
  • Building the ESD-Safe Workplace
  • ESD Controls for People
  • Consumables and Accessories
  • Personnel Equipment and Procedures for Its Use
  • Transportation of ESD-Sensitive Products
  • Inspections and Record Keeping
  • ESD Control Program
  • ESD and Contamination Control
  • Useful Reference Standards

Sampling and Analysis Methods

  • Classification of Analysis Methods
  • Organic Contamination Analysis Methods
  • Ionic and Inorganic Contamination Analysis Methods
  • Electrostatic Discharge Methods
  • Numerical Simulation
  • Algebraic Predictive Modeling
  • Statistical Analysis Methods

Facilities Design: Contamination

  • Basics of Cleanroom Design
  • Cleanrooms
  • Cleanroom Construction and Operating Costs
  • Modern Energy-Saving Approaches
  • Other Design Considerations

Getting Clean Parts and Getting Parts Clean

  • Gross and Precision Cleanliness Protocols
  • Design for Manufacturability and Cleanability
  • Process Design Guidelines
  • Cleaning Processes
  • Drying Processes
  • Cost of Cleaning
  • Vendor Process Contamination Checklist

Tooling Design and Certification

  • Contamination and ESD Control Requirements
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • General Design Alternatives
  • Materials
  • Surface Treatments
  • Selection and Evaluation of Components
  • Tool and Workstation Layout
  • Cleanroom Certification of Automated Tooling

Continuous Monitoring

  • Continuous Contamination Monitoring
  • Continuous Monitoring of Manufacturing
  • Evaluation of In Situ Monitoring in an Aqueous Cleaning Application
  • Antennas for Electrostatic Charge Monitoring

Consumable Supplies and Packaging Materials

  • Cleanroom and ESD Gloves
  • Functional vs. Nonfunctional Testing
  • Glove Use Strategies
  • Initial Qualification vs. the Need for Ongoing Lot Certification
  • Glove Washing
  • ESD Performance of Gloves
  • Glove Laundering
  • Wipers and Swabs

Controlling Contamination and ESD From People

  • People as a Source of Contamination
  • Typical Gowning Protocols
  • Procedures for Entering a Cleanroom
  • Behavior in a Cleanroom
  • Procedures for Exiting a Cleanroom
  • Relationship between Attire and Class Achieved
  • Procedures for Entering an ESD-Safe Work Area
  • Garments and Laundry Services

Layout of Change Rooms

  • Principles of Efficient Change Room Design
  • Case Studies: Change Rooms
  • Entering the Cleanroom
  • Exiting the Cleanroom

Procedures and Documentation

  • Hierarchy of Documents and Audits
  • Operator Self-Check
  • Noninstrument Audits
  • Instrument Audits
  • Independent Audits
  • Managing Use of the Audit Scorecard
  • Typical Survey


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Contamination and ESD Control in High Technology Manufacturing
by Roger W. Welker
2006 • 498 pages • $174.00 + shipping
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